Chapter 1.3

Last chapter, Vlad and Caly managed to put a roof over their heads, Scylla, the first baby of the challenge was born and Caly got pregnant again.

Scylla is such an easy baby, she barely ever seems to cry. On the other hand, maybe I am just used to the chaos of my 100 baby (thank god that’s over now!)

Caly: She’s a good girl, she knows that her mummy should always be the center of attention!

In the back of this screenshot, you can see that we managed to save up enough money for a computer and desk.

Vlad had to participate in vampire training for his aspiration. My first thought was that he would mentor Roland but apparently he wasn’t a high enough rank to do that. So, he had to be mentored by Caleb instead.

Caleb: Er hi Vlad, how… Lovely to see you.

Vlad: I cannot believe that of all people you’re making me ask this wimpΒ for vampiric training. It’s so degrading. When I was a grand master I could have crushed him with a mere flick of my little finger.

Anyway, Caleb mentored Vlad and Vlad looked unimpressed.

Vlad: I knew he’d be a lousy teacher, I learnt how to do this in my cradle. Teach me something I don’t know!

The toddler on the right with the glowy eyes is the son of Caleb and Roland while the tot on the left is the son of Lilith and Joaquin LeChien.

Because of the acting career glitch that I mentioned last time, Caly left the acting career and was briefly in the social media career (by briefly I mean she didn’t even get aΒ  chance to do a day at work). But then I found a mod which fixed the acting career glitch so she was able to be an actress again. Maybe we will finally get to see her do a gig one of these days…

Vlad had to defeat 3 vampires in combat for his aspiration. Hmm I wonder which 3 vampires he chose…

Roland: Vlad, nice of you to drop by! So, we’re both married now, huh? We should do double dates some time – what do you think?

Vlad: I think that I can’t stand your husband so not in a million years.

Roland: Great! I’ll put a note in the diary for the year 1,002,020 then.

Here’s a screenshot from Vlad’s vampiric spar with Roland.

Vlad won!

Next up was, you guessed it, Candy!

Candy: Welcome to our humble abode, Vlad. It’s not much but I hear you’re currently living in a glorified box so I suppose team Kahananui must be winning.

For the last time Candy, you lost! There is no more competition!

Candy: But I’m still winning.

Oh wow Candy doesn’t look quite so sweet and innocent in her dark form, does she?

Candy won their first spar which was unexpected since she is a lower rank than Vlad. She must have had a lot of pent up rage against him or something.

Candy: Now you know what it’s like to lose, huh?

Vlad won their next spar, though.

While at their house, I got a notification that Candy and Keoni’s son was in danger of being taken away (fantastic parenting, guys!) I couldn’t have that so I made Vlad go and feed him.

Vlad: Leave this to me. As a father, I am now an expert at this baby stuff. All you have to do is put the bottle in the screaming part and it goes quiet!

After saving his son from CPS, Vlad sparred with Keoni.

… And won, thereby completing that milestone of his aspiration.

After a busy night of sparring Vlad went hunting in Windenburg. Here he is draining Mila Munch while Clara Bjergsen looked on disapprovingly.

Clara: Just look at Mila carrying on with that man in public. It’s disgraceful! What would her children think if they saw her?

Um you may not realise what is actually happening here, Clara.

Caly, what on earth are you doing?

Caly: Eating. And peeing.

Why at the same time? Do you have no concern for hygiene whatsoever?

Caly: No, why should I? Us nymphs don’t have a hygiene need, all we need is hydration.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t disgusting!

Caly: Cut me some slack, I’m pregnant and my bladder need keeps plummeting.

It was Winterfest and I had to put a proper roof on the house so that the decorations would show up. But unfortunately you can’t polish a turd and the house still looks awful.

Vlad and Caly decorated the tree.

Vlad: So it’s a tradition to bring a tree inside and hang little globes all over it at this time of year? Next you’ll be telling me we have to put a boulder in the middle of the house for egg day!

Caly: It’s festive!

Vlad: It’s using up all our free space, that’s what it is! Trees belong outside.

