Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 11

Last chapter in the final challenge Caly won a solo date with Vlad. Turner came second and Candy placed third, but since there are only three contestants left both of the ‘losers’ will get to go on the group date.

I’m a little worried about Candy. I keep forgetting to mention it but it seems as though she is always at the juice bar mixing herself a drink. I think she might have a drinking problem…

Candy, don’t you think it’s too early for alcohol? It’s 6am and the date today is going to involve more drinking so perhaps you should hold off for now.

Candy: Nonsense, vampires don’t need much sleep so the time of day is largely immaterial to us. Besides, there’s no such thing as too much alcohol!

Alcohol poisoning begs to differ but ok.

For the group date, Vlad took Candy and Turner to that pub in Windenburg whose name I forget. I couldn’t be bothered to pick drinks for them so I just had them all order their favourite drinks.

Turner: I’m telling you, Vlad, it was awful – I was hit by a poison arrow on my first trap and I almost died!

Candy (under her breath): If only you had.

Turner: What was that?

Candy: I said er wouldn’t that have been sad.

You see Candy is the only one without a drink? I think she already downed hers in one. I said she had a drinking problem.

Candy: Personally, I think something must have gone wrong with the scoring system. I aced that temple so I can’t understand why I didn’t win the solo date.

Vlad: Didn’t you fail to disarm various traps on 7 occasions?

Candy: Well yes, but I did it with such style.

Remember I said that they all ordered their favourite drink? Well, Vlad got this moodlet so I checked and it turns out that his favourite drink is a ‘minty fresh pet confection’. I… What?!

Then Marcus Flex ruined everything by turning up and inserting himself into the conversation. Thank you for that, Marcus. It’s ok, the group conversation part of the date was already over by this point.

I decided to let Candy have her one-on-one time with Vlad first but it did not go as planned. When Vlad tried to put his arm around her, not only did she reject him but Turner saw and suffered a fit of jealousy.

Turner! I thought I left you downstairs talking to Marcus?

I worked out what happened: he was on his way to the toilet. Darn, I should have double checked Turner’s location before having Vlad attempt any romantic interactions with Candy.

Turner: What the hell, Vlad? I thought we had a connection, but now I find you pulling all the same moves on her!!!

Didn’t I say that you shouldn’t use that yawning move on every single one of the contestants, Vlad?

Love of his life? Oh no, looks like Turner is pretty heartbroken.

As a result of that little disaster, Turner’s romance levels with Vlad took a significant hit which I thought was very unfair, especially since it was all my fault. So, I exited without saving. Thankfully, I had last saved just before beginning Candy’s one-on-one time with Vlad so I didn’t lose much progress.

Ok Candy one-on-one time take two. Turner, you stay there talking to Marcus and Geoffrey. I cheated to fill your needs so you shouldn’t need the toilet – no excuse to go snooping around this time.

Vlad: So I’m meant to be starting some sort of legacy which supposedly means marriage and children. How do you feel about that?

Candy: That’s easy! I want an unlife partner forever and ever and as many children as possible!

Vlad: As many as possible? We vampires have the rest of eternity to unlive so that would be… A lot of children.

Candy: Well, I suppose we could compromise at, say, 10 kids. But I’ll want lots of fur-babies to make up for it. I just adore kittens!

Vlad: With so many babies to make there would be a lot of woohoo…

Candy: Really Vlad, that’s a bit forward, don’t you think? A lady likes to be properly wooed first!

Vlad tried to flirt with Candy and she rejected him for no apparent reason which surprised me, especially since she is romantic.

Maybe all is not lost for Candy though because at the end of their conversation she autonomously gave him a rose.

Candy: Here Vlad, I have something for you. I shall want it back this evening, though.

Nice try Candy but you can’t so easily trick Vlad into giving you a rose at the ceremony tonight.

Then, it was time for Turner’s one-on-one time with Vlad. I ensured that Candy was safely occupied playing table football first, though.

Vlad: This is an awkward subject to broach, but I’m sort of under an expectation – no compulsion – to marry the winner of this competition. What are your thoughts on that?

Turner: Marriage?! Oh boy…. To me, marriage means commitment and yeah – not a big fan of that.

Vlad: I feel the same way. I was perfectly happy with the prospect of a peaceful eternity of bachelorhood but oh no the evil voice had to bust in and ruin everything.


Vlad: Er what I meant to say is: maybe commitment wouldn’t be so bad if it was to the right person?


Vlad: And how do you feel about raising a brood of brats?

Turner: Children? Honestly I’ve never really thought about kids but I suppose I’d be happy with having as few or as many as you want.

Vlad: It doesn’t matter what I want, we all have to do what the evil voice wants.

Turner: Right…

Vlad: But anyway, at least your children would be good-looking.

Not if their other parent was you, they wouldn’t!

For the solo date, I took Vlad and Caly to one of the restaurants by Maxis in everyone’s library. I think it’s called The Diving Pelican. As you can see, Caly decided to dress in this costume for the occasion (my fault, I forgot that everyone still had a bear costume as one of their everyday outfits).

