Chapter 1.26

Finally, the last chapter of generation one! It’s going to be a long chapter. Sorry about that, but I don’t want to spread this out into another chapter. Feel free to skip if this is boring to you 🙂

what happened last chapter? A lot: Vlad completed the vampire family aspiration and started the ‘lord of the knits’ aspiration, I had the shock of my life when I discovered that Galatea was pregnant, Epi mentored Atlas in logic, Galatea found out that Dana was cheating on her (what do you mean I made him do it?) and broke it off with him, and Vlad swore to exact retribution from Dana.

Atlas had to launch or upgrade a rocket 5 times for his aspiration so, with the rocket fully built, I sent him off into space.

Atlas: This is awesome, I’m gonna finally see what the stars look like up close and find out whether the moon is made of cheese – y’know, like in Wallace and Gromit!

Oh dear god we’re trusting this man to fly a rocket? He’s never coming back alive, is he?

Vlad: Do you remember what I told you when we first met?

Dana: Um… What was that?

Vlad: I told you that if you ever hurt my Galatea, I would have your blood. Now I learn that you got her pregnant and then broke her heart. Do you deny it?

Dana: Whatever she’s told you is a lie – I never…

Vlad: You insolent wretch! How dare you call my little girl a liar?! I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done and I will delight in doing it.

Random townie: What the hell is going on here?

Vlad: You. Do. Not. Mess. With. My. Family. Understand?

Dana: Y-y-y-yes sir.

Vlad: Make no mistake, mortal: the only thing preventing me from draining you dry right here and now is Galatea’s request that I not kill you. But it would be my greatest pleasure to terminate your miserable little life, and I am not renowned for my self control. So, if you value your own skin, I’d counsel you to be very very careful.

Vlad: So, I just had a little chat with Dana.

Caly: How did it go?

Vlad: Let’s just say I don’t think Galatea will have any further problems with him.

Nothing to say here except that this is unbelievably cute.

Vlad: Well honey, I wanted to let you know that you don’t need to worry about that no-good wastrel anymore. I dealt with him.

Galatea: Thank you, Dad. That makes me feel a lot better. And thank you for being so understanding about the baby.

Vlad: I’m beginning to look forward to being a grandfather! I’ve knitted some onesies for the little one already.

I’ve been making Epi write to pen pals in the hopes of completing the postcard collection.

Epimetheus: Say Mum, can you smell something?

Caly: *Sniff* yes the air smells… Rotten somehow. I wonder what that could be.

Maybe it’s the two bowls of spoiled food putrefying on the shelf over there?

Atlas crashed the rocket for the first (but by no means last) time.

Atlas: Dude, I totally could have died… Way cool, let’s do it again!

Epimetheus managed to find all of the space prints so that collection is complete now. By the way, that massive space rock to the right was brought back by Atlas.

Vlad: Epi, the evil voice finally let you out of that telescope! It feels like I haven’t properly spoken to you in forever.

Epimetheus: It feels that way to me too. I’ll be seeing stars in front of my eyes for days.

Vlad maxed the knitting skill. He did this really fast, probably because he has so many skill boosters active (savant reward trait, night owl/morning bird reward traits, a certain vampire power whose name I forget right now).

Atlas: So, have you thought about what you’re going to call the little dude or dudette?

Galatea: The evil voice says I need a naming theme but I can’t think of a good one. Any ideas?

Epimetheus: What about a planets naming theme? You could call the baby Uranus Hahaha!

Atlas: Hehehe Uranus! Because it sounds like your anus! Good one, bro.

Galatea: Ha. Ha. Very mature, guys. Why would your mind even go there, Epi?

Epimetheus: Hey, don’t blame me. After all those days and nights locked up in the telescope, my mind is full of nothing but stars and planets.

Caly: I have some exciting news for you, Dad. You’re going to be a great grandfather! Yes, Galatea’s pregnant. Well, the father’s a complete son of a llama – cheated on Galatea and wants nothing to do with the baby. No, I don’t need you to strike him down – not right now anyway – Vlad had words with him.