Caly prepared the grand meal. Don’t you think that might be a little too much alcohol, Caly?

Caly: You can never have too much alcohol.

Even when you’re pregnant?

Look who turned up as Vlad and Caly were eating their grand meal!

Turner: I really appreciate you guys letting me come over for Winterfest. Spending the holidays alone is so, well, lonely.

Caly: Oh I’m sure that’s no problem… How does he know where we live, anyway? Did you tell him, Vlad?

Vlad: No dear, of course not!

Caly: Hmm maybe I could ask my father to get rid of him for us.

Why do I get the feeling that by ‘get rid of’ Caly has something more sinister in mind than ‘force to leave the house’?

Caly: What a wonderful first Winterfest with my handsome husband.

Way to mark your territory, Caly. Could you be any more obvious?

Turner: Well, this turned awkward fast…

It was time to open presents. Here’s Vlad opening his. I can’t remember what it was but he was happy with it. I sold all the gifts because right now money is more important than useless gadgets.

Caly opened her gift while Vlad walked through her.

Turner: You guys got a present for me? I don’t believe it!

Vlad: Actually we di-

Shhh. Don’t be uncharitable, Vlad.

Turner: Now I wish I had something to give you.

Vlad: Oh don’t worry, you do.

Yes, Turner became Vlad’s snack for the second time.

Vlad instantly took a strong dislike to Father Winter.

Vlad: Grey hair, a moustache, a beard… This man is trying to imitate my style!

What style? Afraid Caly might have a type? πŸ˜‰

Vlad: Look here, you’re trespassing on my property!

Father Winter: I was only delivering presents – you know, spreading Winterfest cheer and –

Vlad: A likely story!

Yep, Vlad was autonomously mean to Father W (and right after he got a present from him too – how ungrateful! Maybe next year he’ll get a lump of coal.)

Vlad: I’ll show you what happens to trespassers around here…

Calypso passed (another) audition! Let’s hope that this time she finally gets to go to her acting gig.

Caly: Um… Did you break Father Winter?

Vlad: I caught this fellow skulking around the house with a sack. I think he was going to burgle us, but don’t worry, I caught him in time. His plasma tastes very funny – like mince pies and egg nog.

Caly: I do apologise for my husband, he’s a bit of a grinch – I don’t think he’s ever celebrated Winterfest before. I still get a present though, right?

Father Winter: Having to live with him, I think you deserve one!

Both Vlad and Caly completed all the ‘tasks’ for Winterfest. Do they get any legacy points for that? I forget. I really do have to reread the rules.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3

  1. Oh my gosh, this was such a great chapter! You’re a very talented comedic writer, I couldn’t stop laughing! hehe I especially loved this line, “…unfortunately, you can’t polish a turd…” And this entire ‘Hero’ Vlad comment:

    Vlad: I caught this fellow skulking around the house with a sack. I think he was going to burgle us, but don’t worry, I caught him in time. His plasma tastes very funny – like mince pies and egg nog.


    Looking forward to what Scylla looks like when she ages up. Crossing my fingers she got mostly Caly’s genes. o.O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! That’s so kind of you πŸ™‚

      In all seriousness the house is pretty awful though and nor likely to improve much even when they have more money given my building ‘skills’ :p

      Vlad is completely clueless about Winterfest! Poor Father Winter..

      I am so impatient so I’ve checked what she will look like as a YA already πŸ˜‰ I also know what their second kid will look like (yup the second baby has been born already but I haven’t written the chapter!) Having babies with Vlad feels like gambling, you keep thinking ‘ok the next one is bound to be cute’ lol but given my 100 baby challenge I know that the chances of having an attractive Vlad child are almost zero.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I usually start in Spring so it felt strange to have Winterfest so early in the game. Hopefully by next Winterfest their house will be a bit bigger!

      I think the second pregnancy might actually have been better for Caly than the first one. I can’t remember now but I don’t think she had any morning sickness (but she did in the first one).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww that sounds cute. I have my seasons set to 14 day length so I’m not sure how old all the kids will be by then but it’ll definitely be more of a family affair πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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