Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 12

Last chapter Candy was eliminated and we were left with only Turner and Caly. In this final chapter of the challenge (before the legacy part begins, that is!) Turner and Caly will both have a ‘dream date’ lasting 5 hours in Sulani. In the evening, at the last rose ceremony, the unfortunate lucky winner of Vlad’s hand in marriage will be revealed!

But before we get to the dream dates, let’s take a little detour to Forgotten Hollow where Keoni and Candy are now living together. After Candy was sent home, it occurred to me that she and Keoni, who was still single, would make a perfect couple – so I made it happen (using MCCC to make them instantly husband and wife because I’m lazy 😉 )!

Candy: You know, Keoni, we have so much in common: we were both brought up by humans, we both like cats, we’re both good vampires…

Well, one of you is!

Candy: … We both hold similar ideals about marriage, and obviously we’re both stunningly attractive! I’m not sure how I didn’t see this before, but I think that we might be made for one another.

Keoni: I didn’t like to say so back then because we were meant to be competing for Vlad’s hand and also because I er… Find you a bit intimidating, but I suspect that I’ve been in love with you since you asked me to teach you football on day 3. Do you remember?

Candy: Of course I remember! I was a natural wasn’t I?

Keoni: Absolutely terrible.

Candy: We could start our own legacy to rival Vlad’s. What do you say, should we give it a go?

Oh Candy, always so competitive…

Candy: If we make a baby now we can get ahead of the competition – I mean, Vlad.

Keoni: There’s no competition, Candy, but I won’t say no to some baby making…

Candy: Hush, there’s always a competition!

Baby incoming!

I witnessed Vlad autonomously do some yoga for the first time ever.

Vlad in this position just looks strangely unnatural somehow.

I flipped a coin and Turner got the first date! And guess what? It was a cloudy day so Vlad could be outside without burning! I had thought I’d need to keep cheating his needs up to stop him burning to death.

The date begins with some swinging.

Vlad: I don’t understand: What is meant to be the appeal of this contraption?

Turner: It’s fun, it feels like flying!

Vlad: I can transform into a bat so I am familiar with what flying feels like and let me tell you that this is not it.

Killjoy. And you can’t transform into a bat, remember. I reset all your vampire powers and weaknesses and made you a fledgling vampire again.

Vlad: So, Turner, I’ve never asked about what you do in your spare time.

Yeesh Vlad he’s got this far and you’ve never asked that? Just goes to show how much you care about other people’s lives.

Turner: Let me see now, I love painting and the great outdoors. Sometimes I pack up my easel, my paints and a canvass and walk until I find a really beautiful view to paint. That’s my idea of a perfect day.

Vlad: I’d like to see your art some time.

Hear that? Unfeigned interest in someone who is not himself!

Turner: Really? Thanks. My dad would always yell at me for being a lazy timewaster if he saw my drawings, so I grew up having to paint in secret. It’s become a bit of a habit to keep my work private but it would be great to share it with somebody.

Say you want him to draw you like one of his French girls..

Vlad: What French girls? What does that even mean?

Just do it!

Vlad: Er… I want you to draw me like one of your French girls?

Turner: *blushes in crimson*

Since they were in Sulani, the obvious next activity was swimming. Why is it that seeing Vlad approaching in the water gives me an ominous feeling? It’s kind of like a scene from Jaws except instead of a shark we have something much more terrifying… Vlad in speedos.

Turner: I thought you’d dissolve in water!

Vlad: I’m a vampire not a witch – hey, that doesn’t mean you can splash me!

Hmm tell that to your hooked nose.

Vlad does bear a bit of a resemblance to the old witch in the Snow White cartoon now that I come to think of it…

Next up: building a sand castle sculpture. It’s a beach, what else are you going to do?

Vlad: Hmm the shape of this sand sculpture reminds me of something but I don’t know what…

Turner: You’re right. It definitely resembles something but I can’t put my finger on it.

Oh I know! And if anyone knows what I mean, you have a dirty mind 😉

Caly tried to sabotage the Turner’s date by calling Vlad right in the middle of it (well actually I don’t remember what time it was so it may not have actually been in the middle of it but you know what I mean anyway). Of course I didn’t let him pick up.

Vlad: You once said that I look good in these swimming trunks, so I wore them again today just for you. What do you think?

Turner: I think um… I’m speechless.

Very tactfully ambiguous!

As the date drew to a close, I made Vlad and Turner go to the beach bar to grab a drink.

Vlad: Something’s just occurred to me: if you win, which one of us is going to get pregnant with the babies?

