Chapter 1.15

Last time, Vlad maxed the photography skill, Atlas and Epimetheus worked on their aspirations while Scylla  and Circe were largely left to their own devices, Caly went around in public begging people to cheer her and Vlad hit himself in the face.

Vlad: I’ve really got the hang of this electronic painting generator thingy. Let’s take a picture together.

Caly: How clever of you, darling!

Vlad: Say plasma!

I made Vlad take a picture of him and Caly together. Now that he has maxed the photography skill this should count as commemorating him and Caly and so earn us a point in the scoring.

The photo on top is the one that Vlad took.

Caly: How’s work been lately for you, Dad? I hope you’re not finding the sky too heavy? That’s great! Oh me? I’m a five star celebrity now – I’ll be putting down my celebrity tile in Starlight Boulevard later today. Why yes I’d love you to come and watch if you can find the time!

Vlad: Here kitty kitty I have a treat for you.

Mayor: If that treat makes me into a kitten again, you’re a dead man walking.

He’s a vampire, he is already a dead man walking.

Vlad earned his third celebrity star!

Caly completed her first aspiration. Now she has the ‘unstoppable fame’ trait so she will be a five star celeb forever. For her next aspiration, I gave her the ‘master actress’ one.

For her acting aspiration, Caly had to do a street performance so I sent her to the park to do just that. But, she ran off in the middle of her performance.

And where do you think you’re going?

Caly: I’ve just seen Morgan over there. I need to yell at her.

Suddenly she had yelling at Morgan in her action queue. I cancelled it.

Then she finished her performance in front of Morgan.

Morgan: Well this is awkward. Am I meant to clap or something?

I got Caly the fame perk which allows her to ask fans to promote people she knows, earning them fame. I made her ask this fan to promote Vlad.

Caly: Follow my husband on Simstagram!

Fan: But I don’t want…

Caly: That was an order, not a suggestion.

Caly again autonomously decided to yell at Morgan and this time I let her because she obviously had something she was determined to get off her chest.

Caly: How dare you call my husband hideous? He is no such thing!

Morgan: Caly that happened years ago and he wasn’t even your husband at the time.

After that, Caly went to Del Sol Valley to put down her celebrity tile.

Caly: Look Dad, my own tile on Starlight Boulevard! Are you proud of me?

Vlad: Once upon a time there was a dashingly handsome and clever vampire with silver hair, alabaster skin and a majestic hawk nose…

You mean grey hair, corpse white skin and a nose like a scythe?

Epimetheus: *yawn* Can’t I have a different story, Dad? You always read me this one.

Vlad got the whim to woohoo in a bush with Caly.

Vlad: How about we reenact out wedding night, aye?

Caly: Oh Vlad, how romantic of you!

Romantic? I call it unhygienic and probably painful but to each their own.

Atlas: I – I think there’s a monster in that bush. It’s moving and making strange noises.

Turner: Um that’s not a monster. Man, this is awkward.

Caly: Do you think anyone saw us?

Atlas: Mum, Dad? Did you get rid of the monster in the bush?

Vlad: Drat, he’s spotted us – I mean, yes son the monster is all gone now. Your mother helped me to fight it off.

Turner: I mean, I’m totally over him and everything but it was just painful to see my ex woohooing with someone else, you know?

Galatea: One I’m a kid and this conversation is kinda inappropriate for me. Two that’s my Mum and Dad you’re talking about. Three I’M EATING!

Scylla: It’s almost my birthday! I can’t wait to see what present you bought for me.

Circe: Present? Yeah… Totally got you one of those.

Circe decided to live as a bear – a yellow bear with a pineapple on it.

Circe: If you can’t see my face, you can’t make fun of me for being ugly anymore.

Scylla’s birthday arrived and she became the first teen of the challenge. She got the clumsy trait and the party animal aspiration. Not thrilled about that aspiration so I probably won’t have her complete it unless she wins the heir poll.

Scylla was born a vampire-mermaid hybrid and since hybrids are buggy I had to unhybridise her. Epimetheus is also a vampire-mermaid hybrid but the rest of the kids are mermaids so I decided to leave Scylla with only the vampire life state.

Apart from having Vlad’s eyes, skin colour and hair colour she looks alright from the front, doesn’t she?

Scylla had Caly’s hair colour as a child but I know that she was meant to have Vlad’s hair colour because when she was a toddler I checked what she would look like as a YA in CAS and when I did that the game gave her grey hair.

Ouch! That side profile is such a let down. The flat face, the pointy chin, the domed forehead… Better just look at her from the front.

And here is her dark form. Nothing too dramatic, love the pointy ears and glowy eyes I gave her though!

Vlad needs to build his logic skill for work (as a painter? Really?) and I thought that the microscope prints collection might be a good one to try and complete so I had him work on that.

Vlad: In my day, we didn’t go bothering about things too small and insignificant to be seen with the naked eye.

You’re fortunate that Caly doesn’t think that way 😉

Vlad: Just what are you implying? I’ll have you know that I’m very well endow-

Moving on.

Caly had the doctor acting gig and her first death scene.

Caly: My heart – I think I’m dying!

Really? Because it looks like you’re about to pee yourself.

Patient: Doc, am I going to be ok?

Caly: Well you either have a touch of a cold or the deadly llama pox so the answer is yes or no.

I think we can all agree it’a good thing that Caly isn’t a real doctor.

Atlas played on the monkey bars.

Atlas: It looks as though the sky is the ground and the ground is the sky.

No duh. That’s what happens when you dangle upside down.

Caly maxed the acting skill!

We haven’t seen Caly’s mermaid form in a while.

Caly: NYMPH form.

Scylla: Hey little bro, want some help with your home work?

Epimetheus: Do you really think you’re in a position to help? Just yesterday you were doing this same homework yourself.

Epimetheus: Ahhhh! There’s a bear in the bathroom!

Circe: If you don’t get out now you’re going to wish I was only an angry bear.

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