Chapter 1.1

Last chapter was the finale of the bachelor challenge, which naturally means that this is the first chapter of the legacy part of the challenge for gen 1. So, let’s get right into it 🙂

Here we have the lucky lady who won Vlad’s heart: Calypso Titan. As everyone knows she’s a mermaid nymph. She has the traits: erratic, outgoing and creative and her aspiration is the world famous celebrity one.

Vlad’s traits are: evil, music lover, loner. Since Caly has different traits to him I think I get a point on the legacy scoring. His aspiration is master vampire.

And before I forget let me say that I put Caly in the acting career and Vlad in the painter career (soley because he’s a vampire and, since that means he doesn’t need to sleep, I can make him paint all night to earn lots of money).

I moved the happy couple into a 50 X 50 lot in Willow Creek – the one by the stream with lots of dig piles handy.

Caly: The legacy part has begun! I know what that means, I get my big glamourous wedding now!

Um about that, Caly…

Caly: You’ve booked the venue? Hired the caterers? Oh does my dress have a long train?

I was trying to do the extreme  start for a bonus point so I used MCCC to make it winter and cheated their money down to zero. But I later found out that for the extreme start you have to begin on a 64 X 64 lot… So, all their suffering counted for nothing. I won’t get a bonus point 😦

Vlad: Where are we?


Vlad: My home is Straud Mansion.

Not any more, remember?

Vlad: I hate you.

Vlad: Caly, it looks like we can’t afford that big extravagant wedding you always dreamed of so it’ll have to be a private ceremony instead. What a relief – I mean pity.

Caly: It’s ok, Vlad. Love is more than pretty white dresses and flowers and wedding cake…. I’m just glad that my father could be here with us to witness the ceremony.

Can you spot a mysterious man walking by the river in the above screenshot? Spoiler: It’s not the god Atlas.

Turner, what are you doing here?

Turner: I was just in the neighbourhood – thought I’d come and see if Vlad had changed his mind – I mean, I wanted to see how Vlad and Caly were getting on.

If anyone knows of any just cause why this man and this woman may not be joined together in matrimony let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Turner: I object!

Anyone except Turner.

Then, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

The first order of business was obviously to put a baby in Caly. Yep I move fast, don’t I?

The only problem was, they couldn’t afford a bed. So, I sent them to the Bluffs in search of a woohoo bush.

Caly: This looks perfect!

Vlad: You want to woohoo in a shrub?

Caly: Why not? Us nymphs are at one with nature after all.

And the marriage was consummated!

The newlyweds eventually remerged.

Vlad: Well that was… You nymphs know a thing or two.

Afterwards, Caly autonomously kissed Vlad.

Caly: I’m so glad we found one another, Vlad.

Then Vlad autonomously kissed her on the cheek.

Vlad: I’m glad, too.

I don’t know why, I found this very cute.

I took them to a pub or night club or something (I forget exactly where) so that Caly could take a pregnancy test (since they didn’t own a toilet)… Needless to say I forgot that you have to pay to take a test – which they couldn’t afford.

Next stop was Windenburg island to make some money from fishing (the river in Willow Creek was frozen over so they couldn’t fish there).

Caly: Don’t worry, I’ll use my nymph powers to lure the fish to us – they won’t be able to resist the sound of this conch. I’m just like the pied piper, only with fish rather than rats.

Can fish even hear?

Vlad: Just humour her.

The two fished for most of the night.

Caly: Do you remember our first date together? I won it in that fishing challenge.

Vlad: How could I forget? You told me all about your um… Interesting parentage.

Caly was exhausted after a night of fishing but they didn’t have enough money for a bed, so she slept on this bench instead.

Selling the fish earned enough for an easel… But apparently not enough to paint a picture. Darn.

I made Vlad dig up a gem stone and sell it so he would have enough money to paint something. I had been trying to hold off on earning money by digging up things because had I started a brand new game (like you usually do with a legacy) rather than continuing the same save as the bachelor challenge took place in, the collectibles wouldn’t have spawned yet since they take a few days to appear. But as you can tell I cracked.

Side note: I had no idea that sims could paint whilst holding an umbrella.

Side note 2: I deleted everything from Vlad’s inventory after they moved but the umbrella doesn’t show as an item in the inventory so I couldn’t get rid of it that way.

