Chapter 33: More Homewrecking

Chadwick decided to visit and stand creepily staring at the house, thinking of Vlad all the while. I think he might be staking out the property in preparation for an attempted assassination…

Clifton decided to do his homework directly on the table. How is he doing well at school again? The teachers must be afraid of Vlad.

Helena unloaded her troubles to Bearcula and, by the looks of her face, her plans for revenge.

She got so angry that she let out a huge fart. Perhaps she was planning on gassing Vlad to death.

Clifton played on the pirate ship jungle gym. I thought this was quite an eerie picture with the graves and mist in the backdrop.

Clifton aged up into a fashion disaster teenager.

Tess also aged up. Is it me or are her shoulders too narrow and her arms too thin for her head?

No time for birthday cake! I set them to work straight away, much to Clifton’s dismay. Oh God Clifton is that an eyeball ring I spy on your finger? As though that outfit couldn’t get any worse…

Clifton looks to be trying to cheer up Tess, who is thoroughly done with life in Vlad’s house by this point.

I launched Tess’ air pressure rocketry school project right beside our real rocket. I’ve actually never launched one of these school project rockets before and it looked pretty cool.

Alvaro confided his wish to see something called ‘The Sun’ to Kevin.

The Straud mansion decorated for Harvestfest looks so strange.

Tess failed to appease a gnome. The gnome was not in a forgiving mood.

Helena and Kevin glared at the exhibitionist gnome who had turned up to flash them in the dungeon.

Helena: Is this a new inmate?

Kevin: Can we eat it?

Keaton came over for a visit. He and Vlad hugged and it was weird… Very, very weird.

Clifton aged up to a YA and immediately burst into happy tears upon realising what this meant.

Clifton’s normal form:

Clifton’s dark form:

Tess also aged up. Here is her normal form:

Tess’ dark form:

I then set free moved out Clifton and Tess straight away.

Then, Vlad gave birth to Leila Illes’ twins: a boy called Micheal (#60) and a girl called Marciela (#61).

Having just given birth, Vlad abandoned his newborns and set about making some new nuboos. His next target was Makoa Kealoha. It would appear that Makoa’s daughter, Nani, has heard what Vlad does to toddlers because upon spotting him she stretched her legs out as far as she could in order to appear older.

Unsurprisingly, Makoa’s wife, Lilliana, was furious to see her husband cheating right in front of her. Maybe she and Oliana should hook up.

She stormed over and slapped Makoa. Anyone else getting deja vu?

Vlad brought Makoa home and  they tried for a baby.

Makoa was not at all happy to discover that Vlad was pregnant. The damage that he has done to his marriage must be beginning to dawn on him.

Alvaro looked a little demonic…

… While Helena looked VERY demonic. Did we just witness her true form? I don’t know why but I sometimes get this glitch in tab mode.

Kevin just looked sad.

Vlad traumatised Micheal with the power of only his face.

Helena aged up to a child. Still looks demonic.

Alvaro aged up.

And finally Kevin aged up.

More birthdays!

Micheal become a toddler.

Maricela also became a toddler.

I think they like the dungeon.

Kevin looked way too smug about doing his homework. It’s not an achievement Kevin, it is a necessity in this house.

Not sure what Alvaro is so angry with Vlad for here. Actually scratch that, I don’t know what reason he would have NOT to be angry with Vlad.

Maricela was already displeased with the dungeon’s menu options.

The triplets all worked on school projects.

Kevin played pirate.

And Helena played on the slide. Aww she looks so happy here.

Maricela somehow managed to look cute while having a tantrum.

Meanwhile, Micheal buried his face in a bowl of burnt popcorn.

It snowed and since it was the weekend and all the triplets’ school work was all done, I let them play outside.

Helena made a snow angel. Helana, I think that Vlad would disapprove. that should be a snow devil.

Alvaro and Helena had a snowball fight among the gravestones. What a wonderful place for kids to play…

Kevin and Alvaro built a snowpal.

Kevin played in the snow.

Helena took it upon herself to destroy Kevin and Alvaro’s snowpal so I had Kevin build another one… Which she promptly destroyed. I had to check and yes she does have the evil trait.

Vlad went into labour again. I never noticed before but if you pause when a sim is in labour it looks as though they are ensconced in a glowing cocoon.

Here we have Titus (#62)….

And Liberty (#63). That is an ironic name choice by the random name generator since she won’t be getting an awful lot of liberty in this house.

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