Oh Vlad, I thought of that ages ago and the answer is most definitely you!

Turner: Well that is an interesting question. I have to admit that I’ve never envisaged carrying any children myself but it could be an interesting experience. Not sure I like the idea of giving birth, though.

Vlad: Neither do I…

Oh Vlad, don’t wimp out, you’re meant to be a big bad vampire.

Turner: I suppose we could take it in turns to be pregnant.

That’s not a bad idea actually.

it’s difficult to tell from this screenshot, but Vlad just did a pickupline on Turner – and Turner liked it!

Vlad: I have another chat up line from that book the evil voice made me read. I’ve been saving it for a special occasion.

Turner: Go on, then.

Vlad: Are you my little toe? Because I’m going to bang you against all my furniture tonight. I’m not sure why hitting someone against furniture is meant to be sexy but there you are.

Vlad, banging in this context means woohooing…

[Thank you for sharing this pickup line with me Queenarella. It’s hilarious!]

Oops looks like Turner got a little too excited by that pickup line 😉

Just kidding, he only needed to pee. What did you think I meant?

Next it was Caly’s turn.

Caly: Oh, you’ve brought me to the beach where I was found as a baby, how thoughtful of you!

Vlad: Er yes I most certainly went and found out which beach in Sulani that was. Not a coincidence at all, nope.

Vlad: You’re um looking nice today Caly.

Caly: Oh, thank you! Dad helped me pick my outfit. I wasn’t so sure about the turquoise top but he said it brings out my eyes.

Vlad: Well, obviously I’m a vampire and you’re a… Nymph. If you win, would you like me to turn you into a vampire?

Caly: It’s sweet of you to offer, but no thanks, I don’t want to be immortal. When I die, Dad is going to make me into a proper goddess.

Vlad: And would you consider sharing your plasma? After all if we get married then what’s yours is mine.

Vlad, not the right time!

Caly: I don’t see why not. I’m sure that my plasma tastes divine –  because it is divine, you know!

Caly: The weather is getting kind of cold, huh? Maybe we should huddle together.

Vlad: Here, how’s that?

Caly: Nice but I don’t feel any warmer.

Vlad: Oh I forgot we vampires don’t have any bodyheat. Undead and everything.

You could be a gentleman and give her your coat you know, Vlad.

Vlad: This coat?! I have not removed this coat in over 90 years and I’m not about to start now.

Good to see where your priorities lie.

Sand sculpture making time!

Caly: Isn’t this sand sculpture amazing?

Vlad: I mean… It’s just sand.

Caly: I used to play on these swings all the time when I was a child. I thought that if I could just swing high enough, the gods would notice me and spirit me away to live with them on Mount Olympus. But however high I swung it was never high enough.

Vlad: I had a bit of a lonely childhood too. Nobody wanted to play with the ugly pale boy who sat in the corner hissing to himself.

Caly: Oh Vlad, I’m so sorry. But whatever happens, you’ve got me now – whether as a friend or as something more.

Ok that was an uncharacteristically clear headed and sweet speech from Caly.

See that trail of sparks he’s leaving? Yeah, the sun came out, so I had to keep cheating up his needs until the sun set.

Vlad: Brilliant idea, making me spend the day in a sunny beach world. Just perfect.

Shut up, the sun was behind clouds for  most of the day and you know it!

Of course there couldn’t be a date in Sulani with a mermaid nymph that didn’t involve swimming.

Caly: I’ve missed swimming in Sulani’s ocean – it’s so nice to stretch my tail again! There aren’t any beaches where I live now.

Vlad: You don’t live in Sulani anymore then?

Caly: No, I moved to Del Sol Valley recently. The daughter of Atlas deserves to be known by all the world!

Yeah I know that this screenshot doesn’t really match the dialogue but oh well.

I tried to make Vlad and Caly end their date by sitting down for a drink but by the time I had them both sat down they had finished their drinks 😦

For fairness’ sake, I had Vlad pull this move on Caly too.

Vlad: I’ve been doing yoga in preparation for my honeymoon. Look how flexible I am now!

Caly: Hey Vlad, I can see your –

Aaaand let’s end the date there!

Here it is, the final rose ceremony. In just moments we will discover the identity of Vlad’s future spouse. Caly has been on two solo dates but Turner has had one solo date and two group dates. And both dream dates seemed to go well. So, who will it be?

Vlad: Eleven days ago, I had  no interest in friendly relationships with others and I definitely wasn’t looking for love. But against all my expectations and certainly despite my best efforts, love found me anyway. You’re the answer to a question I’d never thought to ask, the remedy to a sickness I didn’t realise that I had. In short, my existence before we met was meaningless and I cannot now imagine my unlife without you in it. So, will you take this rose?

