Chapter 23: Doing the Yucky With Yuki

With one household slot free, it was time to make another baby. So, I had Vlad invite over Yuki Behr (don’t worry I aged her up to YA so she’s totally legal).

They had a first kiss…

… After which Vlad wasted no time in harvesting some genes

At this point I noticed an escapee was on the loose in the house. The Answer was toddling around the hall as bold as you like and I have no idea how she got out because the dungeon door was definitely locked.

To make doubly sure that the dungeon door was locked, I tried to make The Answer go back into the dungeon and she did the hand wave that they do when you tell them to go through a locked door. Mysterious. But I figured it was just a glitch and teleported her back underground.

A few minutes later, Shane escaped! He was also unable to simply walk back into the dungeon since the door was still locked.

After being teleported back into his stony prison, Shane comforted himself by pretending he was flying free as a llamacorn.

Aargh! Another one! Have they dug some sort of escape tunnel that I don’t know about?

After the third escape, I decided that the locked door at the top of the dungeon steps wasn’t enough. So, I added an additional three locked doors below ground. Let’s see you little shits bust through those, eh!

Bernardo became a toddler.

Westley became a toddler.

Bernardo: Wow what an amazing place!

Yeah you won’t be so chipper in a few years time my little man.

Bernardo and Westley are so cute. They both look far too happy at the moment, though. I think they don’t yet fully understand their predicament.

This picture is like a before and after shot of what the dungeon does to a toddler (Bernardo is before and The Answer is after).

Grady managed to get a bath from Vlad because I didn’t notice what was going on until Vlad already had him in the tub. By the looks of it Grady brought a bowl with him to play with in the bath… Unless he was planning to cave in Vlad’s skull with it. There isn’t much choice of weapons in the dungeon.

Westley got to know Bearcula. I noticed that the game had colour coordinated his outfit very nicely.

The toddlers schemed. Possibly they were discussing how to get through the additional three locked doors I had just installed.

Shane after becoming a child (ft Shane’s newest sibling)

Grady also became a child.

Vlad set Shane and Grady to work immediately.

Vlad gave birth to Yuki’s son, Cole, or as I call him #45. Unfortunately there wasn’t room in the house for twins this time.

Shane and Grady worked on school projects.

Yuki called to congratulate Vlad on the ‘new addition’ to his family aka her own son.

Shane used the slide. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child autonomously use the slide before. But then, I usually leave them to their own devices once all the homework and projects are done and their skills are up for school.

After a while in the dungeon, Westley began to realise why the long term inmates were quite so miserable.

I don’t know what to say about this picture. Poor Grady looked so tired and unenthusiastic about his project that I had to include it.

Looks like Westley isn’t so happy any more.

Quit complaining, at least you get real food. Not so long ago it would’ve been a popcorn-only diet for you.

Bernardo also began to look miserable.

I love how there is just a giant werewolf about to pounce on Westley.

Uh so this happened. I’ve no idea how Angelica got up there but she probably knows that freedom is in an upward direction. I had to reset her because she got stuck.

Grady caught a whiff of his own pungent B.O.

Shane was also filthy but I wouldn’t let him shower until he had finished his school work. He came back from school still on a C whereas Grady managed to get a B. Very disappointing Shane.

I saw this and for a moment I thought Vlad was about to meet a fiery end and the challenge would be prematurely over. Fortunately, though, it was only the floor that was on fire rather than Vlad himself (despite the fact he was standing in the middle of the fire). I had him run away quickly and he stayed unsinged.

At this point Aleksey (child #18), who had been outside the front door from some time and who I had been completely ignoring, saw his chance to be a hero, busted into the house and put out the flames.

Aleksey: Yesss! I just saved my Dad’s life! That’s bound to get him to notice me!

Uh Aleksey you just saved the life of the man who held you prisoner in a cold dark dungeon for years. Shouldn’t you have been giving him a little shove in the direction of the fire instead of saving him from it?

Aleksey: Of course not. Now he’s going to love me!

Stockholm syndrome much?

Poor Aleksey. He ended up leaving without any acknowledgement from Vlad at all.

After that little incident, Vlad installed a fire guard so that there wouldn’t be any more freak fires.


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