Chapter 1.20

Last time, the family got a new house, Atlas decided that he was a bear, Vlad hosted a fan meet and greet and Galatea became a teenager.

The family needed a greenhouse for all their dragonfruit plants and Shadami kindly built a very nice one (it is called ‘just a greenhouse’ by MsShadami on the gallery).

Unfortunately I kind of messed it up (really sorry about that, Shadami!) because some of the planters were those shelf things from EL but I wanted to put all the plants in pots and when I replaced the shelves with pots there wasn’t enough space for all the plants in the greenhouse so I ended up having to make the greenhouse bigger and that made it into a giant block (it was an L shape before).

Vlad: Evil voice, are you certain that the hospital didn’t mix Galatea up with some other couple’s baby at birth? She looks far too pretty to be my daughter.

You know, an alternative explanation would be that Caly cheated on you 😉

Vlad: How dare you? Caly would never, she loves me!

Galatea: Don’t worry, Dad. I have your eyes, hair and skin colour and they’re all uncommon features so I think it’s safe to say that I’m yours.

By the way, this is Galatea’s hot weather outfit. It’s a dress from EL and I can’t decide whether I like it or not. Thoughts?

Galatea: Hey Circe, why the long face?

Circe: I inherited it from Dad, that’s why.

Galatea: That’s not what I meant. I meant: what are you looking so sad about?

Circe: I got all the ugly genes and I bet nobody will vote for me in the heir poll because of it.

Galatea: You’re not ugly! You have a rocking body, look at those abs.

Circe: Look at my nose…

Galatea: I know what will cheer you up! You’ve got to watch this video of a kitten chasing a roll of toilet paper, it’s hilorable.

Circe: Hilorable?

Galatea: Hilariously adorable!

Turner came by to visit his friend Galatea, but unfortunately for him he ran into Scylla first.

Turner: Galatea, help me…

Galatea: Is that Turner’s voice I hear?

Scylla: Turner? No no it’s just the TV. You keep working on your homework.

I finally got round to having Vlad put his celebrity tile in Starlight Boulevard. I made him place it right next to Caly’s.

Vlad: My own tile on Starlight Boulevard… Who’d have thought it?

Vlad took advantage of the swarming fans to have a quick drink.

Paparazzi: ‘Vladislaus Straud bites fan moments after placing celebrity tile’ – the gossip columns will pay through the nose for this shot.

Leila Illes was so shocked that she fell flat on her back.

Undeterred by the sight of Vlad’s latest victim collapsed at his feet, Leila approached Vlad to ask for a selfie with him.

Leila: I’m something of an amateur painter myself and your work is a huge inspiration to me. Could I please have a picture with you?

Vlad: Really? Watching me drain the plasma from that old lady didn’t put you off at all?

Leila: But that was just a piece of performance art, wasn’t it? A statement on the fragility of the human condition, a metaphor for the draining effects of consumerism on the collective psyche of capitalist Simland. I thought it was wonderful!

Vlad: Huh? It was a what in the what what?

Thanks to hanging around by his celebrity tile for a bit, Vlad managed to get the three photo requests that he needed for his aspiration.

Of course for the next stage of his aspiration, Vlad needed to get 25 positive reactions from inciting cheers. So I made him stay there for the rest of the night cheering himself.

Vlad: That’s right you pathetic mortals, cheer for me, cheer for your own predator – your own doom!

You remember that Galatea rolled the soulmate aspiration? Well, she can begin that one as a teenager and one of the first stages is to get a boy/girl friend. So, I said to myself: the first teenage sim I see in the game will be her future boy/girl friend.

As it turned out, this boy (Dana Bheeda, son of Arun and Jesminda) was the first teen that I saw in the game since Galatea aged up so he is the lucky sim who gets to date Galatea. I was fully prepared for the first teen I saw to be ugly as sin but Dana is actually really handsome.

If Galatea wins the heir poll she will have to break it off with Dana before she becomes a YA, if not she can marry him. But, I’m getting ahead of myself, they aren’t even girlfriend and boyfriend yet.

I forced Galatea to travel to Starlight Boulevard so that she could talk to Dana.

Galatea: So, you’re the boy that the evil voice dragged me all the way to Starlight Boulevard in the early hours of the morning to meet.

Dana: What evil voice? And are those pyjamas? Have you been drinking?

Galatea: Yes, they’re pyjamas… Which means I’m standing on the dirty pavement with my bare feet and ew ew ew what if I step on a spider? Super gross!

Dana: I hate spiders too, and all creepy crawlies actually but cockroaches most of all. There’s something about them which really gives me the heebie jeebies.

Galatea: I know right! Just the sight of them makes me want to get out a flamethrower and torch the little bastards all the way to hell.

As you may have gathered from that conversation, Galatea found out that Dana also has the squeamish trait. What a cool coincidence!

You doing alright there, Circe?

Circe: Nnnnggggggghhhhh!

Good to hear it.

Atlas: You’re just a plain boring bear! Betcha wish you were a purple bear like me.

Except you’re not a bear…

Caly: Young lady, where did you sneak off to last night?

Galatea: I was in Del Sol Valley with Dad and I met this really nice boy…

Caly: Boy? Galatea Straud, you’re too young to be thinking about boys!

