Chapter 24: Don Lothario Gets Lothario’ed

First up, we have Cole becoming a toddler.

Then Shane became a teen. Shane is Nalani’s son and he ended up being a vampire-mermaid hybrid.

Here he is doing the mermaid squeaking animation. You can see his pointy teeth.

I wanted to see what Shane’s mermaid form looked like so I made him get into the bath and uh… This happened. Creepy huh? Legs should not bend like that. This reminds me of that time in Harry Potter when a spell went wrong and got rid of all the bones in Harry’s arm.

When Shane got out of the tub he got stuck looking like some sort of pasty white Ken doll.

When I tried making Shane change outfits, he became a floating legless torso.

I couldn’t leave Shane like that so I exited the game and went back to a time before I had aged up Shane to a teen. So, here’s Shane becoming a teen for the second time. I decided that in the interests of his legs I won’t be letting him take baths or go swimming. A tail-less mermaid who can’t swim – sad.

Cole chowed down on some delicious burnt popcorn. Mmmm it just crumbles into ash melts in your mouth.

Shane did his homework while snacking on some plasma juice.

Grady, Shane’s twin brother, was still a child so I made him do a school project with Vlad.

Angelica became a child.

The Answer became a child and gave me some nasty side-eye.

Shane hugged Grady. It’s funny how they are twins but one of them looks like an adult while the other is still a child. I guess puberty hits at different times for everyone!

Westley and Bernardo became accustomed to being stinky and miserable.

Angelica made sure she did her homework right under Vlad’s nose in an attempt to gain extra brownie points. But he was too busy slurping a plasma pack to notice.

Angelica and The Answer worked on school projects.

Shane became a YA.

Shane’s normal form:

And yeah I didn’t change his clothes because he is a hybrid and editing hybrids can glitch them up – didn’t want to mess him up even more than he already is. You know what though, I think he is the most normal looking child we have had so far. Ok he has the pasty skin and Vlad’s eyes but other than that, he’s quite handsome. Thank you, Nalani!

Shane’s dark form:

The same day, Grady became a teen.

Grady is a mermaid (but not also a vampire). Here he is showing off his tail.

With Shane gone, one household slot opened up. It was time to fill that slot, so I sent off Vlad to ‘Lothario’ The Lothario. Of course, I couldn’t do a 100 baby challenge without involving Don as a donor. He’s a legend.

Don agreed to be Vlad’s boyfriend which I was quite surprised about. Isn’t Don supposed to be noncommittal?

Baby making time!

Don was not too thrilled to discover that he was going to be a father. Don’t worry Don, you’ll probably never even meet the child. I just used you for your sperm.

Before leaving, Vlad took a swig of plasma from Nina.

The Answer played pirate. She looks way too happy here.

Grady finally became a YA.

Grady’s normal form:

Grady’s merman form:

Cole is not happy. But he’s alive and honestly that’s all I care about at this point.

Belladonna came over and Angelica poured out her problems to her.

Then, Belladonna vented her frustrations to Angelica and The Answer. I like to think the three of them were bonding over their shared experience of childhood trauma at Vlad’s hands. Nice bit of group therapy for them.

Grady also dropped by and did a secret handshake with The Answer. I don’t know why he’s want to return after all he went through as a child but there you go.

Vlad made use of the opportunity for a drink.

Vlad: These non-vampire children do have some use. They can be the portable lunch for my vampire army.

Cole, Bernardo and Westley wallowed in misery together.

Westley ate burnt popcorn for the last time.

Then, Westley became a child.

And Bernardo became a child.

Westley hadn’t been out of the dungeon long before he autonomously scared Vlad. Little revenges Westley, little revenges.

Ahhhhhhh! I thought we’d solved the escaping toddlers problem last chapter when we added three more locked doors to the dungeon. I guess that wasn’t enough because I found Cole in the hallway. How did you little mother fucker get through four locked doors? How?! I know it’s lonely being in the dungeon all by yourself but deal with it!

Bernardo and Westley worked on school projects:

Vlad gave birth to Don Lothario’s twins: Carlton (baby #46) and Bryce (baby #47).


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