It was too cold to fish in Willow Creek so I had Caly go fishing in Oasis Springs. Vlad joined her with a knitting project and a portable camping chair.

Paparazzi: Vladislaus Straud knitting? I have to get a shot of this!

Vlad reached the top of the painting career – the second career in the game that we have completed so far.

Believe it or not, this screenshot is of Galatea in her third trimester of pregnancy! Still barely any baby bump at all!

Mayor Whiskers became an elder. Nooooo I don’t want him to die!

Mayor: Because this blog will be intolerably boring without me in it?

No, because we still haven’t completed the feather collection! There’s still one feather left to find.

Epimetheus: Happy birthday, Mayor. Want to play with the laser pointer to celebrate?

Mayor: I’m old. You think I’m gonna waste energy on that?

Atlas managed to find three of the four space rocks and I want to complete the collection so I have been sending Vlad out to explore space in the rocket ship pretty much constantly. Still don’t have that last rock, though.

Vlad: Well, I guess I’ll see you later.

Unless you don’t.

Vlad: Pardon me?

You could die if the rocket ship crashes.

Vlad: But you’d exit without saving if that happened, right? This legacy would be nothing without me – I mean, it’s all about me!

Actually, Galatea is about to take over so you don’t really matter anymore.

Atlas finally maxed the logic skill. Soon after, he completed his aspiration.

Epimetheus: Well, I guess there’s nothing more I can teach you now. Congrats brother, you’re a chess master!

(Epimetheus has been mentoring Atlas in logic since he already has level 10 in logic).

Atlas: Yo I gotta tell all my Simstagram followers about this!

Atlas: Guess what, Mum.

Caly: What?

Atlas: I completed the nerd brain aspiration. That makes me, like, a mega-super-genius-bro!

Epimetheus: Really? *snigger* Because you seem as dumb as ever.

Caly: Shhh Epi! Don’t be so mean to your brother. How wonderful Atlas, dear. I’m very proud of you.

Paparazzi: Calypso Straud and her daughter are mermaids? This will make a huge story!

If you’re the paparazzi I think you are (Aleki) then you’re a vampire yourself so you shouldn’t act so surprised about occult sims..

Vlad maxed the rocket science skill (he almost single handedly build the rocket ship in the first place and I have been making him explore space a lot).

Winterfest arrived (I think I mentioned this before but I have changed my seasons from 14 days to 7 days).

The family started the day off by decorating the tree.

Caly: Who decided to put a red ribbon with these blue baubles? They really don’t go together.

Ahem that would be me…

Then, it was time for The Most Miserable Grand Meal Ever.

Vlad: Eugh!

Caly: Are you enjoying the food, honey? I’ve been cooking all morning.

Vlad: Yes yes it’s *choke* delicious…

Vlad has the ‘withered stomach’ weakness which means he can’t eat human food without feeling sick.

By the way, that bat is Epimetheus.

Vlad: Excuse me, I’ve got to use the toilet.

Atlas: But Dad, you’re a vampire, you never have to pee or take a dump.

Vlad: I didn’t say that I was going to use it for either of those things.

Epimetheus: Ugh I think I gotta go too.

Epimetheus also has the withered stomach weakness.

And yes, they did both go and puke.

Galatea: I was meant to be spending today with Dana and his family. But now I’m pregnant and he’s left me. This is the worst Winterfest ever.

Actually you left him…

Anyway, at least Atlas is happy, right?

Atlas: *incoherent sobbing*

Oh good grief, what’s wrong with you?!

Atlas: They’re showing the Llamas’ big game on TV right now and I’m missing it for this lame family dinner!

Patchy: Are you going to finish that food? Someone forgot to give me a serving.

Epimetheus: Sure, you’re welcome to have mine.

And then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, Galatea pissed herself.

Galatea: Gross gross gross!

Atlas: Bro, that is so not cool.

Galatea: Oh shut up! I’m pregnant in case you haven’t noticed.

