Chapter 1.7

Hello hello and welcome back! In the last instalment of the Straud Legacy, Caly held a celebrity meet and greet and in general was a bit of a diva, Vlad grafted a cutting of snapdragon onto a strawberry plant to produce a spliced plant which MIGHT grow us a dragon fruit, ANOTHER baby girl was born who I named Galatea and baby #4 was conceived.

Look at that, Scylla maxed the thinking skill! I know that the rules for the legacy challenge say that for every 3 maxed skills you get 1 point but I am a bit hazy on how that works. For example, if Scylla, Circe and Galatea all max the thinking skill does that count as three skills maxed or only as one skill maxed?

I think the idea is that after one sim in the family has maxed a certain skill, it doesn’t count again if another sim in the family maxes the same skill.

Calypso had an altercation with the computer. Why did I call her Calypso just then? I never do that.

Caly: I said turn on! How dare you defy the daughter of Atlas?

Have you tried pressing the ‘on’ button, Caly?

Caly: No…

Caly tutored Circe in the art of peeing. Thought I should include this just to show that I am working on the toddlers’ skills to some extent… Even if I am a bit neglectful of them. In my 100 baby challenge I locked all the toddlers in a dungeon and ignored them until they became kids. Old habits die hard.

I made Vlad graft snapdragon cuttings onto the rest of out strawberry plants and strawberry cuttings onto all our snapdragon plants (there are more plants in the house down the corridor to the left of the area in this screenshot).

Scylla: I’m helping Daddy garden!

Vlad: You’re getting in the way, that’s what you’re doing.

Vlad maxed the painting skill!

Candy let herself into the house (uninvited, I might add) and picked up Galatea (again, uninvited!)

Candy: Hmm they have three children already but Keoni and I only have one. That must mean that Vlad is winning so far as family goes. We can’t have that! What if Galatea here were to disappear?

You can stop scheming to abduct her, Candy. Babies are tied to their cribs so you couldn’t steal her even if you tried. Also I saved your son from CPS remember? Don’t be so ungrateful!

Dominic: Isn’t it the wrong time of year for Spooky Day? All the same, that’s a wicked vampire costume! The prosthetics on your face are so convincing, they make you look absolutely hideous!

Vlad: Hideous? That does it…

Dominic: And those fangs almost look real!

Vlad: They’re about to feel very real.

According to the Carl Sims 4 guide the chances of getting a rare harvestable from a spliced plant is actually really bad. For every 600 harvestables from a spliced plant only one will be a rare. Dragonfruit is rare so I realised that I probably was not going to get one from our spliced plants any time soon.

But I read that with level 10 in gardening you can buy rare seed packets which can give you dragon fruit. So, I decided to focus on getting Vlad to level 10 in gardening. He has the vampire power which increases the rate of his skill gain at night and the night owl reward trait which does the same.

Also, Caly has the celebrity perk which means that you get potions in the mail which boost skill gain. So, I had Vlad pilfer those and read gardening skill books pretty much non stop.

Vlad: I’m a vampire, I survive on plasma! What do I care for plants?

You’ll care an awful lot when we have a room of dragon fruit plants bringing in the big bucks!

Caly practised her acting – of course, live streaming herself all the time for fame points.

Caly: Rejoice oh you peasants for the great Calypso has arrived. Build me a golden temple and make many sacrifices to me and I will bless your lands with wealth and prosperity but defy me and I shall call down plague and death and poverty upon your unworthy heads!

Caly, that’s a bit extreme!

Caly: What? I’m just reading the script.

Really? Because it was very specific…

Scylla: I’m going to be a child soon, and then the evil voice will start acknowledging my existence.

Circe: Not fair, Circe wants her existence acknowledged too!

Neither of you are becoming a child yet. Next chapter though I think we might get Scylla’s birthday πŸ˜‰

Also, I can’t help but be aware of your existence – it’s a constant drain since I hate caring for toddlers! I may not do a very good job of bathing and feeding you but look on the bright side, you have lots of pictures in this blog post.

Another skill maxed for Scylla!

Circe and Galatea both cried in unison. Nice bit of sibling synchronisation, there!

Caly had morning sickness.

Caly: After this… No more babies.

I agree. It’s your fault, though. You’re the one who said you wanted ‘as many kids as possible’.

Scylla: Superlady to the rescue! Don’t worry yellow house, Superlady will save you from the evil pink flower!

Scylla looked really cute playing with this superhero doll. Yes she is filthy…. I know I know I’m bad at caring for the toddlers. But honestly they’re lucky not to be in my 100 baby save, that’s all.

Scylla maxed the potty skill!

Caly, what on earth are you doing?

Caly: Putting my head under the water is the closest I can get to swimming through the depths of the sea back home in Sulani. A nymph shouldn’t be without the sea for so long.

Ok ok hint taken. I will get you a pool eventually… Just not yet.

Circe: Mr Superman, I’m going to bite off your head! Any last words?

I know, Circe needs a bath too! Seriously, when do people find time to bathe their toddlers? I feel like they get dirty so quickly. What are they doing? Taking mud baths while my back is turned?

Vlad kept reading up on gardening but in a rather unorthodox way, by which I mean he stood in a chair with the book stuck fast in the table.

Vlad, you can’t possibly be reading that book, you can’t even turn the pages like that! It’s even more obvious than pretending to read an upside down book.

