Chapter 35: A Celebrity Scandal

So, when I started up my game this was the first thing that happened.

Vlad: Oh no, not this again…

Yeah, Vlad was abducted for the THIRD time! Those aliens must really like him. We had a full house so no alien pregnancy could result and besides I have made the probability of alien pregnancies from abductions zero percent with MCCC because Vlad has already had one alien pregnancy and I don’t think we need another.

It was Winterfest and Vlad was in a good mood so he allowed Maricela, Micheal, Titus and Liberty to help decorate the tree… Before promptly sending them off to school. Tis’ the season to be studying!

With the kids gone, Vlad opened presents by himself.

Vlad *reading the label*: To Vladislaus from Vladislaus – how thoughtful!

Tia (#37) dropped by and Vlad was kind enough to give her a gift – it was a school project, for old times sake.

Tia: Gee, thanks dad. Just what I always wanted…

Everyone returned from school and by the looks of him I think it’s safe to say that Micheal had a wonderful Winterfest.

As a reward for both getting As I allowed Maricela and Micheal to open some presents.

Maricela was not at all pleased with her gift. You should be grateful for getting anything at all Maricela!

One large pet poop. So, is that a large poop from a pet or a poop which you can keep as a pet, like a pet rock? I am going to believe the latter because it’s much cooler.

Micheal was a lot happier with his present, although I forget what it was.

But of course Micheal and Maricela got the greatest gift of all for Winterfest: their freedom. Since they had the requisite grades, I aged them up to YA and moved them out.

Micheal’s normal form:

He looks quite good from the front but that side profile! It looks as though he ran into a wall, face first.

No dark form for Micheal yet as he was still in the middle of the vampire transformation process when I aged him up.

Maricela’s normal form:

Again, Maricela looks good from the front (besides those eyebrows!) but from the side you can see that she is cursed with pointy chin syndrome.

Maricela’s dark form:

The only present that Jolene and Titus received for Winterfest was that night’s homework.

And what about the toddlers? Did Winterfest bring them any respite from their troubles?


To be honest, I don’t think they even knew it was Winterfest at all!

Vlad set his sights on fellow celebrity Octavia Moon for his next donor… And was shocked to encounter an initial rebuff. That was my fault since they only had a very slight romantic relationship and I went straight in for the first kiss.

But not to worry…

… With a little beguiling…

… And a little vampiric charm…

… Octavia was soon won over!

Is it just me or is this ability to coerce unwilling sims into performing nonconsensual romantic activities with your sim just a little problematic? Ah well, not that Vlad cares!

Thorne somehow had not noticed that his wife was cheating mere feet away from him (honestly, how dark are those sunglasses?) and I couldn’t resist destroying another marriage so I had Octavia and Vlad snog right in front of his nose.

Yikes. Thorne wasn’t pleased.

This celebrity cheating scandal will be in all the gossip columns!

Vlad and Octavia made a nuboo.

Hmm still wearing that wedding ring aye, Octavia? Also, ew sim feet look awful.

Since Vlad has way too much spare time on his hands, what with being a mostly passive parent, I had him join the social media career. The rules allow this so long as he always works from home. I figured that since he is already a five star celebrity social media was the way to go. Also the thought of an ancient vampire like Vlad getting social media famous was too funny.

Here is a picture of Titus on the slide because I find this animation too cute not to take screenshots of.

Titus and Liberty got A grades at school (by the way, I forgot to mention before but I sorely regret not naming Liberty Fuchsia, rather than letting the random name generator name her – if you know why then I love you). So…

Titus became a teen.

And Liberty became a teen. Nice hat and shades combo, Liberty!

Teenagehood meant only one thing for Titus and Liberty – scratch that – two things: Homework and school projects.

I know Titus, I’m tired of all the projects too. At least this is your last one. I still have way too many to oversee before this challenge is over.

When Liberty was doing her project, I noticed that she was wearing that cursed eyeball ring. With than ensemble, I think she may be trying to set a new fashion trend…

Anaya became a toddler.

More birthdays now, Titus and Liberty became young adults.

Titus’ normal form:

Titus’ dark form:

Liberty’s normal form:

Liberty is yet another example of one of Vlad’s kids who look ok from the front but from the side…

Liberty’s dark form:

I checked in on Micheal and found him changing into a vampire. So, here is his dark form:

Lets see how the long suffering toddlers are getting on, shall we?

Kristie is filthy and crying, nothing new there.

Jolene is also miserable, again that’s par for the course.

And it looks as though Anaya is settling in nicely to dungeon life.

Anaya: I’ve heard that if I get all my skills to level 3 I get an early release date.

Yeah good luck with that Anaya, I’m certainly not going to help you and neither is Vlad!

Vlad needed to be disliked by two sims for the chief of mischief aspiration (after his mistreatment of them, I have to be surprised that all of his children don’t dislike Vlad but I think we have already established that they all have Stockholm Syndrome or perhaps they have to keep their true feelings very secret in fear of what Vlad would do) so he got into a fight with the paparazzi who is constantly lurking outside the house. That was one down.

Then, he invited over Oliana Ngata, with whom he was already on pretty bad terms over the small matter of his sleeping with her wife.

Vlad: And Leila says you’re useless in bed!

That did it and Vlad got his second dislike.

Finally, we welcomed THREE new additions! That’s right, our second set of triplets in this challenge, and following so closely on the heels of the first set too. That has got to make the whole cheating scandal three times as bad for their mother (Octavia).

#67 is a boy called Dakota (ok random name generator, I thought that was a girls name), #68 is a girl called Katlyn and #69 is a girl called Ericka. Ahhh so close to 70!

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