Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 5

And we’re back with another instalment in Vlad’s quest to find a spouse – or perhaps I should say my quest to find him a spouse. Another not-so-exciting chapter today since today was a challenge day. Sorry about that!

I found Vlad on the slide in this position. Two words: Cannot. Unsee.

Vlad: What’s the matter? You wanted romance! Don’t I look sexy? Raawwr.

Just… Never do that again. Please.

So someone left a frying pan unattended on the stove and it burst into flames. No prizes for guessing who.

Caly: It was probably Dad. He can be a bit absent minded, but you have to make allowances for him. He’s very old – like, billions of years old.


Since for some reason Caly was refusing to use the stove, I had her make a group meal of salad so that all the humans could eat. In a shocking turn of events, Caly seems to have managed to persuade Vlad to try some.

I thought you were meant to be a dangerous vampire, Vlad?

Vlad: Yes but I don’t want to hurt Caly’s feelings….

Aww isn’t that nice.

Vlad: … There’s no telling what she or ‘her father’ might do.

Turner, Bunny and Candy also turned up and joined Caly in chatting to Vlad. I checked and Keoni was taking a bath. Hygiene won’t earn you any points, Keoni!

Bunny: Excuse me, there’s an arm in my bowl.

Caly: You think you have problems? There’s a bowl in my arm!

Turner: Ouch, that looks painful.

Candy: How can I get rid of these fools?

Keoni: What are we all doing out here by this pond which has magically appeared out of thin air? Something fishy is going on…

Sorry, bad pun!

It was a cloudy rainy day which was perfect for that afternoon’s challenge: Fishing! The bad weather meant that the two vampire contestants could be outside without danger of burning to death.

Turner: But what about us human contestants? We’ll catch pneumonia out here!

Candy: I wonder if I could push him in and make it seem like an accident…

I placed two of the exact same fishing ponds from buy debug onto the lot (since as it turns out only four sims can fish at the same time per pond). Also I made sure that the pond was one which sims with no fishing skill could catch fish at (they all started out with no fishing skill at all).

I should note that, although Caly, being a mermaid, had the option to use an ‘aquatic lure’ I of course didn’t let her use it because that would have been unfair on the other contestants.

Anyway, the challenge was simple. The idea was that I would have them all fish for three hours at the end of which the contestant who had caught the most fish would win a solo date and the contestants who had caught the second and third most fish would win a group date.

As it turned out, at the end of the three hours, two contestants were tied for third place. So, I let everyone else stop fishing and had those two contestants keep fishing. The first one to catch a fish won the second place on the group date.

It’s kind of boring to watch sims fish but here are some screenshots anyway (I don’t have captions for all of them because I am lazy and also unimaginative):

Turner: Here fishie fishie fishie….

You know that won’t help, Turner.

Turner: I know, but it makes me feel better.

Caly, are you sure you’re ok with this challenge?

Caly: Sure, why wouldn’t I be?

Because you’re half fi-

Caly: Half deity? I suppose I am on my father’s side!

I’ll include a picture of each of the contestants catching a fish. They all caught at least one fish (one of them only caught one though πŸ˜‰ ) so it won’t give anything away.

Keoni: I shall name you ‘Goldy’.

I wouldn’t get too attached Keoni, I’ll be making ‘Goldy’ into a plasma pack later…

Candy: Ohh I like this one, the stripes match my dress!

Caly: In your stupid scaly face! I caught you!

Caly! That might be a relative of yours!

Turner looks so happy and proud awww.

Turner: Look! A fish, I caught a fish!

Ok Vlad, the challenge is over, stop playing video games now.

Vlad: can I just finish drowning this sim?

No you can’t – wait… Is that sim meant to be me?

Vlad: If I say yes will you leave me out in the sun?


Vlad: Then no.

Right answer.

Caly: You know, us nymphs usually don’t wear clothes.

Don’t you dare Caly, don’t you…

Too late. She did.

I like how Vlad is being a gentleman and adverting his gaze. He must feel awkward since he’s actually drinking a plasma pack without complaining for once.

By the way, Caly didn’t just randomly get naked. She wanted to go and shower in the rain.

Candy, Bunny and Keoni chatted with Vlad. Well, Candy talked to him. Keoni seems to have taken over position of video game enthusiast after Roland left and Bunny watched him play.

Candy: So, I’m pretty sure I won the challenge today. What are we going to do on our date, then?

Vlad: Date? Oh not again, I already did two of those yesterday…

Turner: I um like your swimming trunks. I ah think you look good in them.

Turner are you flirting? (no he wasn’t, none of them have had any romance with Vlad yet)

Vlad: Why thank you, I think they suit my physique!

You think wrong, Vlad.

At some point in the evening Vlad and Candy played a game of ping pong. Vlad lost.

Candy: You mean Candy won… Like she always does.

So I checked up on Morgan with MCCC and discovered that she is now married to Paolo Rocca and expecting twins… Well, Paolo is since he seems to be the pregnant partner lol.

Sorry for a bit of a boring chapter. Next time we’ll find out who won the solo and group dates and it will also be time for the third elimination.

7 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 5

  1. Did Vlad come with that bathing suit? Hilarious! And I think it fits him. πŸ˜‰ He does have a sexy side to him afterall (even though his butt doesn’t rock it at all.)

    Candy, Candy…such a twisted little mind (and she’s always trying to get her time in with Vlad like the she-devil she is.)

    I liked seeing all the different fish everyone caught!

    I laughed when poor Caly thought her one billion year old dad caught the stove on fire. Hee hee! And then she got naked! Oh my! Vlad’s reaction was perfect!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes he came with the speedos! Trust me I would NOT have chosen them for him. But you’re right they are funny and that’s why I kept them.

      Candy is very determined. I guess we shall see if it pays off in the long run or if Vlad catches on (although maybe he would like that part of her?)

      Caly was definitely acting out this chapter!

      Liked by 2 people

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