Chapter 1.19

Last chapter, ‘Zeus’ terrorised Caly, Epimetheus completed his aspiration, Caly received an acting award then got naked AGAIN, Scylla and Circe had an altercation and Vlad completed the painting aspiration and started the world famous celebrity aspiration.

Whatcha kids doing?

Epimetheus: We’re sailing away from this dump of a house!

Atlas: That’s right, we’re off to find somewhere new and better to live, somewhere that doesn’t look like a massive shoebox.

Galatea: So long shoebox house!

Yup that’s right, the family ‘moved’ house. Really, they didn’t move since they’ve stayed on the same lot but I have replaced their house so the place is virtually unrecognisable now.

The new house was built by the lovely Queenarella and it’s AMAZING! Seriously, it exceeded all my expectations. You can find it on the gallery under the name Red Brick Manor.

The front of the house (how pretty is that porch and the red brick?)

The back of the house.

The ground floor.

The first floor.

Crypt with coffin for Vlad.

Second crypt for urns.

I added some wind turbines, the water collector thingy and some solar panels from EL to the house. They aren’t the most attractive things, but anything to lower the bills! I did also replace some of the beds with energy rating level 10 beds because even though they may not fit the decor, I need that energy rating! I did find out that you can upgrade beds’ energy rating now but you need level 6 handiness for that so for the moment that is out of reach.

How’d you like the new house, Vlad?

Vlad: I don’t like it.

Because you don’t like it, you love it?

Vlad: No, because I just don’t like it.

What on earth can be wrong with it?

Vlad: It isn’t Straud Mansion.

It has a nice crypt with a cosy coffin just for you…

Vlad: Still not Straud Mansion.

There’s no pleasing some people, I guess.

Scylla and Circe had been in the new house for about 2 seconds before they both found the computer.

Circe: I like this new house, it has a computer.

Er… So did the old house?

Scylla: It’s not fair, I wanted to use the computer and I’m the oldest!

Wouldn’t you girls like to look around? There’s lots more rooms to explore.

Scylla: Nope, I want to play on the computer.

Circe: Why would we want to look around? There’s a computer here.

When I moved the plants out of the family inventory they all became dirt clumps again 😦

Co-star: Where’s your costume? You’re meant to be in period dress!

Caly: No no I’ve decided that my character is a time traveler from the future.

Co-star: Did the director sanction that script change?

Caly: I don’t need anyone’s permission for anything, I’m Calypso Straud, the world’s greatest actress!

I knew that acting award would go to her head.

This gig was for a TV show and Caly got gold, so that’s another aspiration task completed.

Caly: Hi Dad, welcome to our new house. Isn’t it beautiful? You heard about my acting award? Well thank you, I must get my talent from you!

Sigh, we only just got Circe out of her bear suit and now Atlas is going through the bear stage.

Atlas: Well, I had to think of some way to get your attention now that I’m done with my aspiration.

Galatea: Ew ew ew I’m so gross and dirty. I fell down in the mud at school and there was nowhere to wash up.

Mayor: You should take a lesson from us cats: we can lick ourselves clean no matter where we happen to be.

Galatea: I think I’ll pass. That sounds even more disgusting than being covered in dirt.

Caly: Do you remember the don’t wake the llama tournament from the bachelor challenge?

Vlad: Yes, you did terribly in that tournament.

Caly: I did not!

Vlad: You placed sixth out of seven contestants.

Caly: Haha ok I admit it. I lost that challenge badly. But I still won your heart, didn’t I?

Vlad: Always and forever.

For Vlad’s aspiration, he needed to host a celebrity meet and greet. You might notice a few familiar faces among the guests πŸ˜‰ for some reason I didn’t have the option to invite all the ex contestants (for example, Roland) even though they are all still in Vlad’s relationship panel.

Keoni: So, I know we haven’t spoken since that day..

Vlad: You mean the day I told you that I’m the reason you’re a vampire and sent you home from the bachelor challenge?

Keoni: Yeah, since then. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I forgive you for the whole vampire thing. Finding out came as a shock at the time, but in retrospect I should be thanking you for biting my mother when she was pregnant with me. If I hadn’t been born a vampire, I wouldn’t get to spend the rest of eternity with my wonderful wife Candy.

Vlad: Um you’re welcome.

Vlad: Here, have a signed portrait of me.

Turner: Thanks but no thanks. I’m sorry Vlad, but after everything that happened between us, I can’t be your fan.

Vlad: What? But, I’m famous, everyone’s my fan!

