Chapter 31: Triple Trouble

Oh dear, it looks like Kailani is planning her revenge on Vlad already… Vlad should be concerned, when this challenge is over he will have made (in all senses of the word) 100 enemies for himself.

Nicholas began to get very bored of popcorn. Beggers starving toddlers, can’t be choosers, Nicholas!

Twins Nicholas and Chadwick do everything together, even passing out in perfect synchronisation.

Clifton sobbed about the unfairness of life…

And then sat around looking morose.

In the end, he decided to make the most of his situation… Despite being sat in a cobweb infested dungeon, caked in mud with only burnt popcorn to eat.

Tess gave me the evil eye which is quite understandable.

Kailani became a teen.

Since she wasn’t born a vampire, Kailani needed to be turned by Vlad.

Vlad forced Kailani to do a school project and she glared at him.

He then yelled at her.

Vlad: If you don’t get an A by the end of school tomorrow it’ll be back to the dungeon for you… Indefinitely. So, you’d best get working on this project, missy!

Tess broke down and screamed for help as loudly as her little lungs would allow. Sorry Tess, the dungeon is like space: in the dungeon, no one can hear you scream (except other toddlers, but they don’t count for the purposes of a rescue mission).

Kailani started a fire, by the looks of it while trying to barbeque sausages. Or that’s what she wants Vlad to think, anyway. Personally, I suspect her of willfully attempting arson and staging it to look like an accident. I guess she was serious about getting her revenge on dear old dad. Fortunately Vlad extinguished the blaze in time, so her cunning plan failed.

Tess stared jealously at the birthday cake which had arrived in the dungeon. Not your turn yet, Tess!

Nicholas aged up, still looking somewhat put out with me despite the fact that his sentence was now over.

Chadwick also aged up.

Chadwick: I… I’m not a toddler anymore. This means… I’m free!

Vlad set Nicholas and Chadwick to work straight away on their homework. They were not impressed.

Chadwick: I thought you said I was free now.

Well, not quite Chadwick. You may have escaped this dungeon but you are certainly not free. From now on, your every waking moment should be devoted to aging up and that means studying, lots and lots of studying.

Uh oh, looks like Chadwick hasn’t forgiven Vlad for all those years in the dungeon. That is a look of pure resentment if ever I saw one.

Chadwick stomped about the house fuming and muttering under his breath about calling child protection services.

Chadwick: How could you abandon me, your own son, in a cold dark dungeon for years and years with no proper food, no attention, no love, no care?

Vlad: Yeesh way to overreact. You’re alive aren’t you? And you’re out now.

Instead of trying to make things right with his son, Vlad decided to give him a scare instead. Wonderful parenting as always, Vlad.

To make his day even better, Chadwick fell ill. I suppose spending one’s toddlerhood in a damp dungeon with no sunlight must wreak havoc on one’s immune system. Or maybe he is having an adverse reaction to suddenly coming into contact with the outside world, like divers getting the bends. I made him do a school project regardless because I’m nice like that and Vlad isn’t the sort of parent to care enough for his children’s welfare to squander his wealth on such luxuries such as medication for them.

Kailani became a young adult. Here is her normal form:

Eh despite the nose I think she is quite pretty. You know, I’m beginning not to notice the Straud nose at this point, it just looks normal to me!

Since Kailani had not completed her transformation into a vampire, I kept her around for a bit. Here she is helping Nicholas with his school project. They both look very unenthusiastic.

Kailani: I thought I was done with these dratted projects now I’ve left school!

Nicholas playing pirate is pretty cute. He actually looks happy here for a change. I bet he is imagining aiming that cannon directly at a certain pale long nosed vampire’s face.

In line with her current role as babysitter and all round servant, I made Kailani prepare some food. She decided that it could do with a touch of earwax as seasoning. Ew.

So apparently this is a masterpiece. Ok I guess I just don’t understand true art.

Kailani passed out on the floor. I guess I’d been working her too hard…

Tess: But I don’t WANT burnt popcorn!

Well then, you’ll have to starve, Tess.

Kailani finished becoming a vampire.

Here’s her dark form:

After Kailani became a vampire, I moved her out.

Oh dear, looks as though Nicholas also got sick. Didn’t stop Vlad for making him do his homework, though.

Then Vlad caught the illness. That’s what some people might call karma, Vlad.

Vlad went into labour with Elle’s babies and had triplets! That’s right, our first lot of triplets despite being over half way through the challenge. There was one girl called Helena (#57) and two boys: Kevin (#58) and Alvaro (#59).

I feel like I keep getting boys but I checked my boy to girl ratio so far and actually it’s a pretty even split. We have had 29 girls and 30 boys. However, 13 of the last 17 have been boys so we’ve been going through a run of boys. I’d like some more girls to mix things up now please!


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