Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 3

Welcome back to another chapter of Galatea’s bachelorette! Last time, Galatea went on a group date with Adonis and Will and a solo date with Rodrigo. And sadly, we had to say goodbye to Jude, the first eliminated sim of the challenge.

This time there will be another challenge with the prize, as usual, being time with Galatea (on day 4 i.e. next chapter).

I should mention in passing that quite a few interactions do tend to take place between Galatea and the candidates autonomously throughout each day but most of them won’t make the chapters because they would end up too long otherwise.

First up, have a few random screenshots from the evening of day 2:

With Jude gone, the house had an empty slot so Galatea got to move into the bachelor mansion (I guess technically it’s the bachelorette mansion this time).

Michael slept on, oblivious.

Galatea: Shouldn’t he be acting more excited that I’m here?

Had to include this screenshot of Adonis in the bath because he looks so cute.

Adonis: That date went amazing! I’m so happy!

Good to know but maybe go and talk to the girl if you want to be around for more dates…

Gabriel: It’s so great that you’ve moved in, I can’t wait to spend more time with you!

Galatea: Finally, someone’s excited to see me!

Bryon, Rodrigo, going to say anything?

Rodrigo: I would but I don’t want to interrupt a vampire. That could be dangerous.

Bryon: Pfft I don’t have to contend with those fools over there for Galatea’s attention. I’ve got this in the bag.

Ok now on to the morning of day 3.

Galatea: I thought I’d make breakfast for everyone today! I hope you all like it.

This is probably the first time you have ever cooked in your life, Gal, I doubt that anyone is going to enjoy this meal. Come to think of it, I am surprised that you did not burn the house down.

Yul: My ex used to cook breakfast for me, y’know, until I found out she was cheating on me and we broke up…

Galatea: Oh I’m sorry, is this bringing up bad memories for you?

Yul: Yes. Also those pyjamas remind me of the pyjamas that she used to wear, that pot plant reminds me of how she used to water her plants, this kitchen reminds me of how she used to cook in her kitchen and that TV…

Galatea: Reminds you of how she used to watch TV?

Yul: Yes. How did you guess?

Galatea: I dunno, intuition? So, basically, everything reminds you of your ex?

Yul: Exactly.

I almost got everyone eating breakfast in one screenshot here. But Michael is missing. Grrr why is it so difficult to get 8 sims in one place?

Galatea: Well guys, the challenge for today is an egg hunt! How exciting is that? I hid the eggs myself.


Bryon: I’d be more than happy to hunt for your eggs, darling, but maybe we should do it in private.

Save it for the wedding night (if you get one), Bryon!

Just a heads up: I stole this challenge from Driftwoodpoet who used it in their Mermaid Bachelorette Challenge.

The challenge is pretty simple. I scheduled a holiday for today with ‘hunt for eggs’ (or whatever it’s called) as one of the activities. To start with, I made all of the guys search for an egg. Anyone who did not find an egg was out. Those who did find an egg had to look for another egg. Those who did not find an egg were out. Those who found an egg the second time had to look for a third egg… And so on until there was only one sim left who was the winner.

I don’t want to give away who won so I only have one screenshot of each sim looking for an egg.

Yul: This reminds me of the scavenger hunt that I put together for my ex fiancé. I hid her engagement ring at the end of it. Six months later, she threw that engagement ring back in my face.

So sad 😦

Rodrigo, it’s your turn to hunt for an egg.

Rodrigo: Hmmm where should I look…

Rodrigo: I know, I’ll look in the toilet!

The toilet that you just shat in. Well, since you didn’t flush you’re guaranteed to find something in there, egg or no egg.

Gabriel: Come on tree, I am a friend of your kind. Just last year I campaigned for the planting of a hundred trees in Sunset Valley. What about giving me an egg as a ‘thank you’ gift?

That is a pot plant, not a tree…

Will: Darn it, I was going to look there. Also, is he talking to a plant?

Will: I guess I will just check the bathtub for eggs instead.

Michael: Can you guys clear off? I want to take a bath!

I stopped Michael from having his bath so that Will could hunt for an egg in the tub 😛

Meanwhile Bryon searches for an egg in this plant. Ahh those pyjamas are my favourite.

Bryon: C’mere egg egg egg egg eggy. Papa needs a date with Galatea! I wonder how she likes her eggs… Hopefully fertilised hehe.

Michael: If Rafael was here, I’m sure he could tell me a spell for conjuring eggs. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to look in this flowerpot instead.

Adonis: Hey, I was just about to look there!

Adonis: Maybe there will be an egg under this seat’s cushion?

If there is, it’s going to be a very squashed egg by now.

Adonis and Bryon chatted in the shower while Michael took a dump. Apparently Michael didn’t notice a thing.

Adonis: Well, I guess the challenge is over now. Let the best man win.

Bryon: Yes, let the best man win – not the best fish.

Adonis: You know that as a merman I am still a man, right?

The second privacy violation of the day occurred when Will walked in on Bryon in the bath.

Will: *Gasp*

Bryon: Most people have that reaction when they first see The Behemoth.

Will: The… What?

Bryon: You know, little Bryon. Or should I say not-so-little-Bryon?

How about not-another-word-Bryon?!

I got a notification that the romance festival was in town. I had been planning on saving the flirting for later on in the challenge, but I couldn’t pass this opportunity up so the flirting begins now!

Here’s what I did:

First, I turned off jealousy with MCCC (for obvious reasons). Jealousy will stay off for the rest of the bachelorette.

Then, I took everyone to the romance festival and made them drink sakura tea which gives a flirty moodlet.

Galatea spent one hour talking to each guy alone. I started each conversation off with a ‘flirt’ interaction from Galatea but other than that I left it to the sims to decide what interactions to do. I did switch off autonomy to make sure that each person got the full hour.