Despite having such an awful grand meal, everyone in the family managed to tick off all the Winterfest goals by the end of the day. I think that means I get a point in the scoring.

Vlad keeps serenading Caly.

Vlad: You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful it’s true…

Caly: It is true.

By the way, that rug was knitted by Vlad.

Father Winter: I can’t believe I get to deliver presents to my two favourite celebrities!

*Vlad-in-speedos-warning!* if you do not want to see Vlad’ scrawny ass in his zebra speedos (and I wouldn’t blame you) scroll past the next image.

Vlad: How many times do I have to tell you not to trespass on my property, old man?

Father Winter: Please, don’t drink my blood, I brought you presents…

Vlad: Your plasma is the only thing I want from you.

By the way, they are both in their swim wear because for some reason they decided to sit by the pool and talk before this picture was taken.

Galatea became a YA! I had to wait for her to age up on her own because pregnant sims can’t blow out the candles on a birthday cake (I have pregnancy aging on with MCCC which is why she was able to age up despite being pregnant).

She rolled the creative trait which changes my plans for her a bit. I had planned to put her in the law career so she has spent most of her teenagehood working on the research and debate skill. But, given that she now has both the perfectionist trait and the creative trait, I think being a writer would suit her better. Sigh all that wasted time practicing debating in the mirror. Oh well.

When she became a YA, her bump became a lot bigger so I think the fact she had such a tiny bump before was because she was a teen.

Here are some shots of her in CAS:

Just the same as when she was a teen (or pretty much anyway). And I can’t be bothered to add a screenshot of her mermaid form as that is also pretty much the same still.

Galatea: Owwww it hurts so much! Oh good, a doctor.

Father Winter: Actually I’m…

Galatea: Don’t just stand there, doctor. Help me!

Father Winter: Um yes of course, of course. Er well take deep breaths, that’s it. Now push! Come on, you can do it.

Galatea: I can’t!

Father Winter: You can! One more push now!

Galatea: Arrrrrrghhhhhhhh!

Galatea went into labour a few minutes after becoming a YA (actually, she would have gone into labour BEFORE becoming a YA but I used MCCC to pause the pregnancy when she was a few minutes away from the end of the third trimester and only resumed the pregnancy after she aged up. I did this because I know from experience that when a teen has a baby there is a glitch where the baby does not inherit any of its parents’ genetics. I wanted Galatea’s baby to look like her and Dana).

Anyway, Galatea gave birth to a baby girl.

Galatea: Thank you for your help, doctor.

Father Winter: As I was trying to say before, I’m not a doctor. I may be a delivery man of sorts, but that’s the first baby I ever delivered – and the last, I hope.

Galatea: Oh. Who are you then?

Father Winter: My name is Clement Frost. But, you might know me better as ‘Father Winter’.

Galatea: Doctor or no doctor, I never could have got through that without you. I shall call my daughter Clementine in your honour. Say hello to your godfather, Clemmie!

Father Winter: Very nice to meet you, Clementine. You be a good girl and I hope to see you next Winterfest!

Since Father Winter turned up when Galatea was giving birth I thought it would be cool to call the baby Clementine since that’s the closest girls’ name to Clement that I could think of. So I guess the naming theme for Galatea’s kids will be trees or plants or something like that anyway.

And that is the end of gen 1! Next chapter will be the bachelorette 🙂 are you excited? I’m excited!

12 thoughts on “Chapter 1.26

  1. Lol! I was laughing so hard when Vlad fought Dana. He looked perfectly scared! 😈😈😈 I was a little disappointed he didn’t drain him but understood for Clementines sake!

    Thought this was a great chapter to end on and love the reason for the name. Father Winter came just in time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoyed making Vlad beat Dana up haha. Vlad did drain Dana, he just didn’t drain him dry – as in, he left Dana with just enough blood so that he could go on living. Sorry, I made that unclear!

      I was really struggling for a naming theme so Father W walking in when he did was very fortunate!

      Liked by 1 person

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