Chapter 1.23

To summarize what happened in the last chapter, both Vlad and Caly completed the friend of the world aspiration, Vlad then instantly completed the fabulously wealthy aspiration and began the vampire family aspiration, Caly started the fabulously wealthy aspiration, Circe showed off her six pack and Vlad turned a bunch of sims into vampires.

I want to try and complete the fishing collection and also to max the fishing skill so I sent Caly to the park in Willow Creek to get started on that. She was followed by a trio of paparazzi and Mayor Whiskers.

Caly: As you can see, I am using my nymph powers to irresistibly draw the unsuspecting fish to me.

Mayor, why did you tag along? I did not invite you.

Mayor: I heard there was going to be fish. When do I get my fish?

Mayor: Just look at how happy these two humans are that I have graced their picnic table with my presence. They clearly know quality when they see it.

Yeah it’s totally you they’re fan-girl/boying about.

Becca: I can’t believe that’s Calypso Straud behind us! Do you think we should say something to her?

Atlas: So bros, did you watch the game last night?

Scylla: Bros? We’re your sisters.

Atlas: And what is a sister if not a female bro? Anyway, wasn’t the game epic? The Llamas are on fire this season! Hey, are you listening Galatea?

Galatea: Hmm?

Scylla: I bet she’s texting Dana again.

Galatea: I am not!

Scylla: She totally is.

Atlas: When are you gonna dump that guy, anyway? Don’t you have to do some bachelorette thing?

Galatea: I don’t know, maybe the evil voice will let me stay with Dana after all.

I won’t πŸ˜›

Atlas had to read 3 books for his aspiration.

Epimetheus: Hey Atlas, isn’t that book for kids?

Atlas: Yeah well so what? Reading long books so nerdy and uncool.

You literally have the ‘nerd brain’ aspiration- you WANT to be a nerd!

I made Atlas read 3 children’s books because they were quick reads.

Caly: What’s wrong, Circe? You look sad.

Circe: Some of the popular girls at school today said that my nose makes me look like a toucan and I’ll never get a date to prom because I’m too ugly.

Caly: What horrible girls! They’re just jealous dear, you’re very beautiful. How could you not be when I’m your mother?

Vlad: Give me their names and you won’t ever see them again – I mean, they won’t ever bother you again.

More microscope print hunting for Epi and Scylla. Scylla took a quick plasma pack break.

Scylla: Epi, don’t you dare tell Dad that you saw me drinking a plasma pack. He’d kill me! But sometimes I just can’t be bothered to go out and hunt, you know?

Epimetheus: Your secret is safe with me.

At last! The microscope print collection is done. That is the second completed collection of the challenge. I added a new basement room to the house specifically for collections.

Scylla’s birthday arrived and she became a YA – our first YA of the challenge! She rolled the foodie trait which makes no sense since she is a vampire. Epimetheus, the other vampire child, has the glutton trait and master chef aspiration which is equally nonsensical for a vampire.

Here are some CAS shots of her as a YA:

So yeah she still looks basically the same as she did as a teen.

Of course, her dark form also stayed largely the same.

After aging up Scylla, I immediately chucked her out of the house because that meant one less sim to care for.

Epimetheus: Whatcha doing?

Circe: What does it look like I’m doing?

Epimetheus: Um… Working out?

Circe: Wrong, I’m suffering!

I’ve decided that Galatea will go into the law career for which she will need the research and debate skill so I had her practice debating in the mirror.

Galatea: … And that’s why I move to abolish all schools!

Caly: I can’t believe that my baby is gone! Dad, you’ll watch over her won’t you?

Calm down. Scylla is not a baby, she is a full grown adult. Also, stop acting as though she’s dead, you’ll see her again.

Caly wasn’t actually sad about Scylla moving out, she was just having a mood swing from being erratic. But I like to think she was crying about Scylla.

Grace Anansi visited and fell foul of Vlad’s fangs. Sorry to do this to you Grace, you’re one of my favourite premades but you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Vlad: This plasma tastes sparkly!

That’ll be the magic.

Epimetheus: Any plasma left? I’m thirsty.

Vlad: Sorry son, this one’s out of juice.

You make it sound as though she’s a mobile phone battery.

Epimetheus: Um Dad, what’s that on your shoulder?

It was Mayor Whiskers.

