Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 5

Last chapter, the winners of the egg hunt went on dates with Galatea (a group date for Will and Gabriel and a solo date for Adonis) and we said goodbye to Yul. This time, the guys will embark on another challenge to win a date with Galatea.

Since Gabriel, being a vampire, doesn’t need to sleep, he was the lucky guy who got to clean the toilet overnight.

Gabriel: Is this a challenge? Will it win me extra points with Galatea?

Um… Yes? (the answer is no but don’t tell him that)

You remember that Vlad dropped by on the evening of day 4 to talk to Galatea? Well, it seems that the real reason for his visit was to use the waterslide. He used that thing all night!

Vlad: I will have you know that this is my waterslide. It was installed for my bachelor challenge, after all.

And here we are on the morning of day 5.

Will: Hey, can you smell something?

Bryon: I smell weakness. I’m going to win the challenge today, I can feel it!

Will: So weakness smells like rotting hotdogs?

Why do you guys keep making giant plates of food on the grill and leaving it all out to spoil overnight?!

The challenge for the day was fishing. Because I’m an idiot (and I don’t play in Newcrest often), last generation I forgot that there was a river in Newcrest that you can fish in and I got a pond from buydebug for this challenge. This time though, they are fishing in the river.

Also, last generation I determined the winner of the fishing challenge by counting the number of fish that the contestants caught. That was annoying because I kept getting ties and had to make them keep fishing to break those ties. So, this time I am going to use Queenarella’s method for scoring this challenge. I will add up the total worth of what each guy catches and the one who makes the most simoleons from selling what they caught wins a solo date, the two runners up go on a group date.

I can’t remember exactly how long I made them fish for but it was pretty long. I think maybe about 4 hours (from around 9am to around 1pm – they may have started a bit earlier or later though).

At this point, Vlad was STILL on the waterslide, so I had Galatea go and politely tell him to leave.

Galatea: It’s great to see you and everything Dad, but maybe you should go home and check on Clemmie?

Vlad: Are you trying to get rid of your old Dad?

Galatea: Well no but also yes.

Vlad: Hmph!

Bryon: I knew I was going to be great at this challenge, look what I caught! I bet it’ll sell for hundreds of simoleons.

Nope, that’s a bit of wood.

Bryon: Maybe, but people call pieces of driftwood art and sell them for a fortune to gullible suckers all the time.

Well unfortunately for you, found art isn’t a thing in the sims. Put it back in the river.

Bryon: This one counts, right?

Sure does.

Rodrigo: What’s this? A box. Hmmm I wonder what’s inside. Perhaps old coins or jewelry from hundreds of years ago…

Michael: I got one! Now if I only knew that cloning spell I could win this challenge easily…

Will: Oh wow I don’t feel so good. Maybe I should sit this one out.

Nuh uh no can do. You’re going to keep fishing with everybody else!

I’m so annoyed with myself. I thought I had a screenshot of each of the guys catching something but it turns out I don’t have one of Will. There is just this one. That isn’t because he caught nothing, it’s because of my incompetence!

Adonis: Hello fishy friend! Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. As a vegetarian, I care about the lives of all animals, including the scaled variety.

Ahem what do you think the people you sell that fish to are going to do with it? Invite it to a tea party?

Gabriel: You’re going to put all the fish back in the river, right? We don’t want to mess up the food chain and fish are very important to the eco system.


The weather on this day was super weird (probably because it was a ‘mystery weather’ day). First light snow, then clear skies, then a freaking thunder storm! Watching all the guys run back to the house with their hands over their heads was hilarious though.

That afternoon, Galatea joined Michael in playing video games.

Galatea: I am going to crush you!

Michael: What’s that? You have a crush on me?

Galatea: Maybe…

I wish playing video games together increased relationship but I don’t think it does sadly.

Gotta love this screenshot of Rodrigo with a whole plate of burgers to himself.

You’re not going to eat all of those are you, Rodrigo?

Rodrigo: Uh… Of course not?

Adonis: You’re going to be a green technician? No way! I want to be a conservationist!

Gabriel: Looking after the environment we live in is so important, don’t you think?

Adonis: Absolutely! It’s so great to meet someone like minded, too many people nowadays don’t spare a thought for their eco footprint.

Galatea: I don’t like this. Why isn’t all their attention on me?

Ok but look at that eyebrow raise!

Vlad turned up again.

Vlad: I’ve come to check on the waterslide – I mean my daughter, I’ve come to check on my daughter. And the waterslide.

6 thoughts on “Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 5

  1. LOL! Vlad is so funny! Love him. He’s pretty much a stalker in my game too. πŸ˜‰

    I think playing video games does help relationship. It did for Ariana and Zolnax. (Although it didn’t help much).

    Aw…Gabriel and Adonis are having a little bromance. ❀ But pay attention to your girlfriend, guys!!! What's important? πŸ˜€

    So…I'll be interested in seeing who wins the fishing challenge.

    (Do you have the burning vampire trait turned off? My vamps always ignite in the sun.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha me too (but everyone knows I love him πŸ˜‰ )

      Oh thank you! It’s good to know that video gaming helps relationship, I didn’t know that.

      Gabriel and Adonis have such similar interests I thought they’d be guaranteed to get on. Don’t worry, they did talk to Galatea too!

      I forgot to say but I used a mod to make Gabriel immune to the sunlight when I sent everyone to the romance festival so that he wouldn’t burn to death there. The mod makes him immune to sunlight for 28 days so he was still immune in this chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

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