Chapter 32: Vlad The Homewrecker

We begin this chapter with Vlad for no apparent reason deciding to yell at Chadwick, who was working on a school project at the time.

Vlad: I like to shout at them at random intervals. It keeps them on their toes and toughens them up. Can’t have weaklings in my army!

Just some typical Vlad style parenting for you!

Clifton continued to suffer in the dungeon.

Tess eyed her meal of burnt popcorn with distaste.

Vlad glared at his newborn daughter, Helena, and looked forward to her date of incarceration birthday.

Vlad: I can’t stand infants.

Nicholas became a teenager…

… As did Chadwick, his twin.

Vlad put Nicholas and Chadwick to work on their homework straight away while he stood about rubbing his hands with evil glee, bearing a striking resemblance to Mr Burns.

Vlad: My army continues to grow nicely. Soon these two new recruits will be fully grown and ready for battle. Excellent.

All three of the triplets wailed in unison as though they had been given a premonition of what awaited them on the other side of babyhood.

And then it was time for the babies to age up.

Helena became a toddler and smiled engagingly up at her father, who looked revolted.

Kevin also aged up. I like how he is almost mirroring the position of the werewolf statue behind him.

And of course Alvaro also aged up.

Helena was not pleased with her new living situation.

Nor was Alvaro.

Kevin, on the other hand, was surprisingly chipper. It won’t last.

Helena had her first taste of prison food.

I was bored so I had Vlad paint Chadwick. It turned out quite well, I think.

Chadwick here appears to be trying to return the favour and draw Vlad. Let’s just say that clearly artistic talent doesn’t always run in families.

Vlad took a rare trip to the dungeon and was met with a delegation of toddlers demanding better living conditions… Which he naturally ignored.

Chadwick and Nicholas talked through their shared childhood (well, mostly toddlerhood if I’m honest) traumas and looked forward to their approaching freedom.

Devonte dropped by and chatted with Nicholas.

Nicholas looked way too happy about something or other. I thought he looked kinda cute here so I included it.

I think I finally worked out why one of the popcorn poppers has been consistently making burnt popcorn – it was dirty! Vlad gave it a clean (I know, actually putting some effort into improving his toddlers’ lives for once!) so hopefully that solves the issue.

Don’t the triplets look happy?

Ok Alvaro’s glowing eyes glaring at me through a green mist of popcorn stench is a little creepy.

Nicholas tried to become less weedy.

Tess cried for something – anything – to eat other than popcorn.

Clifton shared much the same wish with Bearcula

When Vlad descended into the dungeon to age up Tess and Clifton he expressed his disgust with the filthy state of the surroundings.

Vlad: Ugh! Why haven’t you inmates been keeping your cell clean?

Um because they’re toddlers, Vlad…

Clifton became a child.

Tess divided the table with her head in her haste to get to the birthday cake.

And Tess also became a child.

You could say that Clifton and Tess still haven’t quite forgiven Vlad for their time in the dungeon.

Vlad: Oh, they’ll get over it. They always do!

You sure about that, bud?

Clifton complained that he was hungry. You can eat when your work is done and not a moment before, Clifton.

Clifton: But I’m starving!

Then you’d best work fast hadn’t you?

Vlad scared Tess because, as we all know by now, he is a wonderful kind and caring parent.

Nicholas and Chadwick both got A grades at school and so it was time to age them up to YA and move them out.

Nicholas’ normal form:

Nicholas’ dark form:

Wow, Nicholas actually looks great for a child of Vlad’s! He may have managed to displace Bernardo as best looking Straud child yet! Ok so he did get Vlad’s nose in his dark form, but in his normal form he looks completely, well, normal except for Vlad’s pasty white skin colour. He is pretty much all Mark!

Chadwick’s normal form:

Chadwick’s dark form:

Chadwick didn’t do so well. He has the characteristic flat face that all too many of Vlad’s children get.

Clifton helped Tess with her school project which was sweet of him, even if the project did come out as poor quality as a result. The Straud kids have to look out for one another because nobody else will!

Eeesh Helena and Kevin are not pleased with me!

With two empty household slots, I sent Vlad off to pick up his next donor. This time, the lucky sim was Leila Illes. Upon his arrival at their house, Leila and her wife, Oliana, were both delighted to see him (I guess Oliana forgot what happened last time he was there, huh?).

The mood soon changed when Vlad went in for the kiss with Leila straight in front of Oliana.

Oliana marched over, throwing Vlad, who was pretty pleased with himself, a dirty look.

And Leila got a well earned slap around the face. Not sure why Oliana was smiling here, I guess she just got a kind of sadistic pleasure from Leila’s pain.

Vlad: Well, that was uncalled for!

Oh come on Vlad, you know there are people who, unlike you, actually take monogamy seriously.

Vlad: There are? How strange!

Oliana stormed off, leaving Leila to get on with cheating on her in peace. For someone whose marriage must be on the rocks, Leila looks surprisingly happy.

Vlad took Leila home with him (yeah the probable distance between Sulani and Forgotten Hollow would totally make that a quickly achievable feat) and they tried for a baby.

Vlad drank a plasma pack whilst taking a pregnancy test. Multitasking at its finest! And yes, we are now expecting some new arrivals.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Vlad The Homewrecker

  1. Wow, I finally got to the current end! Great work so far! It’s been great to have a lengthy (demented) story to follow when I’m away from home and I don’t game on my cell.
    I’m not brushed up on the rules but wouldn’t having a butler locked downstairs with the toddlers make it much easier?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I’m so flattered that you actually read all of it. I’m not very well versed on the rules either. I imagine having a butler is probably against the rules but then again having a vampire as matriarch (or here patriatch) is also against the rules. I haven’t actually used the butler feature of vintage glamour so I’m not sure if they could care for the toddlers or not. Even so, the toddlers do seem to be able to keep themselves alive without any intervention on my part besides occasionally refilling the popcorn poppers so I don’t think they really need a butler to care for them.

      Liked by 1 person

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