Chapter 36: Vlad The Social Media Star

With one empty household slot to fill, I sent Vlad off to break into the house of his next donor.

Ever since the founder of my legacy save married Travis Scott, I have had a bit of a soft spot for him. So, how did I choose to express my affection? By inflicting Vlad on him, of course! How else?

Vlad and Travis tried for a baby (they were successful, as always).

Uh Travis, you can go now. Your usefulness here is at an end.

Could Vlad look at his newborn daughter with any more hate in his eyes?

Vlad had to pull some pranks for his chief of mischief aspiration so he kindly invited Theodore over with the sole purpose of tormenting him. Theodore was greeted at the house with a face full of cold snow.

Theodore: Hello, dad it’s so nice of you to invite me – ARGH!

I love how Theodore’s nose is so big that it slices through the snow like some sort of snow plough. Oh how I have missed Ramona’s nose since finishing my BOTU.

Vlad: Ok no more pranks now, I promise. So, how have you been, son?

Theo: Well, since you ask, I have been experiencing just a little PTSD which my therapist thinks is due to my time in the dungeon as a toddler and sometimes I have these awful nightmares where you –

Vlad: Psych! AIRHORN!!!!

Keaton decided to visit so Vlad turned his attentions to him. He started off my wafting a fart in Keaton’s direction. Do vampires fart? I thought they didn’t really have bodily functions like that anymore.

And then, just to make sure that his son thoroughly regretted his visit, he gave Keaton a scare.

Who should pop by next but Liliana. She was rewarded with an airhorn ambush for her troubles.

Dandre also visited (having so many children is pretty useful as it gives Vlad a constant stream of victims).

Next for his chief of mischief aspiration, Vlad had to perform voodoo. So, you can guess what poor hapless Dandre walked into. Vlad bound the voodoo doll straight to his twenty fourth child.

Vlad did perform voodoo on Dandre several times (here he is soaking the doll with water)…

… But there were no visible effects on Dandre at all. Strange. Maybe vampires are immune to voodoo or something? Oh well, it counted for the aspiration anyway.

In the dungeon, Jolene became a child.

So did Kristie.

This left poor Anaya all by herself. Look at that lonely little red plumbob.

Anaya: Bearcula, you are my only friend.

Since Vlad is currently working his way towards social media stardom he has taken to livestreaming his everyday life with a drone. He has been playing the part of a good father for the sake of his followers, making sure that they see him doting on the babies…

… And even hugging Jolene for the camera.

Jolene: Dad, what are you doing?

Vlad: Shhh! This will do wonders for my follower count. Everybody loves a caring single father.

Just make sure that drone doesn’t find its way into the dungeon, Vlad…

Jolene and Kristie did their homework.

So Vlad completed all of his work from home tasks and apparently his boss was pleased enough with his work to promote him (into the internet personality branch, by the way) … But not pleased enough with his work to pay him! Makes perfect sense. Oh well, we don’t need the money. Thanks to the money tree Vlad has over two and a half million simoleons anyway.

As usual, Vlad shared his vampire knowledge with Jolene and Kristie until they were at level 4 of the vampire lore skill, so that they met the skill level requirement for getting an A at school for both children and teens.

Vampire lore makes it so easy for children and teens to get As at school because it is a skill that they can learn as children, carries over into their teenage years and can be levelled up extremely quickly to level 4 with only a few ‘share vampire knowledge/ancient lore’ interactions with a parent of high enough vampire lore skill. It feels like cheating but I don’t think that there is a rule against using the vampire lore skill in the official rules – even if there is, I don’t care I am ignoring it!

Something tells me that Kristie is not enjoying the prospect of slaving over a school project when tired, hungry and struggling with a fun need at rock bottom. Can’t be helped Kristie, work first and then attend to your vital needs later.

After all her work was done and her vampire lore skill up I let Jolene play on the pirate ship. Never let it be said that those kids don’t get some fun times.

One of Vlad’s work from home tasks was to give an energized speech in San Myshuno. It was probably against the rules for him to leave the lot but meh. Also, it makes no sense to me why someone working in social media, particularly the internet personality branch, would have to go out and give speeches.

A few people turned up to watch, including a couple of paparazzi. That lady on the left is the paparazzi who is always lurking outside the house. I think she might be stalking Vlad.

It was the triplets’ date of incarceration birthday

Dakota became a toddler.

Katlyn became a toddler.

And Ericka became a toddler. Aww that hat!

Upon being dumped in the dungeon, there were sad pleading faces…

And then the waterworks began:

Yeah, don’t want to deal with that. So long suckers!

Vlad had his first big break in terms of follower numbers when one of his viral videos amassed him an extra 1.6 million followers.

Jolene and Kristie came back from their first day of school with Bs and got started on their homework. Kristie, who was writing directly on the table, was clearly in the greater need so Vlad chose her to help out.

Can’t say that Kristie was very grateful. Here she is yelling at Vlad a short while later. I love how taken aback Vlad looks, as though he can’t imagine what he might possibly have done to make his kids angry with him. Maybe it would be easier to count what you have done that wouldn’t make them angry with you, Vlad…

Baby #70, Travis’ son, was born. The random name generator called him Bradley, but I have since realised that we already have a Bradley (baby #48), so when he becomes a toddler I will change his name to Sid (don’t ask, just the first name I could think of) in CAS full editmode. With that said, welcome to the army family Sid!

The grime has already begun to settle on Ericka but at least she isn’t eating burnt popcorn.

Katlyn struggled to adjust to dungeon life.

Uh oh looks as though Anaya doesn’t like Dakota.

Ericka: I had a dream that I was eating this squishy yellow thing called a banana. It tasted so much better than popcorn. Do you think my dream will come true?

Katlyn: Don’t be silly, you know that popcorn is the only food.

Woop! Another mega viral video. Vlad is taking the internet by storm.

Jolene got an A and became a YA. Here is her normal form:

And her dark form:

Kristie also got an A and became a YA. Here is her normal form:

And her dark form:

Lilith Pleasant’s genetics didn’t do such a good job as Angela’s (which produced Keaton). Kristie in her normal form would be quite pretty if it weren’t for the downturned mouth and pointy chin, though.

For the next donor I decided on Inna Cents. She is from the Vampires pack trailer and in one of my other saves she and Vlad had a fairly good looking daughter (for a Straud child, anyway) so I have high hopes for her genetics.

Inna: I may have just met you but of course I’ll have a baby with you, you seem like such wonderful father material!

Oh Inna, if only you knew.

Vlad: Great, but before we go back to my place, can I use your bathroom? I need to freshen up.

Inna: Sure! Don’t be too long.

Had to clog up Inna’s drain for the chief of mischief aspiration.

I tried to get them to try for a baby in a coffin but Inna refused to comply. You’re a vampire, Inna! Coffins are kind of your thing.

Anyway, they tried for a baby in Vlad’s bed instead and he is now pregnant, hopefully with #71 and #72.

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  1. I had no idea Yellow Brunette Vampire was named Inna Cent. I guess when she’s in her vampire form, she can say she’s “not THAT Inna Cent.”

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