Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 4

Welcome back to another chapter of Galatea’s bachelorette! Last time, the guys took part in an easter egg hunt and in this chapter the winner will have a solo date with Galatea. The two runners up will get a group date with her.

Let’s dive right into the group date. As you can see, this was won by Gabriel and Will. I made them go to a bar in Evergreen harbour since I haven’t much used the world which came with EL yet.

Galatea: I hope you guys don’t think it’s too early in the day to be drinking.

This was at like 7am…

Will: Nah, it’s not too early. When I’m rich, I’ll have champagne for breakfast every day!

Gabriel: Well, I’m having a plasma jane and that doesn’t have any alcohol in it anyway so I don’t mind.

Will: What a weird name for a drink. It doesn’t really have plasma in it, does it?

Galatea: Sure it does, it’s a vampire drink.

Will: But vampires don’t exist…

Gabriel: *Chuckles*

Now onto the solo conversations. Will went first.

Galatea: So, Will, I want to know more about you. Tell me about your hobbies.

Will: I guess my main hobbies would be travelling, trying new food and spending my hard earned wealth.

Galatea: Oh, do you have a lot of money? Don’t worry, I’m not a gold digger – my family is pretty rich since my Mum is a famous actress and my Dad is a famous artist.

Will: Well no, I’m not exactly wealthy yet – actually I’m ahem sort of between jobs – but I know that I will be super rich one day.

Galatea: You have a lot of confidence. I like that in a man.

Will: I’m glad. But, it can be difficult to stay confident in the presence for a beautiful girl like yourself.

Since the flirting started last chapter at the romance festival I decided that on the group dates I would start each solo conversation with one ‘flirt’ then one ‘compliment appearance’ interaction then let the sims decide how the conversation went after that. And yes that does mean that the above two screenshots are in the ‘wrong’ order but I think it works better for the conversation this way.

Next up is Gabriel. But wait, who is this mystery jogger?

Caly! What part of ‘don’t stalk your daughter’ do you not understand?

Caly: Some call it stalking, I say walking just extremely close behind.

Yes this is a song lyric.

Caly: This place is kind of disgusting, isn’t it? All the dirt and litter is making my skin crawl and I’m pretty sure I saw a rat a second ago.

Gabriel: It is disgusting, disgusting what we have done and continue to do to our planet. My vision is to clean up places like this and instead create beauty in the natural world.

Galatea: I like your vision. Especially if it means fewer rats. We have some solar panels and a rain water collector thingy back home, so maybe that’s a start.

Gabriel: Absolutely. But, there’s always more that can be done. In particular, we need to implement more green strategies at a policy-making level. I hope to assist with that as a Green Technician.

By the way, I should mention that Gabriel is able to be outside in the sun because I made him immune to sunlight at the Romance Festival with a mod because I didn’t want him to burn up. The mod makes him immune to sunlight for I think 28 days.

Galatea: You have a very caring heart. That is such an attractive quality.

Gabriel: All I need now is someone to care for. Maybe I’ve found her?

Now onto the solo date which took place at the Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg.

Galatea: I guess those paintings are of Lord and Lady Shallot. I wonder what they were like.

Adonis: It says here that Lord Shallot was a troubled artist who in 1898 hurled an over sized water colour into that fireplace, accidentally starting the fire which killed him and his wife.

Galatea: Nice guy. Let’s get out of here, the thought of them dying in this house is giving me the creeps.

Just a heads up: I took more screenshots of this date than I usually would for a solo date, but that is just because it was a really nice location. Adonis did not get any more time than usual. On solo dates Galatea and her date talk together for exactly 2 hours and that is all the time Adonis got. Oh and in case you’re interested on group dates there is a one hour group conversation and a 30min solo conversation for each guy.

Galatea: Anyway, the main reason why I took you here was for the amazing grounds, not the stuffy old house. Isn’t this view beautiful?

Adonis (looking at Galatea): It’s absolutely stunning.

See you guys, I am trying with the romance, even if this line is super cheesy and over used!

Adonis: They say that if you toss a coin into a fountain your wish will come true.

Galatea: What did you wish for?

Adonis: Can’t you guess?

Then, I made them go through the maze.

Galatea: Catch me if you can!

And, at the center of the maze, they finally got to sit down and talk! As with the solo conversations on the group date, I started this conversation off with a ‘flirt’ and a ‘compliment appearance’ interaction from Galatea then let them decide what to talk about.

Galatea: This date has been fun, but it’s a shame not to see you in your swimwear like on our last date.

Adonis: We share the same regrets, then.

Galatea: I know you said that you enjoy spending time outdoors. How do you like these gardens?

Adonis: I think they’re wonderful! I would love to have a garden of my own some day – though maybe not one quite so fancy as this. I’ve always been fascinated with watching things grow and I’m passionate about nature and the environment.

Another green enthusiast, huh?

Galatea: I’m not really one for getting too hands on with the natural world – this might sound silly but I have a phobia of bugs and dirt. I’m all for admiring nature from afar though and I agree that protecting our environment is important.

Adonis: That’s not silly at all. People have fears about all sorts of things. Since you don’t like to garden yourself, maybe I can grow flowers for you. I promise to get rid of any insects on them before bringing them inside.

Galatea: I’d like that.

Adonis: Um this is weird but do you get the feeling that we’re being watched?

Galatea: Now that you mention it, yeah I do. I hope this place isn’t haunted.

Mimsy: If only you knew…

Galatea and Adonis were just about to go home when this happened. If you read the legacy chapters, you may remember that Vlad turned Yuki Behr into a vampire and here she is, dressed as a knight, burning to death.

