Chapter 1.4

Let’s see, what’s happening? Well, last time, Caly and Vlad had their first Winterfest together as a couple, Vlad sparred against the three vampire bachelor ex-contestants, Caly passed an audition and Scylla, being just a baby, largely just lay about in her crib. Oh and Caly is still pregnant with baby #2.

Vlad became a prime vampire!

Vlad: That’s nothing to be happy about, I used to be a grand master before you robbed me of all my powers…

We know.

In order to purchase any vampire perks, Vlad had to take 7 weaknesses (yep, his weaknesses are bugged, remember?) now that he is a minor vampire there were 7 weaknesses unlocked that I didn’t mind him having so I selected those and was finally able to get him some powers too. As you can see, he has the level three thin skin weakness which means he will burn very easily in the sun. I don’t think I have ever used the thin skin weakness before – in fact, I usually get my vampires perfect sun resistance asap – so that might be interesting.

On the plus side, I think his power points also glitched out as a result of me cheating him down from a grand master to a fledgling and the result is that he ended up with more vampire power points than he should have as a minor vampire. So I was able to get him quite a few powers already.

Vlad maxed out the vampire lore skill and read the final vampire lore skill book. He is now on to the final stage of the master vampire aspiration. To complete one of the last milestones of the aspiration, he has to survive for an additional 20 days as a vampire. But, unless they have fixed it, this part of the aspiration is glitched and the counter which keeps track of how many days your sim has survived as a vampire resets every time they travel. So, I have made a note of the day on which Vlad reached this part of the aspiration (around 2:20am on day 12 of Winter) and I will count 20 days from here myself. After 20 days I will use MCCC to mark that milestone of the aspiration as completed.

Caly: Oh baby don’t cry, what’s wrong?

Scylla: I had a nightmare that I looked like daddy!

Nightmare or premonition? Only time will tell.

It was Scylla’s birthday, so I aged her up into a toddler. She rolled the charmer trait.

Here are some close-up CAS shots for you:

Aww she inherited Caly’s freckles! Love it.

No prizes for guessing where that chin came from 😉

The family had accumulated a fair number of simoleons thanks to Vlad’s painting so I extended the house a bit. Yes, I am aware it looks like shit. Do I care? Meh not really.

Vlad: Speak for yourself, you don’t have to live here…

Oh dear look what happened to the roof!

When Father Winter visited the previous night he replenished the present pile, so Vlad and Caly were able to open more gifts.

Caly got a karaoke machine!

Caly: I’ve always wanted a karaoke machine, this is going to be so much fun!

Not so fast Caly, the household funds are at a measly 35 simoleons due to the renovations and that thing is worth 1,895 simoleons. You’d better believe I’m going to sell it instantly.

Vlad: So you just sit on the potty and pee.

Are you sure you’re the right person to be potty training Scylla, Vlad? As a vampire you don’t even pee yourself.

Vlad: Don’t be silly, I’ve got this under contr – no, not like that! Pee in the potty, Scylla, IN the potty!

Caly livestreamed herself teaching shapes to Scylla.

Caly: As you can see, I am not only a famous nymph but also a wonderful mother!

Caly, are you exploiting your infant daughter for views?

Caly: Of course I am… Not.

Caly passed out for the first, but (spoiler!) certainly not the last time.

Caly: It’s your fault for making me do all the child care. As a demi-goddess, I should have servants to do these sorts of things!

Look about you, Caly. Does it look like you can afford a servant? Also, Vlad does his fair share of the childcare, especially since he doesn’t have to sleep at night.

Anyone care to guess who was the unfortunate soul who acted as Vlad’s plasma pack for the afternoon?

That’s right, it was Turner. Again. He will keep turning up when Vlad is thirsty.

Vlad, how could you leave him lying in the snow like that?

Vlad: What? The snow is soft, I’m sure he’s very comfortable!

Caly passed out for the second time.

Vlad: Funny place to sleep if you ask me but I’m a vampire so what do I know? Maybe it’s a nymph thing.

Caly went into labour and this time went to the hospital for the birth.

Vlad:  Oh dear, I’m about to become a father!

You’re already a father.

Vlad: Yes and I barely know what to do with the first one.

Vlad: What a weird-looking baby.

Caly: I – I think that’s my heart!

Vlad: You put my wife’s plasma pump back inside her body this instant, she needs that!

Doctor: Not to worry, this happens all the time. Please don’t sue…

Ok but how do you miss the baby so completely? This doctor needs to go back to medical school if they think that babies grow in the chest.

Does anyone else think that the birthing machine is like one of those arcade machines where you have to grab a toy with a metal claw?

A baby girl was born! I called her Circe – no, not like in Game of Thrones – she’s named after the nymph from Greek mythology. Didn’t both Calypso and Circe sleep with Odysseus? Hmm that makes things a bit weird lol. If Caly and Vlad ever have a son they’d better not call him Odysseus.

Scylla was understandably perturbed by the sudden teleportation of a crib into her room.

Scylla: Hey, this is my room, get your own!

After I had moved Circe’s crib into the ‘hall’ area, Scylla appeared to be more favourably inclined towards her new sister.

Scylla: Is it a baby doll? Can I play with it?

Correct about the baby part, wrong about the doll part. You can play with her when she’s older.

See, Scylla really was happy to have a sibling after all!

Scylla had to go and ruin what might have been a tender first meeting with her new sibling by letting one rip. Don’t pollute the baby’s air, Scylla…

What did I do next? Of course I made Vlad and Caly try for a baby. Caly does want at least four children (though I can’t see  myself making them have more than that) and I want to get them all born close together for the heir poll (yes I probably will decide the next heir by an heir poll).

Baby on board!

Caly: Guess what?

Vlad: We’re moving out of this shack? We’ve come into a fortune?

Caly: Even better: I’m pregnant!

Vlad: Oh no – I mean, how wonderful, another baby! We’d better come into a fortune soon…

To finish this chapter, I have some news of Turner. He is now married to a townie whose name I forget and he has two children (each with other women!) So, I’d say he is getting over Vlad alright.

Turner’s son with the premade mermaid Kalamainu’u.

Turner’s daughter with Penny Pizzazz.

I’m sorry, I forgot to note down their names.

I didn’t realise that Turner’s hair had grey streaks in it until I noticed that his daughter’s hair was streaked with grey and figured out that she must have inherited it from Turner (since Penny does not have that hair). I’m so unobservant!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4

  1. “Vlad: What a weird-looking baby.
    Caly: I – I think that’s my heart!”


    The sims 4 baby birthing machine is the scariest thing in the sims universe, no question.
    Also, the fact that Caly survived that. xD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’ll definitely have to have Turner have kids with Kala, uh, Mermaid Lady and Penny Pizzazz. Such pretty children!
    Also, I still hope you’ll name a son Oedipus. (Epimetheus is great, too…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you share pictures if you do 🙂 his kids really did turn out well in my game! I especially like his daughter with Penny. Haha I actually really want to call a son Atlas Jr after Caly’s father – I figured that was something she would do! I do really like the name Epimetheus too… But I don’t think I could bring myself to use Oedipus because the name always makes me think of incest 😛 (that’s not a criticism of your name suggestion, just my own weirdness)

      Liked by 1 person

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