Mayor: I don’t know how this happened but I want you to make it stop right this minute!

With Mayor Whiskers now safely detached from his shoulder, Vlad petted him on the sofa.

Vlad: There there, it’s ok. You’re safe now.

Mayor: You hold that hand still so I can bite it!

Since the microscope print collection is complete, I have moved on to the space prints collection.

Welcome to your new home, Epi!

Epimetheus: My new home? But this isn’t a house, it’s a telescope.

That it is. And you will be spending the bulk of your time inside it until you find me every one of those space prints.

I of course have to let Epi out periodically to feed, however.

Random dude: What did I ever do to deserve becoming a vampire’s dinner?

Epimetheus: Sorry man, but that jacket with that hat is a crime against fashion which I can’t allow to go unpunished.

Vlad maxed the parenting skill. Who’d have thought he’d turn out to be a good parent?

Love watching the mermaids sleeping in the pool.

Grand master vampires are only meant to have 5 weaknesses but as you may remember due to a bug in the game, Vlad has had to take 10 weaknesses (this bug was caused be the fact that Vlad started off as a grand master vampire but when I started playing him I cheated to make him a fledgling vampire then had him work his way back up to grand master again).

Anyway, in my game Vlad has level 3 thin skin weakness. But, if Vlad had only needed to take 5 weaknesses (as would have been the case if it weren’t for the bug) I wouldn’t have given him thin skin weakness at all. In fact, quite the opposite – I’d have given him level 3 sun resistance power (which he has enough vampire XP points for, but he can’t actually get it since this power clashes with thin skin weakness).

So, I installed LittleMsSam’s vampire powers mod which has a feature whereby I can make him immune to sunlight for 28 days at a time. I plan to keep activating this so that he will be able to go out in the sun.

I don’t consider this to be cheating because Vlad still has 7 weaknesses, which is still 2 more than he should have as a grandmaster and he does have enough vampire XP points to purchase the level 3 sun resistance power. All that the mod has done is make things as they would have been if Vlad had only had 5 weaknesses (because in that case he would have had no thin skin weakness and would have had the perfect sun resistance power). And Vlad would have had only 5 weaknesses if it weren’t for the glitch. So, all I’m doing is getting round the glitch.

Ok I know that was a long justification, sorry about that!

Atlas needed to fix or upgrade something for his aspiration and lo and behold the rain water collector thingy conveniently broke just in time for him to fix it.

Caly: Oops, I dropped the salad! I hope nobody saw that.

Don’t worry about the salad, worry about whatever it is your neck is doing!

Vlad: Can you believe we already have one grown up child? It feels like only yesterday that we were conceiving Scylla in that bush in Windenburg.

Caly: I just wish that the evil voice hadn’t kicked her out of the house. Dad says she’s doing just fine but I can’t help worrying.

I didn’t need to follow Caly to work because she’s already maxed the acting career and completed the master actress aspiration, but the ‘Tournament of Honour’ gig is one of my favourites so I needed to get a screenshot.

Caly: Nobody stands between the demi-goddess Calypso and her rightful throne!

This gig earned Caly 19,610 simoleons! Not quite as much as the last one but still mega big bucks.

Galatea: Why do I feel like something bad is about to happen?

I dunno, maybe because it is?

Epi came home from school enraged and drank uncontrollably from Galatea.

Caly was not impressed. And, apparently Galatea has especially tasty plasma.

Caly: Young man, I am ashamed of your behavior. You do not – I repeat DO NOT – drink from family members! Do you want me to get grandad to come over and teach you a lesson? The gods are renowned for doling out harsh punishments!

Epimetheus: No – no Mum. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again! I just had a bad day at school.

Paparazzi: This is going to make a great story: vampirism and family rows at the house of Calypso Straud.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.23

    1. It’s too funny when vampire teens come home from school angry. They’re guaranteed to drink from the first mortal sim they see!

      I didn’t open the casting thread for the bachelorette yet so you didn’t miss anything! When I do open the thread I’ll make an announcement in a chapter.

      I don’t really know when I will open the casting thread. It all depends on how quickly I play haha.

      I should mention that I’m only taking male contestants this time. Since Galatea has been with Dana I’ve kind of come to see her as straight and because she has only interacted romantically with men she will have a hidden gender preference for men in the game which will make it easier for her to form romantic relationships with men than with women.

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