Galatea: Oh my!

Adonis: Should we pour some water from the fountain over her?

Galatea: I don’t think even water can save a vampire from burning in the sun.

Fortunately, Galatea had a death flower from the death flower bush that Vlad grew in her inventory.

Galatea: Look, I don’t know that girl over there very well but I’m totally grossed out by death – no offence intended – and it would really ruin my date if someone were to die during it so could you maybe bring her back to life? I’ll give you a death flower.

Grim: Well, I do like death flowers… Alright, we have a deal.

Yuki’s soul was restored to her body.

Galatea: And in future stay out of the sun! I may not be here to save you next time. Also, go take a shower. You smell like burned toast and you’re all covered in ash – so icky.

Ok now back to the house for some screenshots of the guys who missed out on the dates.

Bryon: Drat, I missed!

Michael: You still did good, you almost got the bullseye.

Bryon: I wasn’t aiming for the bullseye…

You’d better not have been trying to assassinate Michael, Bryon!

Yul played ping pong with Gabriel. Yul seems to always be wearing those speedos.

Galatea: I’m not complaining. It’s a good look.

I know that Will got screenshots from the group date but I had to include this screenshot of him on the waterslide. It’s giving me Baywatch vibes.

Bryon posed for Galatea on the waterslide.

Bryon: Hey sweetheart, I missed you today. My Simstagram followers say this pose makes me look like a swimwear model but of course that’s an exaggeration… How about you get that cute body of yours into a bikini and join me?

Galatea: *giggles*

Adonis: Can I punch him?

Meanwhile, Rodrigo played chess with Gabriel.

Rodrigo: I totally agree with you about the importance of conservation and protecting the environment. They say that the jungles of Selvadorada back home are the lungs of the world. We need to do more to protect them from illegal logging.

Gabriel: Maybe we could brainstorm ideas some time? It’d be helpful to get the thoughts of a Selvadoradian local as we work towards a solution.

Ah if only it were so easy to solve deforestation and global warming irl 😦

Evening drew in and it was time for the second elimination of the challenge. This was the first rose ceremony because at the time of the previous elimination Galatea hadn’t yet moved into the bachelorette mansion.

Also yes I did put Adonis and Gabriel next to one another solely because they were wearing the same suit.

Galatea: I’ve really enjoyed learning about archaeology from you, Rodrigo. You seem to have a lot of interesting conversation and I’d love to hear more of it. Would you like this rose?

Galatea: This rose is for you, Gabriel. It was great getting to know you a bit better today and I admire your dream for a better world.

Galatea: Adonis, I had a wonderful date at the Von Haunt Gardens with you and it was very sweet of you not to laugh at my fear of insects and to offer to grow flowers for me. So, this rose is for you.

Galatea: Bryon, we may not have spent much time together yet but you never fail to make me smile. Do you take this rose?

Galatea: Will, this rose is for you. I’ve had a lovely time chatting with you on both of our dates and you seem to enjoy the finer things in life – what can I say, a girl likes to be spoiled!

Galatea: Michael, Yul, I haven’t been on a date with either of you yet and I wish I could spend more time with both of you, but unfortunately I have just one rose left.

Galatea: And this rose is for…

Galatea: … Michael. You seem like a really nice guy and I want to know more about you. Hopefully we get a date together soon.

Galatea: I’m sorry, Yul. You’re really sweet but you do seem a little hung up on your ex. I don’t think you’re ready to move on yet and this competition is clearly bringing up painful memories for you. That’s why I have to send you home.

Yul: It’s cool. And you’re right. Maybe I’m not quite ready to dive into another relationship just yet.

After the rose ceremony, Vlad arrived at the door.

Galatea: Hi Dad, what are you doing here?

Vlad: Just checking up on you. I hope those boys are treating you right.

Galatea: Yes Dad, they’ve all behaved like perfect gentlemen.

Vlad: So, you don’t perchance want me to drain any of them?

Galatea: No Dad, not at all.

Vlad: Well you just let me know if any of them step a toe out of line.

Sorry that things didn’t work out between Galatea and Yul, Vanpelt81. He was a really fun sim to play with and I am very thankful to you for submitting him, though. Hopefully MCCC will fix him up with someone nice in my save and he will finally be able to get over his ex 🙂

Just realised that I forgot to add in the scores from the egg hunt when I posted this so I am adding them now. Here is how the hunt went:

Round 1

Rodrigo: Egg

Gabriel: Egg

Will: Egg

Michael: No egg

Bryon: Egg

Yul: No egg

Adonis: Egg

Round 2

Rodrigo: No egg

Gabriel: Egg

Will: Egg

Bryon: No egg

Adonis: Egg

Round 3

Gabriel: No egg

Will: No egg

Adonis: Egg

5 thoughts on “Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 4

  1. Lol! Clad cracks me up!

    And it’s so funny my two favorite guys were wearing the same suit! Weird! I chose it for the colors. Gabriel looks good in blues.

    Such a fun date with Adonis. He’s a huge front runner now!

    Glad Gabriel got some time and it looks like he’s making friends too!

    Sorry to see Yul go. He’s an interesting guy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s such a great suit, I love the colours. I need to use it more now! I agree, it suits Gabriel so well, really brings out his eyes.

    I wish I’d thought of the Von Haunt Estate for dates before, it is so pretty there. Adonis has done well to win a solo date and a group date already. Will has also won two dates, although both only group dates. There are still plenty more dates to be won though!

    I was sad to have to boot Yul. I thought it’d be fun for him to have a date with Gal, they could have bonded over their shared experience with cheating exes. Alas t’was not to be!


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