Vlad: Can you blame me for being bored? You’ve made me read about gardening for hours and hours on end.

Well your skill level is still increasing so I don’t really care I suppose.

Galatea became a toddler! She rolled the charmer trait. Here are some CAS pictures:

Looks kinda sweet, doesn’t she? You can already tell that she has Vlad’s eyes though and his pasty white skin. So far ALL of the kids have got Vlad’s skin colour! She has brown hair because the game tried to give her Vlad’s grey hair but that’s not available as a toddler hair colour.

Galatea: Hello big sister!

Circe: When I first met you I wished that you’d never been born.


Circe: I still wish you’d never been born.

Galatea: Oh


Caly: Never fear, my love, I will save you from the clutches of the villainous Dr McEvil!

Vlad: Wha?!

Caly enacted a romantic scene with Vlad for her work task.

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to lift heavy weights (by which I mean Vlad) when you’re nine months pregnant, Caly…

Caly: Oh don’t worry, I’ve inherited my father’s strength. He is strong enough to hold up the heavens, you know!

Aaaand Caly went into labour. I did warn you not to lift Vlad like that!

Since she went into labour only a few minutes before her gig was due to start, I had no time to make her give birth before going to the gig. Now, a nice person would have let her skip the gig in order to give birth. But I’m not a nice person.

Caly: Ouch another contraction! I can’t believe you’re making me work when I am in labour!

Caly: My waters just broke, can I go home?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: waters do not break in the sims! You’ve wet yourself that’s all.

Caly: And whose fault is that?

Yours, for not getting to the toilet in time.

Here’s a screenshot from the production.

Caly: The poor helpless nymph was forced to slave away by the evil voice, fighting bravely through the agonies of each contraction…

What a drama queen!

You’ve done it, Caly, the performance is over!

Caly: I have been in labour all day – If you don’t let me go home and give birth right now I’ll have father drop the sky on your head!

Alright, alright.

Because we already did the hospital birth thing twice in a row I just placed a crib down and let Caly have a home birth this time.

Vlad (not looking up from his gardening book): Good day at work, honey?

Caly: Owwwww it hurts so badly!

Vlad: That’s nice, dear.

Finally, a baby boy!

Caly: I shall call him Atlas in honour of my father.

Vlad: A baby? When did that appear?

You were right here while your wife gave birth, Captain Unobservant. Also, there’s a bit of a surprise waiting for you in the next room…

Vlad: What is it? A suitcase of hundred simoleon bills? The keys to a new house?

Just go and look.

Vlad: Drat, it’s another baby. Well, that is a disappointment.

I can’t even disagree with you. I was not at all pleased to get twins. I said I wanted a boy, game. A boy – singular! Not two!

That’s right, Caly had twin boys. I called the second baby Epimetheus after one of Atlas’ brothers in Greek mythology. Also, Rendora suggested this name and I really like it πŸ™‚

You can tell that this baby is going to be a vampire because of theΒ  crib. Well, actually he isn’t only a vampire – he’s a hybrid vampire-mermaid like Scylla, which means that he’ll be glitchy (I know because whenever a baby is born in my game I peek at what they will be like as a YA). I think I will make Scylla and Epimetheus just vampires when they become teens so that they’re easier to play.

At least the girls were happy to meet Epimetheus. Scylla, Circe and Galatea all got a happy ‘new sibling’ mooodlet! Scylla annoyingly isn’t in this screenshot but you can see Circe and Galatea looking all cute and smiling (also, they’re not dirty for once! Didn’t I do well? Although look at the state of those potties!)

Circe: Aha a new victim!

Galatea: I’m happy because now Circe has someone else to bully.

Circe: Make that two someones

Ok as much as I say I like having small families it was a struggle not to make Vlad and Caly try for another baby. I love seeing how the genetics turn out, but I know that instant regret would surely follow. As it is I’m not sure I can cope with 5 kids…

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7

  1. Ugh…five toddlers to keep up with. EEK! (Especially since you don’t use cheats and you’re trying for points. Egad.)

    Candy…always has a scheme up her sleeve…er…I mean, in her bra. πŸ˜›

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Fortunately both Scylla and Circe became children before the twins became toddlers (I’ve played ahead) so I haven’t had to deal with more than 3 toddlers at a time but that is still a handful! Is Candy even wearing a bra with that dress? πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 2 people

  2. TWINS.

    You’ve actually inspired me to play my own little legacy, although I won’t be posting it until the end of Mermaid Bachelorette, I think, and twins have an uncanny ability to cry at the same time.

    Galatea might just be my favourite with how cute she is!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yup twins! Oh dear lol. Twins do seem to cry at or around the same time, I think because their needs start off the same.

      Go for it (with the legacy)! It’s a really fun challenge πŸ™‚

      She is a cute toddler. You’ll have to wait and see if she stays cute as Straud kids are often cute toddlers and kideous teens πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey, compared to locking them in the basement until they’re kids, these toddlers have it pretty good! xD
    Galatea looks really cute. Straud-genes seem to be gentle on the little ones. I wonder what they’ll look like when they’re older…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s right, and they even get bathed… Occasionally!

      All toddlers pretty much look the same in TS4 I find. But yes, Galatea is cute! I know what they all look like as YAs because I peeked lol


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