Circe had to go jogging for her aspiration.

Circe: It’s not fair, why can’t I just laze around like Scylla?

Because you were unfortunate enough to get an aspiration that I actually want to try to complete.

Vlad posed for pictures.

Vlad: Why is nobody photographing me?

Maybe because they’re afraid your face would break the lens of their camera…

Scylla: Hi Candy, how’d you like our new house? Isn’t it huge?

Candy: Yes, it’s a lot bigger than mine and Keoni’s house. I’m jealous! Just kidding…. Would be a pity if it burned down though, wouldn’t it?

Scylla: Oh gosh yes. But don’t worry, that seems very unlikely.

Candy: Well now, you never know.

Good to see that you are as competitive and conniving as ever, Candy.

I had to have three sims dancing at the same time for the meet and greet so Vlad, Caly and Scylla had a little family dance party in the kitchen.

Vlad: Those sunglasses don’t fool me – I know you! Trespassing again, huh? I guess you didn’t learn your lesson the first time. Time for some revision.

Father Winter: But – but you invited me…

Arthur Climate was among the guests.

Scylla: So, you’re my Dad’s cousin. That means we already share blood, right?

Arthur: Right…

Scylla: In that case you won’t mind sharing a little more blood with me.

That’s really not how it works, Scylla.

Despite the fact that two of the guests left with a few pints less plasma than they had arrived with, Vlad got a gold medal for the meet and greet.

Scylla: How do you two like the garden salad I made?

Epimetheus: It um… Tastes amazing. But, I’m so full that I don’t think I can eat any more.

Circe: It tastes amazingly disgusting, you mean. Did your taste buds die when you became a vampire, Scylla?

Scylla: Well technically yeah.

Vlad needs three fans to ask him for a selfie for his aspiration so I took him out to a club in Del Sol Valley.

Looks like Keoni works as a bouncer now! The outfit really suits him.

No fans requested a selfie from Vlad unfortunately but these two paparazzi did follow him into the toilet to get a good shot (vampires obviously don’t pee, Vlad was just in here practicing his charisma in the mirror).

Vlad: Look at the stupid mortals, so eager to adore me. They little know how perilously close they stand to a dangerous predator of the night.

Atlas: The monkey bars here are so much better than the ones in the old house.

All monkey bars are the same.

Atlas: No, these ones are YELLOW.

A birthday cake! You know what that means?

Mayor: Ohhh pretty dancing lights… I must get a closer look. Hey, what’s that weird smell?

You mean the smell of your whiskers burning?

As I was saying, it’s Galatea’s birthday!

Galatea: Wish me happy birthday, Mayor!

Mayor: No. Sigh, there go the dancing lights.

Galatea rolled the perfectionist trait and the soulmate aspiration. That’s an interesting one because I could have her start it as a teen in which case she will have to get a boy/girl friend. But if she then wins the heir poll she will of course have to dump that boy/girl friend in time for the bachelorette challenge to take place.

Here are some CAS shots of Galatea as a teen:

Isn’t she pretty? I honestly think that she might be the best looking child I have ever had off Vlad – which really is quite something, given that I completed the 100 baby challenge with Vlad (you can check out pictures of all 102 of his kids from that challenge here if you are curious).

Of course Kevin (#58) from my 100 baby challenge was also pretty good looking, but I might just prefer Galatea, I’m not sure. At any rate, she is most definitely the best looking female Vlad child I have ever had in my game. She is pretty much a Caly clone with Vlad’s eyes, skin colour and hair colour (I know she had brown hair as a toddler and as a child but that was only because the game tried to give her Vlad’s grey hair and couldn’t because grey hair isn’t available for toddlers and children).

This is Galatea’s mermaid form.

As you can see, Galatea did inherit Vlad’s nose and eyebrows in her mermaid form (she also has Caly’s eyes in her mermaid form). Isn’t it strange how born in game occult sims can inherit a different combination of genetics in their second form than in their normal form? Fortunately, Galatea’s kids will only inherit her features from her normal form. I could even edit her mermaid form so that it looks more like her normal form but I dunno I kinda like that she has some more Vlad in her mer form.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.19

      1. Holy macaroni… You were kidding that Galatea is the best looking kid. She’s lovely… except for the tiny pupils… that’s a little creepy.

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      2. Somehow Caly’s genetics managed to largely overpower Vlad’s (at least as far as Galatea is concerned) which is definitely not a bad thing! Yeah the eyes aren’t the prettiest… but at least she didn’t get Vlad’s nose πŸ˜‰

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