Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 2

Rise and shine, Vlad! Ready for another day of bachelor-ing?

Vlad: Sigh, you again. I’d hoped it was all just a bad dream.

I’m afraid not. And I’m here to stay.

Vlad: I’m thirsty. Are you sure I can’t drain just one of the humans?

Don’t you dare. Have a plasma pack, I bought plenty.

Vlad: Drinking plasma through a straw like a child with a juice box… What have I been reduced to? The mortals will never fear me again!

Caly spoke to herself her father.

Caly: Good morning, Dad! No, I’m not feeling homesick. How could I be when I know that I have you watching over me?

Turner, Caly and Roland danced together.

Roland, you’re on fire!

Roland: Thank you, my dance moves are pretty hot if I do say so myself.

No seriously, you’re starting to burn. Get out of the sun!

Vlad, why don’t you be a good host and make your human guests some breakfast?

Vlad: They should just be grateful that they’re not my breakfast.

Since Vlad was being a grouch, it fell to Morgan to cook for the fangless contestants. Burgers for breakfast Morgan? Really?

Aww Bunny ate all by herself.

Candy: Why are you in this competition anyway? I hear that old boyfriend of yours, Caleb Vatore, still has a thing for you.

Don’t listen to her, Roland! She’s just trying to get in your head! I’m not saying she’s wrong, though.

Still not socialising with the contestants, Vlad?

Vlad: But this is brilliant! I can make my person shoot all the other people on the magic box thingy! Why haven’t I ever done this before?

Because you’ve been living in the last century?

Seems Keoni was the first to find the punching bag.

Outside of the ‘scheduled’ conversations that I will be making Vlad have with the candidates I won’t direct him to interact with any of them so that it’s as fair as possible. But, in between if any of the contestants autonomously start talking to him or he with them I will let it happen. So far, Vlad has not approached any of the candidates. But, Candy right here was the first to come and talk to Vlad of her own volition.

Candy: I just thought I’d come and see if you wanted any company. I so want to get to know you better.

You want to win, you mean.

Vlad: You do? Nobody’s ever said that to me before…

You might be able to tell that Candy was feeling flirty. I don’t know why – she probably watched a romantic film or something. No flirting took place between her and Vlad, though.

Um what is up with Roland in the distance there?

When Vlad left, Candy looked smug.

Candy: Yes! I bet I’m ahead of the competition now!

Ah. So that’s what was wrong with Roland: he was burning to death. But don’t worry, I got him inside and made him do some dark meditation asap.

It’s so difficult to keep all these vampires alive. They keep going outside in the sun! Maybe they are trying to escape a fate worse than death marriage to Vlad?

I decided that the activity for today would be a costume party. This is what the game dressed Vlad in.

Vlad: I look ridiculous.

Actually, I think that’s the costume that suits you best. Just be grateful you didn’t get the bear costume.

Speaking of the bear costume, that’s Keoni under there.

Bunny also got the grim reaper costume. She’s reminding me of Arwen from LOTR in that outfit (ignore the body and look at her head only). There’s some scene of Arwen wearing a hood and to me she looks similar to that.

Candy was a mad scientist (fitting) and Morgan made a cute cheerleader.

I don’t know what Roland is dressed as but it suits him so well. Scratch that, anything would suit Roland.

Caly was the third Grim Reaper. Poor Turner was on the slide when the party began which I think is why he didn’t get a costume. So, I made him attend in his swimming trunks.

The party kicked off with some dancing. Even Vlad joined in.

Vlad: Because you made me….

Details, details.

After that, I had Vlad talk to each of the contestants for 30mins.

Vlad: Not that it really matters to me, but which of you is in that suit again?

Keoni: It’s Keoni.

Vlad: Ah yes… The ‘good’ vampire. So, why a bear costume?

Keoni: Bears are interesting. They are viewed as dangerous and even deadly creatures, but we also think of them as cuddly and comforting. I’m like that in many ways: Because of my nature, I have the potential to kill but I’m really a big softy at heart.

Vlad: You’re saying you’re a teddy bear?!

Bunny: Oh hey, we match! Maybe that’s a sign?

Vlad: A sign of what?

Bunny: That we’d be a good couple. You know, like fate!

Vlad: Or maybe it’s a sign that we were both forced to wear the same ridiculous outfit.

Bunny: Um yeah that too.

Morgan was helpful and poured drinks for everyone from the beer keg (or is it called a juice keg?)

Turner was the first to do a keg stand, aided by Candy.

Vlad: So, yesterday you mentioned Caleb Vatore. Is he a friend of yours?

Roland: N-no definitely not a friend!

Vlad: Oh good, then we can trash talk him together. What do you hate most about him? His eyeliner? That stupid earring?

Roland: Um what about his ficklety?

I spotted Candy helping Bunny to do a keg stand….

… And then Calypso shortly afterwards (I missed getting a screenshot of her actually holding Caly up though).

So Candy ‘helped’ THREE of the other contestants to do a keg stand. It was at this point that I began to suspect her of trying to get them drunk for some ulterior purpose.

Vlad: Hey, how come you’re not wearing a stupid outfit?

Turner: I don’t really enjoy pretending to be someone I’m not. I er do enough of that in my regular life.

Vlad: What’s that supposed to mean?

Turner: Anyway, I love your costume, it looks great!

Vlad: It does?

Only because it covers most of your face πŸ˜‰

Caly: Hey Vlad, I’m so sorry to be a bother but can we change the radio station? Dad doesn’t like pop music.

Vlad: Well your ‘father’ and I have something in common then. What is this electronic squawking that the youth of today call music? Disgusting!