Wait wait wait hang on just one moment! That was actually a pretty decent speech (albeit one crammed full of cheesy clichés). Maybe you do have a heart after all, Vlad.

Vlad: If you’re going to do a thing you may as well do it properly.

Caly: Yes! Oh Vlad, I didn’t know you could be so romantic but I feel just the same.

Oh dear poor Turner is averting his gaze.

Vlad: I’m sorry, Turner. You’re a great guy and I value you as a friend – which is quite something, given that I usually avoid all forms of friendship – but I’m not in love with you.

Turner: I understand, Vlad. I hope that you and Caly will be very happy together.

Here’s the final scores for Turner and Caly. It was close as you can see.

Vlad having asked Turner if they could be ‘just friends’, the way was clear for he and Caly to get romatic.

Vlad: Caly, you are very special to me.

Well, we all know she’s very special full stop.

Vlad: Can I just finish speaking?

Go on, then.

Vlad: As I was saying, you are very special to me. I couldn’t point to just one thing that about you that makes me feel this way – I rather suspect it’s everything about you – but I adore you.

Caly: I love everything about you too – every last wrinkle, even your funny long nose and grey hair! Oh I can’t wait to tell Dad, he will be so pleased for us. I was awfully worried that he might burn down your house if you didn’t choose me and…

Vlad: Shhhh.

I feel for Turner having to witness this. Sorry, Turner.

Vlad: Calypso Titan, love of my unlife, will you make me the happiest vampire in the world and do me the honour of becoming my wife?

Caly: Do you even need to ask? Of course I will!

Caly: look at my ring! Isn’t it shiny?

Caly: Catch me!

Vlad: Ooph!

Here is the table of relationship points by day.

As you can see, I forgot to check the points on day 10 because I was in the middle of the temple challenge.

The reason why on the first day some of them had much lower points is largely because a number of them autonomously stopped talking to Vlad before their hour was up and went to do something else.

On challenge days the relationship points of those who did not autonomously talk to Vlad often dropped by quite a lot which is why you sometimes see the points go down.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12
Keoni F21, R0 F26, R0 F27, R0 F40, R0 F37, R0 F37, R0 F46, R0 F48, R22 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Roland F9, R0 F20, R0 F15, R0 F20, R0 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Candy F22, R0 F32, R0 F25, R0 F24, R0 F32, R0 F42, R0 F52, R0 F55, R29 ? F50, R26 F55, R26 n/a
Bunny F12, R0 F18, R0 F13, R0 F21, R0 F14, R0 F16, R0 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Turner F12, R0 F20, R0 F36, R0 F36, R0 F30, R0 F39, R0 F48, R0 F56, R39 ? F50, R36 F56, R38 F83, R56
Caly F29, R0 F36, R0 F32, R0 F32, R0 F37, R0 F47, R0 F54, R0 F57, R34 ? F50, R30 F59, R41 F85, R64
Morgan F8, R0 F16, R0 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

I’m sorry 15aewar, Turner made it so far but unfortunately he just missed out (in a way you might say he was fortunate in dodging the bullet of marriage to Vlad). Thank you for letting me play with Turner, he is a great sim and I’ve really enjoyed watching his personality come out in the game. I’ll be watching to see what MCCC does with him.

And congratulations Queenarella! Or should that be commiserations? Either way, Caly will be the first spouse of this legacy! I’m excited to see what her kids with Vlad turn out like…

Next chapter, the legacy part of the challenge will begin. For obvious reasons, I’ve decided to do an ancient Greek gods and goddesses naming theme for Vlad and Caly’s kids. If you can think of any good names fitting that theme then please suggest away!

10 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 12

    1. Haha you got your wish then 🙂 it was close in the end but she won. Clio and Galatea are nice names,especially Galatea. I’m not sure yet if I will do a strictly only ancient Greek gods and goddesses naming theme or also allow some non God names. Calypso wasn’t actually a goddess so maybe the latter.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohwow Turner has been busy in your game!

      Galatea is a really pretty name and I do like Epimethius a lot. Not sure I could bring myself to use Oedipus though because of the incestual connotations lol. Vlad might be worried his son was going to kill him then marry Caly!

      Nice to see what Vlad and Turner’s daughter would have been like. She didn’t get Vlad’s eyes I see but yep she definitely got a lot of Vlad’s genetics. I expect most of Vlad and Caly’s kids will look similar!

      Liked by 1 person

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