Chapter 20: Makin’ Magic With Morgyn

Finally we are back with another instalment of Vlad’s parenting adventures! I’ve missed Vlad and this challenge.

I noticed that Jacquelyn had decided to wear this sweater dress without any leggings or tights underneath but since I am lazy I didn’t bother to change it. Just please don’t bend over Jacquelyn for the sake of all our eyes.

Dianna and Jacquelyn appear to have had some sort of altercation.

Dianna: I’m the pretty twin!

Jacquelyn: No I am!

Girls, you are both identically (un)attractive.

Dianna suffered flashbacks from her toddler days.

Dianna: The walls! They’re closing in!

Both Dianna and Jacquelyn managed to get an A at school so I was able to age them up to YA.

Jacquelyn’s normal form:

(I don’t actually like this lipstick from ROM but I thought it looked funny on Jacquelyn so I had to use it)

Jacquelyn’s dark form:

Dianna’s normal form:

Dianna’s dark form:

Jacquelyn, you’re finally about to be free – smile!

Er on second thoughts, I think I preferred the resting bitch face. That smile is quite horrifying.

What’s this? Can it be a birthday cake in the dungeon? Is it finally time for Tia to cast off the shackles of toddlerhood and see the sun for the first time?

No, it’s not. It’s Tre’s birthday.

I can feel Tia’s disappointment.

Tre as a child. Tre, you could look happier – your imprisonment is over.

Tre: What is this happiness of which you speak?

Vlad wasted no time in imparting his knowledge of vampire lore to Tre. Gotta get that vampire lore skill up for school!

Since I have run out of aspirations and such for Vlad to pursue instead of caring for his children I thought that now, almost 40 children in to the challenge, I may actually start caring for the toddlers to some extent. We shall see how long my resolution lasts, though. Part of that means feeding them proper food, which Lillie has here taken it upon herself to waste. Useless ingrate.

Vlad potty training Lillie.

Tia tantrummed (yes that is totally a word) so hard that her head cleaved right through the table. We’ve all been there. I’m sure it won’t have any long term psychological effects on her… At least, no more than being locked in a dungeon for the duration of her toddlerhood.

Tia played with one of the new toys I got for the toddlers: a wooden horse. Is it me or does she have a slightly crazed look in her eyes?

Vlad even fixed the dollhouse.


Well, Lillie saw to it that the dollhouse did not last long…

… And then she cried about it.

It’s called consequences, Lillie. Actions have them.

Anika popped by to see her dear old dad.

Vlad shared the news about his latest pregnancy. Anika is no doubt reflecting on how grateful she is to have moved out already.

Tia playing with a toy cat. I thought she looked kind of cute here… For now at least.

Vlad taught shapes to Lillie. I know right, more active parenting! Maybe he’s not such a bad dad after all.

Uh on second thoughts, I retract that statement. Vlad, you are a terrible dad.

Look at poor Lillie’s face. You can just see all her hopes, dreams and childhood innocence crumbling with that dollhouse (to be fair, I don’t have much sympathy since she destroyed the dollhouse earlier. Although perhaps now I know where she learned that behaviour).

I had Vlad try to get back to being a good mediocre not terrible parent by fixing up the dollhouse and doing some potty training with Tia (although actually imprisoning your infant children in a dungeon probably automatically qualifies one for terrible parent status so he may be wasting his time here).

Aaaand moments later he was back to being a terrible parent again.

Tre became a teen! He’s kinda cute if you ignore the nose. I definitely see Dirk in him.

Tre was not too happy about Vlad helping him with his homework. He’s probably just used to being neglected.

Vlad went into labour.

And the two newest additions to the family are Shane and Grady, bringing the total babies up to 40 (their mother is Nalani by the way).

With Vlad’s uterus stomach whatever-organ-male-sims-grow-babies-inside-of newly vacant, I had him search out his next prey. Obviously, it could be none other than Morgyn.

You know what? I know a lot of people ship Caleb and Morgyn (and I low key do too) but actually I’m more inclined to ship Vlad with Morgyn. I think they make such a cute couple. The most powerful vampire with the most powerful spellcaster of the untamed arts – it’s a nice story. Too bad Vlad is only looking for genes and not love in this challenge.

I had Vlad bring the portable bed from Outdoor Retreat with him to the magic realm so that he and Morgyn could make some magic (if ya know what I mean).

I was actually quite disappointed that nobody caught them at it


Morgyn standing in his underwear outside learning that Vlad is pregnant with his child… I can’t.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Makin’ Magic With Morgyn

  1. Yeesh. Jacquelyn’s dark form makes it look like she has a second pair of vertical lips eating her nose.

    I’m never going to get tired of the children and toddlers having sameface and then suddenly sprouting a nose out of nowhere like Pinocchio. Also? “([T]heir mother is Nalani, btw)” killed me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol yes it’s so weird how the nose doesn’t show up until teenagehood! Can you imagine suddenly waking up one day with a nose the size of a carrot? I’ve become quite good at spotting when a child is going to get the Straud nose now, though. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 2 people

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