Galatea: Muuuuuuum I’m a teenager now! And besides nothing happened, we just talked.

Caly: It’s so nice to have moved out of the shoebox. Isn’t this house just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Vlad: No, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is standing right in front of me.

Cheese alert!

Epimetheus: Say it with me, bro: I. Am. Not. A. Bear.

Atlas: I. Am. A. Bear.

Epimetheus: I. Am. NOT. A. Bear.

Atlas: I. AM. A. Bear.

Epimetheus: Sigh. Well, I tried.

Caly needed to get gold in a movie acting gig for the final milestone of her aspiration.

Caly: I’m siiiiinging in the rain… You know, I think this scene would be much better if I was dancing naked in the rain.

Director: Please no, nobody wants to see that.

Co-star: I do!

Ok nobody except your pervy costar wants to see that.

Caly completed her aspiration, yay! I gave her the ‘friend of the world’ aspiration next. She should complete that one pretty quickly since all you need to do for it is max the charisma skill and make loads of friends. She has the celebrity perk which allows you to make friends instantly on introducing yourself to someone and is already at charisma level 8 or 9.

Vlad headed to a nighclub in Windenburg to gather the rest of the 25 positive reactions required for his aspiration.

Vlad: Anyone who doesn’t cheer for me is going to feel my fangs in their neck!

Thanks to that night’s ‘work’, Vlad completed his aspiration too. Now he will be a 5 star celebrity forever. I also gave him the ‘friend of the world’ aspiration next since he, like Caly, has the ‘instant besties’ fame perk and has high charisma.

Scylla: Have you seen the video of the kitten playing with toilet paper?

Galatea: Yeah, I already watched that one with Circe. Still hilorable, though.

Scylla: Hil… What?

Galatea: You know, hilariously adorable! I can’t believe you and Circe don’t know that word.

Scylla: That’s because it’s not a word, nobody uses it.

Galatea: It is so! I use it.

Scylla: You’re weird, Galatea. You know that?

Atlas and Epimetheus got caught in the rain.

Atlas: Argh my fur’s getting wet!

It’s just a costume, you don’t have fur because you’re not a bear.

Epimetheus: We should get inside before Zeus starts hurling thunderbolts.

I had Galatea invite Dana round so they could get to know one another better. There was even a little flirting.

Galatea: So uh your hair looks great today, did you do something different to it?

Dana: Not really. I mean, I washed it.

Galatea: It’s very nice, very er… Clean.

Dana: Um thanks. I think your hair looks very nice and er very clean too.

Galatea: Thanks.

Most. Inadept. Flirting. Ever.

Mayor Whiskers got sick again with that illness which makes cats drool everywhere.

Vlad: Evil voice, the cat’s leaking again.

So, I made Vlad take Mayor to the vets.

Vet: I am such a big fan! Can I have a hug?

Vlad: Sure, but it’ll come at a price.

Vet: What’s going on? I feel lightheaded and my neck aches like someone’s stabbed it with a pair of knitting needles.

Vlad: I said there’d be a price, didn’t I?

The twins’ birthday finally arrived!

Atlas being the eldest, he got to blow out the candles first. Don’t know how he managed it in that bear suit. Thankfully, his aging up brought the bear phase to an end.

Atlas rolled the bro trait and the nerd brain aspiration. I may try to complete this aspiration even if he doesn’t win the heir poll. On the other hand I may not, we shall see how lazy I am feeling.

Anyway, here are some CAS shots of him:

Looks alright except for the downturned mouth, doesn’t he?

Ok from the side you can tell that he also has a bit of an underbite but all in all he got off lightly for a Vlad child.

And here is his merman form.

He is so good looking in his merman form! It’s a pity that this couldn’t have been his ‘real’ face. You can’t see it from the front but his chin is a bit pointy in this form though.

Next, Epimetheus aged up. He rolled the ‘glutton’ trait and the ‘master chef’ aspiration. That aspiration and trait actually go well together… What they don’t go so well with is his life state. He is a vampire! Like Scylla, Epimetheus was born a vampire-mermaid hybrid but I used cheats to get rid of the mermaid life state, leaving him a vampire only.

Epimetheus had red hair as a toddler and as a child because the game had tried to give him Vlad’s grey hair and failed since it’s not available for toddlers and kids. So, that’s why he only just got grey hair now.

If it weren’t for that nose he would be quite cute.

From the side, the nose of course only looks worse and you can see that he has a pointy chin too. Love how the freckles stretch on his long nose lol.

Here’s his dark form. Love these glowy purple eyes.

And what better way to end this chapter than with a cute screenshot of Mayor sleeping on the table?

Now that all 5 kids are teens I have posted the heir poll over on the forums to decide who should be the gen 2 heir. Exciting times! Here is a link to the poll.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 1.20

    1. Yep, all of Vlad’s ugly ducklings are finally teens! Circe got seriously unlucky, poor girl. I think Atlas would look pretty good if it weren’t for his mouth and Epimetheus would be alright if it weren’t for his nose. Atlas needs Epimetheus’ mouth and Epimetheus needs Atlas’ nose 😀

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