Chapter 30: Cracking on in Coffins

Devonte expressed his distaste with being forced to do yet another school project. You’ll thank me once you’re free, Devonte.

Kailani implored Bearcula for help but was met with impassive silence and a cold vacant stare. Sorry Kailani, nothing can save you now except childhood.

I let Keaton and Devonte play on the jungle gym. It’s probably the least I can do, after all that I’ve put them through…

Chadwick despaired of ever leaving the dungeon alive. Cheer up little dude, it’s not so bad. Only a few more years to go!

Who left that pile of dirty rags on the floor? Oh, it’s just Nicholas.

Keaton became a teenager.

And Devonte also became a teen.

I made Keaton and Devonte complete their homework. Keaton decided to write on the table.

Keaton: It’s invisible paper!

I think all those years spent in a dark dungeon with inappropriate nutrition may have addled his brain a little…

Devonte is getting seriously fed up with the constant school projects. At this point I am too so I can’t really blame him.

I don’t like the look of this. They’re scheming, I just know it.

Awww Kailani looks quite cute here. I almost feel bad for mistreating her. Almost.

He is so early in his young life and already Chadwick despises me.

Vlad got fed up with the nosy paparazzi lurking outside his house and gave her a concussion.

Vlad: If you write another opinion piece on my 54 children or my parenting strategies, I can arrange for your life to be very unpleasant… And short. Do you understand?

Bryce dropped by and discovered that yet more siblings were on their way. Vlad’s kids must think he has a serious child hoarding problem…

The two newest Strauds were born: numbers 55 and 56 – I mean, Clifton (boy) and Tess (girl).

Vlad bottle fed Tess. Good parenting Vlad, well done!

Vlad to Tess: I can’t wait until you’re old enough to lock in the dungeon…

It was neighbourhood brawl day so I invited Kiera Liliana (why do I always get Kiera and Liliana confused?) around to fulfill the role of punching bag.

I think she was just glad of the paternal attention though!

Rudolph also dropped by and was rewarded with a head injury for his troubles.

Kailani became a child. The joy on her face when she realised she was finally about to escape the dungeon says it all.

She was still pretty furious about what I’d put her through, though. Some people sure can hold a grudge.

Keaton helped Kailani with her homework, which was sweet of him.

Instead of praising his son’s responsibility, Vlad took the opportunity to give Keaton a scare. Typical.

Turns out the pesky paparazzi who is always lurking outside the house is good for something after all, and that something is plasma.

Clifton became a toddler. I forgot to get a screenshot of him aging up, so here he after I put him in the dungeon. Clifton, what are you looking so happy about? Turn that smile upside down!

Moments later, Clifton had realised his predicament.

Tess also became a toddler.

Yes, go ahead and hug yourself, Tess. You’ll be getting no hugs from anyone else down there.

Kailani did her homework with apparent enthusiasm. That’s the attitude we like to see, you’ll be out of this house in no time, Kailani!

Devonte and Keaton both got As at school and so it was time to age them up to YA and move them out.

Devonte’s normal form:

Devonte’s dark form:

Devonte isn’t actually too bad. He has Vlad’s mouth, which is never great and Vlad’s eyes and skin tone but overall he looks pretty good.

Keaton’s normal form:

Keaton’s dark form:

Now, I think that Keaton is one of Vlad’s best looking kids so far. Angela Pleasant definitely passed down some great genetics! The only problem with him is that he does have a slight underbite, which isn’t so noticeable in those screenshots.

Vlad visited a neighbouring house in Forgotten Hollow in search of his next victim. The house is occupied by some of the vampires from the Vampires pack trailer that I downloaded from the gallery and Callie, one of my own vampire sims who Vlad has already ‘made use of’. They were all pretty happy to see him.

I want Vlad to use several of the trailer vampires as donors, but I thought I would start with the beautiful Elle DeVampiro. She is basically a vampirised version of Morgan Fyres (thank you for pointing that out to me afai1261), so she should have good genes. And I would love Vlad to have a kid with the glowy purple eyes.

Callie is giving Vlad some serious side eye in the above screenshot. Well, Vlad is certainly an impressive specimen, so no wonder she’s jealous.

Turns out Vlad isn’t so keen on Elle, but I don’t give a toss for his opinion on the matter.

Elle, at least, was pretty smitten.

First kiss!

Vlad trying to look seductive in a coffin is just… No. Still, Elle was into it.

Quick bit of coffin woohoo.

Elle wasn’t what you might call thrilled to be informed about her impending motherhood. Don’t worry Elle, your usefulness has passed, you’ll be out of the picture from here on out.


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