Chapter 22: Beating The Kids

Since Vlad has achieved everything he set out to do in Sulani, I moved the family back to Forgotten Hollow – or should I say Unforgotten Hollow? No, I probably shouldn’t. That’s an awful joke.

The first thing I did after the move was reincarcerate the toddlers. Unfortunately something went wrong when I tried to teleport Grady into the dungeon. Let’s play ‘Where’s Grady?’ in the above screenshot. A second teleportation fixed the issue, however.

As part of the Master Vampire aspiration Vlad has to defeat three other vampires. But he’s been unable to spar with any vampires up until now, probably because every time I’ve tried he has been pregnant.

With Vlad temporarily not pregnant, I sent him over to Willow Creek to beat three of his kids. Well that sounded bad…

First up was Diamond.

My favourite part of all this was the fact that the other kids  crowded around to watch the fight.

Obviously Vlad won. Now to beat two more kids! No, not like that… Well, kind of like that, actually.

Next it was Holly’s turn.

Victory again! Aren’t parents meant to let their children win? But I shouldn’t be surprised. Vlad isn’t one for sentiment.

I love how afraid the rest of them look. It’s like they are hoping and praying they won’t be next.

Aleksey was the last one to take a beating.

He didn’t stand a chance.

Well done Vlad. You’ve managed to beat up three young and inexperienced vampires who are much less powerful than yourself and, to top it all off, are your own children.

When Vlad put a hand on Aleksey’s shoulder and shook his hand after the fight I thought Aleksey was about to cry with joy. He looks so happy to finally be receiving some longed for approval and positive attention from his father.

Now Vlad has almost completed the Master Vampire Aspiration. But there is one part of the aspiration which he won’t be able to complete – the ‘survive for an additional 20 days as a vampire’ part. The counter is bugged so that it resets to zero if you leave the lot. Since Vlad has been a vampire for a long time I will probably cheat and use MCCC to finish that stage of the aspiration. Oh and Vlad also completed the ‘Vampire Family’ aspiration recently as well.

Having finished using his kids as living undead punching bags, Vlad went to Glimmerbrook to pick up his next donor. Yes, it’s the beautiful Grace Anansi!

They agreed to be exclusive. Well, Grace did. Vlad lied through his teeth fangs.

Vlad lost no time in luring inviting Grace back to his mansion to make some babies.

Despite the fact that Vlad isn’t exactly a new Forgotten Hollow resident, the family still got a welcome wagon after they moved back in. Vlad has banged three out of the four welcome wagon visitors – bit awkward. It was great to see Ramona again. How I’ve missed that majestic nose.

Grady learning shapes. He is actually pretty cute with his curly red hair.

Tia became a teen.

So did Lillie. Why are you wearing vet trousers, Lillie?

I finally put up the trophy thingy that Vlad won for defeating the Mother plant. It’s quite cool looking.

Vlad contemplated The Answer (to life, the universe, and everything).

Vlad forced Lillie to do her homework and she looked miserable.

Study always comes first Lillie.

Lillie: Even before hygiene?

Vlad: Especially before hygiene.

Lillie: But cleanliness is next to Godliness

Vlad: Don’t use the ‘G’ word under my roof! We’re an evil vampire family, remember?

Lillie: Right…

Tia looked very unenthusiastic about her school project.

Here’s a first for this challenge: Vlad bathing a toddler! I think Shane autonomously asked for a bath and Vlad took him for one before I could cancel the action. This was obviously part of Shane’s master plan to escape the dungeon. Needless to say, he was swiftly locked up again after the bath.

Winterfest arrived and Vlad decorated the holiday tree with Tia and Lillie…. After which I sent the twins straight off to school.

While Vlad’s older children spent their Winterfest at school, the toddlers spent it in the dungeon. I did buy them presents, though.

Shane opening a present.

Do you like your present, Grady?

Grady: All I want for Winterfest is the gift of freedom.

Then prepare to be disappointed, bud.

Lillie stop polluting the babies’ air.

After Lillie and Tia came back from school, I aged them up to YAs (they had both received A grades) before kicking them out without so much as a season’s greeting.

Tia’s normal form:

Tia’s dark form:

Lillie’s normal form:

Lillie’s dark form:

By the way, in case you forgot (I know it’s difficult to keep track of all the donors), the other father of Tia and Lillie is Salim Benali. I was assured that his kids always turned out looking like super models. Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that in the case of Tia and Lillie.

Lillie and Tia didn’t even get to open any presents before they were unceremoniously evicted, so here’s Vlad opening presents alone.

Father Winter came.

Vlad: Of course I’ve stayed true to you, Clement. No, there’s nobody but me in the house. What’s that high pitched screaming noise? Oh, that’s just the mice squeaking in the dungeon – very big, very loud mice. Don’t go and check – they’re quite vicious.

I realised that Holly and Rudolph had probably never met their other father (Father Winter) before so I had Vlad invite them over. For some reason they decided that the tiny bathroom on the ground floor was the place for a family reunion, hence why they are so cramped together.

Aww at least one of Rudolph’s fathers showed him some affection.

Well well. Let it not be said that Vlad has been a completely ineffectual parent. He actually managed to go into full parent mode.

Angelica became a toddler. DAMN that chin though! You could poke your eye out on that thing.

The Answer also became a toddler. I like how both of them got the same glasses.

When I teleported the toddlers down into the dungeon I briefly lost The Answer.

No worries though. The Answer to life the universe and everything was found and securely locked away.

The Answer and Angelica look so miserable here.

I think pink must be The Answer’s favourite colour.

Liliana called to invite Vlad to a charity benefit party.

Vlad turned up to the party looking very dapper in a tailcoat and top hat.

His outfit did kind of emphasise the fact that he was expecting, though.

On glimpsing her father, Liliana went through a rollercoaster of successive emotions. At first, there was fear and anxiety (probably some sort of Pavlovian reaction conditioned by her upbringing).

Then she looked genuinely pleased to see her father, albeit perhaps a little bit hysterical.

There was a sweet moment where Vlad told Liliana that she was about to become a big sister (again).

Aaand then he had to go and autonomously ruin it by mocking her lack of power. Liliana’s expression says it all – she’s used to being deemed inadequate.

There wasn’t much to do at the charity party so Vlad spent most of his time playing in the snow.

Holly and Efrain turned up to the party.

Liliana: Thank God you guys got my call. Please, don’t leave me alone with dad.

Vlad proceeded to autonomously yell at Lilliana.

Yeesh why is it that every time I leave him alone he sabotages my best efforts to make him behave like a good parent? Probably because he’s anything but a good parent

Oh Father Winter also came to the charity party randomly.

Ok Vlad is being a good parent now. Maybe his shouting at Lilliana earlier was just a blip. He’s actually playing nicely with the dollhouse rather than destroyi…

I spoke too soon.

Angelica played with a toy cat.

Grady playing with this toy horse is actually precious.

Vlad gave birth to babies 43 and 44: Bernardo and Westley.

Here’s Vlad feeding Westley.

Alright Vlad, let’s see if you can keep being a not-terrible parent, ok? Feeding your new son is a good start.

Vlad: But I don’t want to be a parent anymore. Maybe it’s, you know, time to stop?

Oh Vlad my lad no no no. There will be many more babies before that time comes.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 22: Beating The Kids

  1. I love Clement Frost. Used him as the spouse in my current Uglacy challenge and he has made things quite interesting 🙂 Can’t wait to get Vlad’s DNA in the family too – Your 40-something kids have me hopeful.

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