Caly: Ohhh I forgot to ask: did you know I have a tail?

Vlad: Yes you do, a very tall tale. A number of them, in fact.

Caly: No silly! I only have one tail and it’s just as tall as my legs. I’ll have to show it to you some time!

Look at Morgan go, she’s really tearing up the dance floor!

Morgan: So, about yesterday: I wanted to apologise again about what I said.

Vlad: There’s no need.

Morgan: Really? You don’t mind?

Vlad: Of course I mind, but nothing you say is going to make me forgive you. I can and I will hold this grudge for all eternity.

Ouch! Burn.

Vlad: Candy? I almost didn’t recognise you without all the pink.

Candy: That was the idea. It would be a pretty bad costume if I looked the same as always, don’t you think? I like to put a lot of thought into my fancy dress, you see.

Vlad: You go to a lot of costume parties?

Candy: Oh yes! Costume parties, dinner parties, house parties… And I don’t mean to brag, but my own parties are quite something! I just love hobnobbing with all different people.

After the party was over and the contestants had had a chance to freshen up a bit, the first rose ceremony began.

Vlad: What’s going on? Why are they all standing there looking at me?

They’re waiting for you to decide who you’re sending home. You have to give the six that you want to stay a rose and tell them why you want them to stay.

Vlad: A rose? Ugh. So repulsively saccharine. Can I send them all home?

For the last time, NO!

Vlad: Hmph. Fine.

By the way, the order in which Vlad gave the roses is random and shows nothing whatsoever about where they stand in terms of relationship rankings.

Vlad: Turner, my first rose is for you. You said that you liked my costume and we share a common interest in spiders webs and that makes me… Dislike you less than most.

Vlad: Candy, this rose is for you. You said that you wanted to get to know me better and that makes me want to get to know you better too – if I must get to know anyone, that is.

Vlad: Bunny, you are always so upbeat and optimistic. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting. But, I’d like to know how you do it. This rose is for you.

Vlad: Keoni, you have some strange ideas about vampirism. Perhaps I can educate you on what being a vampire is really about. So, I have a rose for you.

Vlad: Roland, it’s nice to have someone around who hates that Caleb freak as much as I do. And with that in mind, will you take this rose?

And then there were two. Morgan and Caly are left. Who will Vlad pick? Who’s going home? Has Morgan’s insult ruined her chances? Or has Vlad had enough of crazy on the right?

By the way, I just realised that they’re wearing practically the same outfit! Same dress but in different colours and even the same arm bracelet thingy. That is very cool.

Vlad: And this last rose is for…

Vlad: … You, Caly. I can never guess what you’ll say next. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet but it’s different.

Caly: I knew you’d pick me! I’m special because I’m a nymph, after all. And now Dad won’t have to burn your house down tehe.

Why do I feel like it’s Caly who would have done the burning?

Vlad: Morgan, you insulted me in our very first conversation. I have my pride and I can’t tolerate such insolence therefore I dislike you the most out of all these dunderheads. And so it is without regret that… You’re fired.

Wrong show, Vlad.

Vlad: Eh?

They say ‘you’re fired’ in The Apprentice, not The Bachelor.

Vlad: What’s the distinction?

You’re looking for a spouse, not a business partner.

Vlad: Same difference.

Not really.

Morgan: Who’s he talking to?

Caly: Shhh I think he’s speaking with my father!

With the rose ceremony over, I sent everyone to bed. And who should knock at the door in the dead of night but Caleb Vatore. I wonder what or rather who he is looking for at the Bachelor Mansion? Find out next time!

I’m so sorry that Morgan had to go, DCJ504! She is a lovely sim but didn’t quite manage to come back from that unfortunate first conversation. Hopefully thanks to MCCC she will get lucky in love with someone else.

12 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 1, Day 2

  1. Aw, poor Morgan. I seriously thought that it would have been my sim, Turner, to go.
    It makes me so happy to see my sim in someone else’s game – especially when he’s behaving so true to what I had pictured in my head. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I’m writing his character right! I like seeing my sims in other people’s stories for the same reason. But it’s also really fun to play with other people’s sims! You all gave them such a great variety of interesting characters and backstories that I would never have come up with on my own.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg, this is so funny! I love Vlad so much! He’s a loveable grump!

    And each of the contestants are really coming through on their personalities. Caly and her seemingly erratic qualities–I was biting my nails that she might go home! She’s too funny to go so soon.

    Roland, the campus hottie whom I’m now shipping with Caleb V. (And so is Candy. She might even have invited him over, who knows?)

    Keoni is the good vampire (as opposed to our sweet Candy!)

    I almost spewed my coffee when I saw Candy’s little plot to get the contestants drunk. She is the little schemer. Always the good girl on the outside–who knows what goes on in her little brain (because she’s a devil when she turns into her dark form.)

    Your chapters are so much fun!

    Can’t wait for the next one! ❀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lovable grump is exactly what I was going for!

      Caly is such a funny sim. It’ll be a lot of fun writing her for as long as she is around. Queenarella invented an amazing character for her!

      I also thought that Candy would have been the one to invite Caleb. Wrote that into the chapter for day 3 πŸ˜‰

      I can’t help shipping Roland and Caleb a bit too. Then again, it would be nice for Roland to get a happy ever after with Vlad (and it would serve Caleb right!)

      It’s funny how Candy showed me her character by the way she behaved autonomously. Sometimes sims surprise you! I love her two-sidedness. Maybe Vlad will too? He’s no angel, after all.

      Also I forgot to say in the chapter but Candy’s formal wear is so beautiful!


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