Chapter 1.8

Recap time! In the previous chapter, Vlad made some more spliced snapdragon-strawberry plants in the hopes of growing a dragon fruit, Galatea became a toddler and Caly gave birth to twin boys called Atlas and Epimetheus.

What do you call a trio of toddlers? A regret – a big big regret. And we have two babies. What have I done?!

Galatea: I’m so lucky, I have two sisters to play with!

Circe: If I don’t look at her, I can pretend that she doesn’t exist.

Scylla: Actually, I’m going to be a child soon.

Galatea: Then me and Cece will play together!

Circe: What did she just call me?

The toddlers are all so articulate, aren’t they?

Thankfully, Scylla’s birthday arrived which meant one less needy toddler to care for. She rolled the lazy trait which I don’t believe I have ever played with before and the artistic prodigy aspiration. For the traits I am using the in game randomiser. As for the aspirations, I assigned them each a number then used a random number generator to determine which aspiration Scylla should have.

Scylla also managed to get the happy toddler bonus trait!

Here are some CAS shots of Scylla:

Looks good from the front, right? Scylla definitely has Vlad’s eyes but on the bright side she escaped his mouth and eyebrows. Still has Caly’s freckles!

I spy a pointy Straud chin, Vlad’s forehead and that flat face which so many Straud kids get. Maybe you should only let people see your face from the front, Scylla.

I added an extra room to the house so that Scylla could have a bedroom (it’s at the back on the left).

Oh my what a wonderful house! I did add windows to it at some point, don’t worry 😉

Caly: Oh no, someone save me, I’m being attacked by a terrible sea monster!

Circe: Roar!!

Sea monsters roar? Also, it’s your other daughter who is named after a sea monster, Caly!

Scylla drew pictures for her aspiration while Vlad read a gardening book (at this point I was still trying to have him max the gardening skill so that he could buy some rare seed packets with the object of acquiring a dragon fruit)

Vlad: Sometimes I envy you plants. Your offspring don’t scream or cry and they don’t need constant feeding and clothing and bathing.

After Vlad got to about level 9 of the gardening skill, no matter how much he read the skill bar stopped going up. I found that talking to plants would still increase his skill level so he spent a fun night doing just that.

Do you see that in Vlad’s inventory?! Do you know what it is? A dragon fruit, that’s what!

I read on Carls Sims 4 guide for gardening that only 1 in 600 harvestables from a spliced will be a rare one. Dragon fruit are rare so I didn’t expect to get one from our spliced plants so soon.

That’s why I had Vlad try to max the gardening skill (once you have level 10 in gardening you can buy rare seed packets, some of which contain dragon fruit). Vlad was at about level 9.5 in gardening when he managed to grow this dragon fruit. What a waste all those hours of reading gardening books turned out to be!

Since Vlad is the main gardener and he can’t go outside during the day, I made a room in the house for the plants.

Vlad planted our precious dragon fruit!

Vlad: Well, I have to say I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It doesn’t look like much to me.

Just you wait and see Vlad, that right there is the beginning of our gold mine.

Vlad autonomously helped Scylla with her homework, which was sweet of him.

Vlad: How do you find the area of a trapezium? Well, you half the sum of the parallel sides and then – Oh it’s over 100 years since I learned all this stuff, I don’t remember! Just write down that if you don’t get full marks for this piece of homework your teacher will get a nocturnal visit from me and they might find themselves a little… Drained.

Caly needed level 3 in fitness for her next audition and I didn’t want to splash out on any workout equipment, so I had her do a workout video instead. Of course, she livestreamed it.

Caly: We nymphs are especially graceful dancers as you can see.

Graceful is not the word I would have chosen.

Caly became a three star celebrity! I guess her followers like watching her prance around in her workout clothes.

Morgan decided let herself into the house and, on sight of Galatea, seemed to contemplate calling CPS.

Morgan: That poor child is filthy!

Galatea: I’m not filthy, I’m Galatea.

Morgan: Do your parents never give you a bath?

Galatea: What is ‘bath’?

Vlad: Morgan, you’re just in time for breakfast!

Morgan: No thanks, I ate before I came.

Vlad: I didn’t say your breakfast.

And Vlad drained Morgan right in front of his infant daughter.

Circe: Daddy, is that lady dead?

Vlad: No of course not, she’ll be fine!

Circe: Oh, that’s a shame.

I said that Circe was a psychopath.

Also Vlad said breakfast because I think this happened in the morning but I don’t really remember so that may be wrong.

Vlad painted a painting worth 3,389 simoleons! This right here is why I make all my vampires painters – they have more time in which to produce high value art.

Vlad still had to become a grand master vampire for his aspiration, so I sent him out casting hallucinations on unsuspecting sims all night to raise his vampire XP.

Vlad: You are now in my power, pathetic mortal!

Marcus: Er dude who the hell are you talking to?

If only he knew what was about to happen to him.

Vlad: Forcing humans to talk to themselves might be amusing at first but it gets boring fast. When can I do something more exciting like hypnotising them to jump off high buildings?

Oh I don’t know… How about never.

Vlad: You’re no fun

Vlad became a grand master!

Now there is only one milestone of the aspiration left: survive for an additional 20 days as a vampire. Those 20 days began when he unlocked this stage of the aspiration which was on day 12 of Winter so on day 4 of Summer the 20 days will be over (it says on the counter that he has completed 0 of the 20 days so far because of the bug which makes the counter reset every time  you travel – I know that is fixed now but I have played ahead and when I played this chapter it was still broken).

Here are Vlad’s vampire powers and weaknesses. As you can see, because his weaknesses are bugged he has 10 weaknesses rather than the usual 5 for a grand master. That’s annoying, but never mind.

Vlad: Never mind? Never mind? Before your interference, I was a grand master with only 5 weaknesses. Not only did you make me work my way back up from a fledging again, but you’ve saddled me with double the weaknesses I should have!

Look on the bright side, you have more powers now too.

Vlad: Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky…

Galatea: I’m the star, aren’t I Daddy?

Caly: No, I’m a star!

Vlad: Shhh you’re both stars.

Caly failed her audition. I don’t know why because she had the required level 3 in fitness. This is the first time I have ever had a sim fail an audition!

Caly: They were intimidated by my greatness, they saw that I was too skilled for the part.

Yes, that’ll be it…

Caly held a conversation with thin air the god Atlas next to the toilet. Interesting place for a god to hang out but I’m not questioning it.

Caly: Hi Dad! I’m great, thanks. Your eldest grandchild is a child now, doesn’t time fly? Well of course I’ll give her your birthday wishes!

I realised that Scylla’s clothes match this cuddly bear toy almost perfectly!

Caly: Your grandfather sends his love and told me to wish you a belated happy birthday.

Scylla: I have a grandad? How come I’ve never seen him before?

Caly: Never seen him? He visits all the time! I expect you were just too young to notice him when you were a toddler. He’s a god, you know.

Scylla: A god? Sure mum…

I bought Caly got her much desired pool.

Caly: At long last, a place to swim! Now I can spend time in my natural nymph form.

Caly: Your long nose is so sexy. The kids are all occupied, what do you say we woohoo?

Vlad: We’re talking about woohooing only, right? No trying for a baby?

Caly: Yes, I think we have enough children already. If we have any more, there won’t be enough attention on me.

Vlad: Phew. Well in that case, let’s go for it!



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