Chapter 1.10

In the last chapter, the house got a fresh lick of paint (and flooring) which didn’t much improve the place, Circe became a child and the twins became toddlers.

Circe: Ahhh! There’s a hideous monster in my room!

Aww did you find a mirror? I’m so mean 😉

This is the first time the monster under the bed has reared its ugly head tentacle in this game.  I usually switch off the monster under the bed with MCCC so I almost forgot about its existence.

How do you get rid of a monster? Bring in an even more terrifying one. Enter, Vlad.

Vlad: There now Circe, your bed is all covered in monster repellent. The monster won’t dare return tonight.

Circe: Isn’t that just furniture polish?

Vlad: What, this? No no, the strongest monster repellent, I assure you!

Circe: Then why does the bottle say that it ‘leaves surfaces shiny and dust free’?

Vlad: Well, who says it can’t do two jobs at once?

Vlad, you’re a vampire! Why couldn’t you have just hissed at the bed or something?

To prevent any future monster incidents I put a night time defender night light over each of the kids’ beds.

Hopefully that does the trick! Otherwise with 5 kids in the house we’ll be having a monster under the bed every night… Come to think of it, the family which finally induced me to switch off the monster under the bed with MCCC had 5 kids.

Bartender: Good evening sir, and what can I get you to drink today?

Vlad: A pint of your finest plasma, please.

Bartender: I’m afraid we don’t have any plasma, sir.

Vlad: Oh but you do.

Look at this painting. It’s worth over 7000 simoleons!

Caly: Who’s that woman? Why don’t you paint a picture of me? I’m far more beautiful.

Vlad: Of course you are dear. I’ll paint you right now.

I want to have a painting of each heir and their spouse so I had Vlad start off that little collection by painting Caly. Trouble is, he painted two pictures of her and I can’t decide which to keep. What do you think?

Caly: I think you can never have too many paintings of me.

No one asked you, Caly.

Vlad: The little fluffy bunny was hopping happily among the flowers and butterflies when suddenly a vicious vampire bat with long pointed fangs and glowing red eyes swooped down and drained the helpless bunny dry, leaving behind only a lifeless corpse. And they all lived happily ever after – except the bunny, she died. The End.

Is that really how the story ended, Vlad?

Vlad: Well, I may have added one or two details to spice things up a bit.

Galatea: Daddy, I’m too scared to sleep. What if the scary vampire bat comes for me?

Vlad: It wouldn’t dare, not with me to protect you.

Caly: Hmm there’s something on my back. I wonder what it could be… And where is Epimetheus?

Epimetheus: Giggle. Silly Mummy, I’m right here!

I added another floor to the house – which made it look even worse. There isn’t anything on the first floor yet except for a bathroom (I figured that with 7 sims in the house having three toilets and showers wouldn’t be a bad thing). Also, look! I bought them two wind turbines, three solar panels and a rain catcher thingy. Those should help with the bills.

Oh and of course let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. The house is awful, I know. And I also don’t care.

Vlad: That’s all very well for you to say, you don’t have to live here.

Neither do you. You’re undead, remember.

Vlad: You don’t have to unlive here either.

Atlas: This place is a dump. I’m running away from home to live with Grandad on Mount Olympus.

Caly what have you been telling your son?

Galatea played dolls by herself.

Galatea: I’m not playing by myself, I’m playing with Grandpappy Atlas!

Oh good grief, Galatea too?!

Galatea maxed the imagination skill!

I bought a pirate ship jungle gym for the house and Circe played on it to build her motor skill.

Circe: Arrr ’tis I Captain Circe, the most dangerous pirate to sail the seven seas! All ye landlubbers beware! Hey Dad, can I have a parrot?

Vlad: Most certainly not!

Looks like my festival notifications aren’t broken after all because I got this notification. I must have been missing the others. Too bad it wasn’t for the spice festival as then I’d have gone in the hope of finding some more dragon fruit.

Caly had a gig!

Caly: This outfit is a mistake by the stylist, right?