Caly: I am protesting at being forced to wear clothes by dressing in the stupidest outfit that I can find! Bet you wish you’d let me be naked now, huh?

Well, I’ve deleted that costume from everyone’s outfits so there.

Oh look, apparently Caly and Vlad are one another’s ‘favourite sim’ – cute!

Their waiter turned out to be Sergio Romeo.

Sergio: May I take your order?

Vlad: You can give me my order right now. Just come a little closer, it won’t take a minute.

Vlad! You are not to drink from the wait staff!

Vlad: What’s the matter? It’s his job to serve food, isn’t it?

I said NO!

Vlad: Don’t drink from the contestants, don’t drink from the waiter… Preposterous.

Vlad: What is one meant to talk about on these lunch dates?

You could start by giving her a compliment.

Vlad: Like what?

Say ‘your eyes are pretty’ or something.

Vlad: Your eyes are pretty or something.


Caly: Oh, thank you. I have my father’s eyes, you know – but my mother’s tail.

While they were waiting for their food, Caly autonomously got up and had a conversation with her father.

Caly: Hi Dad, nice of you to pop by! Thank you for helping me out in that temple – it worked – I won the solo date! Of course you’ll be invited to the wedding. You’ll walk me down the aisle, won’t you?

Bit premature, Caly.

Caly: I’ve been meaning to ask: you’ve been alive for a long time –

Vlad: Undead

Caly: Huh?

Vlad: I’ve been undead for a long time.

Caly: Right. You’ve been undead for a long time. How is it that you’re still single?

Vlad: I don’t know if you’ve noticed Caly but I’m not exactly the most attractive sim in the world. In fact, popular opinion is that I’m rather hideous.

Caly: That can’t be! I think you’re rather handsome myself.

Vlad: ‘Handsome’ she called me handsome!

Well don’t go getting vain about it now. This is the same girl who was just holding a conversation with thin air. I wouldn’t say she’s the most reliable witness…

Vlad: Just let me have this, ok?

Vlad: I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with your father just now. You mentioned marriage, is that something you’re in favour of?

Caly: Oh yes! I want a big glamorous wedding that makes it into the magazines. All the gods will be watching so it has to be done right. Speaking of which, you should probably ask my father for my hand in marriage before you officially propose – he’s a bit old fashioned like that.

Vlad: I will… Bear that in mind. What about children?

Caly: I want as many as possible! Growing up, I didn’t have a proper family – of course I had Dad but being a god and everything he’s so busy – and I’d like to make up for that now. Oh and I know that Dad wants plenty of grandchildren too.

Vlad: Another ‘as many as possible’. Sigh. I have an ominous feeling that fatherhood isn’t going to be a barrel of laughs.

Having returned from the date, Vlad slurped on a plasma pack.

Vlad: I still don’t see why you wouldn’t let me drink from that waiter. I’d have tipped him and everything!

Caly was pretty tired (probably because she’d been up all night exploring a temple) so she went straight to sleep in the pool… With her tail sticking out through the side of the pool.

Turner and Vlad played a game of ping pong. I forget who won.

Meanwhile Candy had yet another drink, this time in the bath.

Candy: Give me a break, I need something to calm my nerves! There’s an elimination coming up this evening.

Nerves? What nerves? I thought you were Little Miss Confident!

Evening drew in and it was time for the penultimate rose ceremony.

Vlad: Turner, from our conversation today I gather that you and I are similarly unenthusiastic about the prospect of marriage – strangely enough, that could make us ideally suited to one another.

Candy: That next rose is coming to me, I just know it!

Vlad: This rose is for…

Vlad: … Caly. On our date today, you said I look handsome which isn’t something I hear very often. I er think you look very pretty too.

Vlad: Candy, you want a proper gentleman who will woo you with fancy speeches and grand romantic gestures but I don’t know how to do any of that, so I think it would be best for both of us if you go home.

Candy: You mean… I don’t win?

I’m afraid not. But the prize that you would have won is right before your eyes. Take a good long look – happy that you didn’t win, now? I thought so.

Vlad: Rude!

I used MCCC to check up on Bunny in the hopes that she might be married/have kids by now. Unfortunately not but what I did discover is that she is currently living in Straud Mansion.

Vlad: I’ve changed my mind. I want to marry Rabbit, she’s the love of my unlife.

You mean Bunny and even if you did marry her (which you now can’t) you wouldn’t get to live in Straud mansion again.

Vlad: Hmph. Well, in that case, forget I said anything.

I’m sorry pammiechick! Candy is a beautiful sim and a wonderful personality. I’ve really enjoyed having her around but sadly it just wasn’t to be 😦 I will look forward to seeing what she gets up to when left to her own devices in the game, though!

7 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 11

  1. Can’t say I’m surprised. Candy is wishing you didn’t do that stop save. Ah well…it wasn’t meant to be…

    Caly for the win!

    I know Candy will be rooting for her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I really didn’t know what to do in that situation 😦 I hope I did the fair thing – that’s what I tried to do anyway.

      Candy is a special sim. I had such a lot of fun with her!

      We’ll see who wins next chapter 😉


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