Since the ‘flirty’ moodlet from the sakura tea only lasts 4 hours, Galatea and the guys she had not talked to yet did have to keep drinking sakura tea as the effects wore off (I think Galatea ended up having three cups in total).

Disclaimer: I am terrible at writing flirting/romance so prepare to be disappointed by the dialogue.

Galatea: I didn’t know guys could be both sexy and smart but you proved me wrong on our date yesterday with all your knowledge about archaeology.

Rodrigo: What can I say? I enjoy exploring mysteries, and you are a mystery I would love to explore further.

Gabriel: I have always considered mermaids to be the most beautiful creatures on this lovely planet but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as beautiful as you.

Galatea: Oh stop! Not really – please, do go on.

Galatea: You know Will, you’re a really attractive guy. Totally my type.

Will: Well thank you. Looking this good does not come cheap, let me tell you! Oh and you are also gorgeous, of course.

Galatea autonomously confessed her attraction to Will which surprised me. Thankfully, he did not take it badly as sometimes happens.

Just as Galatea and Adonis began chatting I noticed a certain someone to the left of this screenshot.

Caly, you may be in disguise but I know it’s you. Stop spying on your daughter!

Caly: Spying? Who’s spying? I’m just observing.

Same thing.

I forced Caly to leave with MCCC.

Caly: Well, at least I got some attention. Being neglected for so long has been killing me.

Galatea: Remember when we first met and I said that I hadn’t been gazing into your eyes? I was lying.

Adonis: I’m glad to hear that, because that gives me an excuse to gaze into your eyes too. An eye for an eye, right?

Galatea took a little break from all the flirting to talk to the romance guru.

Galatea: So, Guru, what does the future hold for my love life?

Romance Guru: Though temptation abounds, you must wait many moons for your destined love.

Yes, this is what she actually said.

Galatea: Care to be a little more specific? No? Well, that was a waste of 10 minutes.

I guess temptation does abound since Galatea has 7 guys to choose from and she will have to wait a fairly long time (well, until the end of the bachelorette) to be with her future husband, so the girl’s prediction is kind of accurate.

Next up was Michael. A townie decided to intrude on their conversation so I had to make him leave.

Galatea: Uh hi. Can you maybe like… Go away? We’d like some privacy here.

Vlad: You want your old man to go away?

Galatea: Dad? I didn’t recognise you under that hood!

Neither did I.

Vlad: That’s the idea, I’m hiding from the evil voice since she already made Caly leave. So, how are things going? Do you need me to beat up any of these men for you?

Galatea: No, no, they’re all really nice. Absolutely no beating up required!

Time to go, Vlad!

Vlad: Do I have to? Those guys of Galatea’s are just standing around waiting to be drained.

Drink from anyone you like except the contestants.

Vlad: Spoil sport.

Caly: Ohhh now I like that one! He’s cute.

Come on Caly, I’m not going to be fooled by an outfit change. Stop stalking your daughter and go home!

Galatea: I thought you couldn’t get any hotter but then you put on that hat and what can I say? I guess I was wrong.

Michael: If you like it darling, then I’ll never take it off.

Yes you will, it’s part of your cold weather outfit!

Look, there’s Turner in the background.

Yul: I used to think that my ex was the most beautiful woman in the world but you are ten times more beautiful than her.

Galatea: Wow I um… Don’t know how to take that compliment. I think you’re really cute, too. Your ex was a fool to let you go.

I guess Turner must really have moved on from Vlad because I saw him throwing flower petals over his pregnant wife.

However, the shock of the petals seems to have sent her into labour.

Turner, your wife is in labour. Maybe you should, I don’t know, help her?!

Bryon was the final contestant to talk to Galatea. Now, as I mentioned I had free will switched off but it turns out that Bryon had been flirting with the romance guru nevertheless. When I switched control over to him I discovered that he was having an ‘amorous exchange’ with her and she was his ‘romantic interest’ in his relationship panel.

Bryon: I’m sorry, but I had to come and say hello to the most beautiful woman at the festival. You must have a lot of experience in love…. How about sharing some of that experience with me?

Romance Guru: Young man, I could be your grandmother!

Bryon: Kinky but if that’s the kind of roleplay you’re into then I’m down.

Ew ew ew no!!!!!!!!

Romance Guru: *giggles*

Ugh (gross) cheese fest I know. I’m sorry, I did my best with this conversation, I really did.

It cracks me up that of all the candidates this happened to Bryon, who is meant to be the womanizer! I checked and none of the other candidates appear to have been flirting with other people at the romance festival as no other sims are registering in the romance section of their relationship panel.

Bryon: So, finally I get to spend time with the most beautiful woman at the festival.

She isn’t the first woman you’ve used that line on tonight…

Galatea: Oh! The most beautiful woman? *blushes* Well, I’m glad to be spending time with such a good looking guy too.

They are standing up because the bench they were sitting on disappeared (the romance festival itself was already over by this point but the flirty effects of the sakura tea were still in force since I made them drink more before the end of the festival).

And that wraps up this chapter! Be sure to read next time to find out who won the challenge 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 3

  1. ‘you are a mystery I would love to explore further’ had me SWOONING!

    I’m so chuffed that you used the egg hunt, it really made my day! Also, Vlad and Caly checking on their baby girl in different disguises had me ROLLING.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I half lifted that one from Rodrigo’s bio so I can’t take credit for it. Aww I’m glad you don’t mind me using the egg hunt. I think it’s such a fantastic idea for a challenge! I couldn’t believe it when BOTH of Gal’s parents decided to stalk her at the romance festival. Poor girl.

      Liked by 1 person

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