Chapter 25: Popcorn Head

Westley’s first sleep outside of the dungeon took place on the bathroom floor where he passed out from exhaustion. The grind of studying will be worth it in the end, Westley.

Uh so I found Bernardo just creepily standing here…

In case you can’t tell from the first picture, he is standing at the top of the dungeon stairs. That door in front of him is locked so I have no idea how or why he got inside. Maybe after so long locked up in a relatively confined space he got agoraphobia from being in the outside world, or maybe he returned to rescue Cole. We shall never know. I teleported him swiftly out.

Angelica aged up.

The Answer also aged up.

The Answer and Westley studied together.

Either Carlton or Bryce screamed.

Angelica and Bernardo worked together.

Westley passed out again – this time on the hall floor.

Vlad helped Bernardo with a school project.

Angelica worked on her own school project.

Since there was no more room on the floor, The Answer had to do her school project outside in the dark.

After allowing Westley the bare minimum of sleep, I woke him up in order to make him finish his own school project. He wasn’t happy about it.

Vlad autonomously gave Cole a bath.

Carlton became a toddler.

Bryce became a toddler.

I wonder if they are ever going to fix the floating bowls/plates glitch?

Angelica became a YA. Here’s her normal form:

And here is Angelica’s dark form:

The Answer also aged up. Here’s her normal form:

And her dark form:

You know Angelica and The Answer are actually quite pretty so long as you look at them front on.

Upon moving out, The Answer burst into tears. I don’t know why she would be upset about escaping Vlad so I’m going to assume they are tears of joy.

Westley became a teen with a hairstyle straight out of the 1700s. He looks as though he was half way through dressing for a renaissance fair. You may keep that until you become a YA, Westley.

Bernardo also became a teen. That’s a very golden jacket, Bernardo. At least it’s better than Westley’s hair.

I checked on Cole in the dungeon and was confronted with this. For a moment, it was hard to work out what I was seeing. Then I realised that a floating bowl of popcorn was obscuring Cole’s head. It sure looks as though his head has turned into a bowl of popcorn from this angle, though. You are what you eat and all that.

Due to the flying popcorn glitch, Cole is forced to forage for his food in the air. It’s as though the floating popcorn bowls are the fruit of invisible trees.

Vlad invited around Alice Spencer-Kim. I’ve made him have a child with her before in another game and they came out quite good looking (for a Straud kid anyway) so I know she’s got good genes.

Time to make yet another baby/babies.

Alice was pretty shocked to discover that her one night stand had resulted in pregnancy, and not even her own pregnancy.

Westley and Bernardo did their homework:

Meanwhile Alice decided to stick around and watch TV in her underwear.

Vlad helped Westley with a school project.

Bernardo was very unenthusiastic about his own project, possibly because he was badly in need of a shower.

Cole was beginning to get sorely fed up with the dungeon:

Thankfully for Cole, salvation was on it’s way in the form of his birthday. He became a child and at long last was liberated form the dungeon…

… Only to find himself embroiled in child labour. Vlad wasted no time in setting Cole to work on homework.

After that he had to finish a school project before he was allowed eat, wash, sleep or in general attend to any of his basic needs.

Wesley became a YA. He’s a spellcaster so only has one form, but here it is:

He’s quite cute actually, even with the Straud nose.

Bernardo also became a YA. Bernardo is a vampire so has two forms.

Normal form:

Wow I actually think that Bernardo is the most normal looking child we have had yet. No downturned mouth, no big nose, no weird chin, no flat face. He does have Vlad’s eyebrows, eyes and hair and skin colour but I think he’s quite handsome despite those features. And look, he even inherited Grace’s freckles! I knew Grace would have good genetics.

Bernardo’s dark form:

Cole finally got some time off work to play pirate.

A lot of parents these days are guilty of leaving their kids with a tablet to get them to shut up… But most parents do not compound this act of negligence by locking said children away in a dungeon.

Another school project for Cole.

Carlton and Bryce became dirty and miserable.

Despite having recently moved out, The Answer turned up on the doorstep, let herself into the house and sat at the table reading. I guess she was genuinely sad about being kicked out after all. I was almost fooled into thinking she was still a part of the family.

The Answer: What do you mean what am I doing here? I live here, remember? No, you never told me I am to move out…. OH PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME LEAVE! PLEASE!

Carlton tantrummed

Bryce actually looked pretty cute playing with a toy robot.

Carlton stomped home from school in a very bad mood.

It was Love Day and Vlad needed to complete the ‘go on a date’ tradition. I noticed that the paparazzi taking pictures of him (whose name I didn’t even check) was pretty good looking. So, Vlad took him to The Bluffs for a date.

It might not be sensible to suddenly bend over someone who is 9 months pregnant like that.

Vlad gave his date a massage. Lol I just realised that it looks as though Vlad is naked here. I promise he is wearing speedos (they’d been swimming)

The nameless guy autonomously gave Vlad a rose which was sweet of him. Little does he know quite how many other lovers Vlad has (hell I don’t even know how many sims are in his romantic relationships panel).

Cole became a teen. He has Yuki’s mouth for sure but dang so much Vlad.

You thought socks and sandals were bad, but that’s nothing in comparison to the new trend that Cole now brings you: socks and flip flops! How do you even put on a pair of flip flops over socks?

Vlad gave birth to babies #48 and #49: a boy called Bradley and a girl called Evangeline. Finally another girl! Numbers 43 to 48 are all boys.



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  1. hi. I was wondering if you plan on updating the story because I’ve really been enjoying it. your story is funny and feels like I’m there simming along with you. 🙂

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