Side note 3: He’s just holding up the umbrella to keep off the snow. One benefit of the blizzard is that he was able to be out in the day without burning.

There was a food vendor across the road and since they couldn’t afford a fridge I sent Caly  over there to grab some food.

Caly: … And then my father was condemned to hold up the heavens for all eternity!

Vendor: Order some more food or go spout your nonsense elsewhere.

The welcome wagon arrived and let’s just say I bet they left not feeling so welcoming towards their new neighbors anymore.

Caly: Hello neighbors! Isn’t it your lucky day? You now live next to a demigoddess!

Alice: Eric, isn’t it about time we thought of moving house?

Vlad: I see you ordered take out!

Vlad: Ah it’s been so long since I had a swig of proper plasma! I’m glad that you’ve got past your silly aversion to it.

That was only for the duration of the bachelor challenge. I didn’t want you to lose relationship points with any of the contestants due to drinking from them or from another sim in front of them. Now though, you can go wild. It’s free and will earn you vampire XP. Just try not to do it in front of your wife, ok?

Speaking of Caly, she was sleeping on the bench again beside a disapproving looking Dominic Fyres.

Dominic: Why is there a tramp on this bench?

It’s a good thing Caly is asleep. She’d have thrown a fit if she’d heard that.

I remembered that Caly had yet to take a pregnancy test so, since we could now afford it, I sent her to the gym to use their toilet (and shower).

Caly: I’m pregnant! You hear that Dad? You’re going to be a grandpa!

Look at that, she has a baby bump already!

Back home, Morgan had turned up and would not go away.

Morgan: I still can’t believe that you sent me home first! I left in the second chapter, the people didn’t get to see nearly enough of me!

Vlad: Yeah? Well, your mother is a llama!

Wonderful insult, Vlad.

After he autonomously implied that her mother was a llama, she did not stick around for much longer.

You see what Caly is sleeping in? A bed! We could finally afford one!

And Vlad’s industriousness over night meant that by morning two new luxuries had appeared: a fridge and a toilet.

Caly, you don’t look happy. Also, put some clothes on or you’ll freeze! I have temperature effects switched on for this challenge! Although now I come to think of it pregnant sims can’t die so you’re probably ok.

Caly: I’m sitting on a toilet in the middle of a blizzard. And to think I could have been living in the lap of luxury on Mount Olympus…

Caly passed her first audition!

Caly had bad morning sickness with this pregnancy. Bet you’re glad I bought that toilet now, huh?

Caly: Nonsense. Demi-goddesses don’t get sick – bleeeehhhh

Maybe not, but you do 😉

I’ve found that one of the best ways to get famous is to have your sim livestream their every move. So, as soon as they could afford it, I had them buy a drone. Here’s Caly livestreaming herself practising her acting. Yes, I bought a mirror too.

I was also able to buy them a shower!

Vlad: What about walls and a roof? When can we expect those?

I’m working on it. The more you paint, the faster it’ll happen!

Joaquin LeChien became Vlad’s next victim… And Dominic Fyres looked relieved it wasn’t him!

You remember that I said I had cheated Vlad down from a grand master to a fledgling vampire? Well, I discovered that that was not such a good idea after all.

For every vampire rank, a vampire has to take one weakness so that by the time they are a grand master they will have 5 weaknesses.

Well, obviously Vlad was a grand master before I cheated him down to a fledging and so he used to have 5 weaknesses. The problem is that even though he is now a fledging the game still thinks he should have 5 weaknesses, rather than 1.

I’ve played the next chapter already and found that when Vlad became a minor vampire (the next rank up), the game now thinks that he needs to take 6 weaknesses (rather than the usual 2). By the time he is a grand master he will need to have 10 weaknesses rather than the usual 5 since the game will keep adding one weakness every time he levels up.

This is all really annoying but I can’t find a fix for it. I’ll just have to wait until the least bad weaknesses are all unlocked and choose them for him.

To finish this chapter, here is a screenshot of Vlad researching vampire lore for his aspiration.

Vlad: I don’t need this new fangled technology to teach me about vampires. I was draining sims before computers were even invented. Really, it’s like teaching your grandmother to suck plasma fruit!

Is ‘teaching your grandmother to suck eggs’ an exclusively British expression? If it is, then people from other countries might not get this, sorry!

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