Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 3

At the end of the last chapter, we left Caleb standing at the door. Now it’s time to find out the reason for his late night visit.

Roland: Caleb? What are you doing here?

Caleb: One of the other contestants – Candy I think her name was – told me that you were here and I – I had to see you.

Roland: Why? Aren’t you happily married to that Inna Cents girl?

Caleb: Things with me and Inna… They didn’t work out. I made a stupid mistake and I don’t expect you to forgive me. But, I still think of you. All the time. And I couldn’t bear you being  married to Vlad. I couldn’t bear you being married to anyone but me.

Roland: Perhaps now you understand how I felt when you left me and married Inna for her money! You’re right, I don’t forgive you. You broke my heart – shattered it into a million pieces – and now I finally have a chance to find happiness again, you have the audacity to try and jeopardise that. How dare you?! Goodbye, Caleb. Have a nice unlife.

With that, Roland marched away, leaving Caleb staring after him.

Poor Caleb. He looks miserable.

Roland clearly meant what he said about trying to move on from Caleb, because after he came inside he immediately (and autonomously) started a game of ping pong with Vlad. Yaaaasss you go, Roland!

Is Roland really over Caleb? Or is he just trying to suppress his true feelings? Only time will tell.

I saw some guy on the pizza float and my immediate thought was that one of the contestants must have got up out of bed. But then I realised that the stranger didn’t look like any of the contestants. Well, I took a closer look and discovered that it was Caleb!

What part of goodbye don’t you understand, Caleb? You’re not wanted here, leave!

After that eventful night, the morning of the third day dawned.

Cleaning up the dishes, Vlad? That’s uncharacteristically helpful of you!

Vlad: Cleaning up? No! I’m making a booby-trap. I hope someone trips and breaks an arm, a leg… A neck.


Candy and Bunny are getting on well. Poor Turner looks a tad left out, though.

Now we come to the first challenge! This was a don’t wake the llama tournament. I thought the fairest way to do it would be to have each contestant play one game against each of the other contestants. The person who won the most games would get a solo date with Vlad and the two runners up would get a group date. Simple enough, right?

Because each contestant had to play against every other contestant once, there needed to be 15 games. And since a game of don’t wake the llama usually lasts about one hour, I decided that it would take too much time to have one game after the other. So, I had to have three games going on at once.

This was a lot of fun for me to play, but I’m afraid it won’t make for a very enjoyable reading experience for you, especially since I won’t be giving away who won each game until next chapter. Sorry about that.

The tournament began with Candy playing against Bunny, Roland against Keoni and Caly against Turner.

Here are some pictures of those individual games:

Candy: You see this game? I’m gonna win it. And then I’m gonna win the whole competition – I mean Vlad’s heart.

I’m afraid that I don’t have a screenshot of Caly playing against Turner because the only one I took was of the game ending… And that would give away which of them won that game.

Next, Roland played against Candy, Turner played against Keoni and Bunny played against Caly.

Some highlights from those games:

Caly: You’d better watch out because in Rock-Paper-Scissors-Bunny-Nymph, Nymph poisons Bunny!

Bunny: We’re playing don’t wake the llama! And that’s not even a real game!

No, I think it was a threat…

Candy: I know all about your rendezvous with Caleb last night. If you don’t let me have this match I’ll tell Vladislaus all about it.

Roland: But nothing happened!

Candy: Do you think he’ll believe that?

Poor Turner was obviously nervous. His hand was shaking so badly that he had to hold it still. My heart.

Meanwhile, Vlad had found his true calling in unlife watching day-time television in his pyjamas.

I didn’t take you for a figure skating enthusiast, Vlad.

Vlad: A vampire has got to have hobbies! By the way, I like these challenges – gets all those ninnies out of the way.

Vlad, you’re talking about your future spouse!

Vlad: Don’t remind me.

In the next wave of games Bunny played Roland, Candy played Turner and Caly played Keoni.

Here are some pictures of those games:

Bunny: Yay, I got the stick! Do I win?

Caly: Just watch, if I concentrate hard enough I can knock this tower down with my nymph powers just as he is removing a stick. Hmmm it’s not working. Dad, can you give it a little shove for me?

Then it was Bunny against Keoni, Candy against Caly and Turner against Roland.

Ah the clash of the titans: the two strongest characters in the house come face to face in ‘battle’.

Caly: Only one of us here is a Titan and that’s me!

Roland, are you… Winking at Turner?

He is! Roland Gothier, two boyfriends is enough for any sim, you can’t have three!

Roland: Caleb isn’t my boyfriend.

Vlad: And neither am I!

Bunny: There must be a way of mathematically calculating which stick can be removed without causing the tower to fall…

Oh just hurry up and pick a stick, we haven’t got all day!

And at long last the final set of games began. Here we have Bunny vs Turner, Roland vs Caly and Candy vs Keoni.

Ordinarily cool-as-a-cucumber-Candy showed some nerves for the first time.

With the challenge over, Bunny did a little yoga to wind down.

Meanwhile, both Turner and Keoni autonomously decided to have a conversation with Vlad.

Vlad, what are you looking so happy about?

Vlad: I’ve just had a brilliant idea!

Vlad: You two seem to get on well. Why don’t you couple up and leave the competition?

Vlad, stop trying to get rid of the contestants!

Caly and Tuner played ping pong.

Keoni demonstrated his vampire powers to Caly by sending black smoke through solid glass. Actually, that is quite impressive… But also ultimately useless.

I swear Roland is always the one playing video games.

Roland provoked Turner. I think it was because Roland was angry (he has the hot headed trait).

Roland: Can you sit somewhere else? Your face is annoying me!

Poor Turner looked so hurt and sad.

Don’t take it personally, Turner. He’s just mad because he had a falling out with his ex last night.

Candy and Keoni played with the football together. I haven’t seen this before and I thought it was cool.

Sorry for such a boring chapter. Next time things will be a little more exciting when we find out who won the solo date and the group date.

4 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 3

  1. LOL, Roland saying “Your face annoys me!”
    I can almost imagine Turner saying, “I’m sorry. I do have a very punchable face.”
    In an alternate reality, Turner is a total Casanova with eleven girlfriends. I love seeing his original gloomy self here. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I thought it was funny!

    Vlad is hilariously trying to get rid of everyone. Lololol!

    I love the “two Titans”. So true!

    And poor Caleb! Roland broke his heart! Well, at least if Vlad and him don’t work out, he might have a boyfriend waiting for him. 😝

    Liked by 2 people

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