Caly: But how will the camera capture my beautiful face with this headpiece on?

It won’t.

I had to take a screenshot of the whole stage because I love the setup.

Caly: … What will you find in your next pack of Voidcritter cards? Will it be me, Vulpes? Or perhaps Wisp? Or maybe even the elusive Veild? Collect us all!

That seemed to go pretty well.

Caly: I can’t believe you made me demean myself like that. I am a demigoddess!

Galatea: You won’t let the evil vampire bat get me, will you, Scylla?

Scylla: What evil vampire bat?

Galatea: The one that killed the bunny.

Scylla: Dad’s been reading bedtime stories to you again, hasn’t he?

Scylla: No! Someone smashed the dollhouse!

Vlad: Oh dear, I wonder who that could have been. Are you sure it didn’t just spontaneously collapse? Cardboard is awfully fragile, you know.

You are fixing it right now, Vlad!

One of the other spliced plants produced a dragon fruit. I guess they aren’t as rare as Carl’s sims 4 guide suggested. Here is Vlad planting it. The first dragon fruit that we planted still isn’t a full grown plant so no harvest from it yet.

Turner: Hello, Vlad. It’s been too long, I can’t think why I haven’t visited recently.

Vlad: Good of you to drop by, I was just beginning to feel a little thirsty.

Turner: Oh I remember why now…

Caly: Don’t you think it would be nice to have a photo of the two of us to hang on the wall?

Vlad: A photograph? You mean, one of those strange paintings made by the magic clicky box things? Oh I don’t know about all this new fangled technology. What was wrong with good old fashioned paint on canvass?

Come off it, Vlad, you have a computer and a television.

Caly: Pleeeasssseeeee! For me?

Vlad: Oh alright then.

Caly: You’re the best husband ever!

Vlad: So, what do I do?

Caly: Just look at the camera and smile.

Vlad: Are you sure it’s safe? It won’t blow up in our faces or anything?

Caly: It’s perfectly safe, silly… So long as the camera flash isn’t the same kind of light as sunlight, that is.

Here is the photo of Vlad and Caly. I’ll have each heir and their spouse take a photo together too because I like that idea.

Since I want to have a painting of each heir and their spouse I had Caly paint Vlad.

You get a point every time you memorialise an heir and their spouse and paintings and photographs do count for that – but only if the sim has level 8 in painting or level 5 in photography.

Caly does not have level 8 in painting or level 5 in photography so neither the photo nor this painting count as memorialising Vlad sadly. Still, I like to have it anyway.

Vlad’s painting of Caly earlier does count as memorialising her since he has level 10 in painting but I think you have to memorialise both the founder/heir and their spouse to get a point.

Circe worked on her motor skill by practising typing while Scylla played the violin to increase her creativity skill.

Vlad: Look at my talented daughters! They take after me, don’t they?

I hope they don’t… Appearance-wise, at least. (actually, I know what they will look like as YAs but I’m not going to let on 😛  )

Vlad hugged Circe. In the mirror, it looks as though Circe is hugging thin air 😀

Circe: I love you, Dad.

Vlad: I love you too, Circe.

Circe: So, about that parrot…

Vlad: Never going to happen.

Caly finished her painting of Vlad! It captures his expression of bored resignation perfectly. I love how the two paintings of Caly are looking down on him in this screenshot.

Caly: My agency called to congratulate me on the success of my latest gig – apparently my performance was ‘perfect’. I think I’m really starting to make my mark as a serious  actor.

Circe: That’s great, Mum! What was the production about? When can I watch it?

Caly: Oh er it was a terribly important gig… But the script was probably a little too high brow for you to understand.

Really? Prancing about in a Voidcritter costume counts as making high brow entertainment?

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.10

    1. I haven’t done that gig before I don’t think. It was fun! Love the paint from reference feature, I just wish there was an option in game to paint a painting of another sim so you didn’t have to go to the bother of lining them up in the right place. I’m sure that was an option in TS3.

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