Chapter 19: Getting Nasty With Nalani

Before I get into this chapter I wanted to note that my screenshots are suddenly coming up slightly less tall in wordpress than usual which is weird. I’m not sure qhether to attribute that to the latest patch, imgur or wordpress. Any ideas are welcome.


It was a Friday night which meant, fortunately for Belladonna and Mort but unfortunately for me, that there was no school the next day. So I let them play on the jungle gym.

Tia became a toddler.

So did Lillie. Another toddler in sunglasses?!

I know that this picture is of Dianna and Jacquelyn but I am so neglectful of the toddlers that I forget which is which. Regardless of who was the hugger and who the hugee, this hug was swiftly rejected. I suppose they aren’t used to human contact.

I had Vlad assemble #1, #7 and #28 – er I mean Kiera, Jairo and Allie – at the secret lab to help defeat the Mother. As the firstborn, Kiera was automatically chosen and I picked Jairo and Allie because aesthetically they are two of my favourites.

First, Vlad had to innoculate the trio.

First up was Kiera.

Then Allie, who had been reading a book pilfered from the lab.

She agreed to help defeat the Mother but then instantly began mocking Vlad.

Vlad: Sheesh some people can really hold grudges. I locked you in a dungeon over 20 years ago – get over it already! (I am not actually sure how long it’s been in sim years)

Finally, Jairo’s reading was interrupted by a faceful of infection vaccine.

While Vlad went off to use his keycard on the entrance to the lab, the others decided to lose themselves in their favourite novel.

I don’t think any of them have the bookworm trait so I can’t explain this sudden enthusiasm for the written word. Maybe they’re all in a book club for people whose fathers neglected them as children?


Finally, I got them all underground and..


Kiera arrived a few minutes later book in hand.

Kiera: I was just finishing my chapter.

They made it all the way to the threshold of the Mother’s lair… Only to find that, yet again, they were one woman down.

Some time later, Kiera ambled around the corner, her nose still in a book.

Vlad: Well, if we need to use anybody as bait I know who is most expendable.

As it turned out, they defeated the Mother very easily and everyone lived to tell the tale:

Strangerville was now a safer place… And I either have to find Vlad another hobby or start having him pay some actual attention to his kids. I think we all know which I will choose.

Why does it feel as though they are looking into my soul and judging me?

Dianna became a child.

Jacquelyn also became a child.

Er Jacquelyn, you may not want to put your hand just there.

Vlad shared his vampire knowledge with Dianna who looked unimpressed.

Dianna: What do you mean I’ll have to survive on plasma?

Oh shut up Diana or I’ll make you subsist on popcorn again for all eternity.

Then I forced Dianna and Jacquelyn to work on school projects.

Tre passed out (as per usual).

So many dirty popcorn bowls. The dungeon’s air must be very fragrant.

I don’t know what you’re both looking so unhappy about! I feed you and clothe you, don’t I? Little ingrates.

Belladonna, Mort, why are you eating popcorn? You don’t have to anymo… Oh, there’s no food in the fridge. That’d be why.

All the children coming home from school. Kids, if I were you I’d be running in the opposite direction.

Mort became a teen…

… And prompty decided to take a selfie. Let’s hope it didn’t break the interenet.

Belladonna also became a teen.

Since Mort was born human, I had to have Vlad turn him into a vampire.

The next day, Belladonna and Mort got As again and became YAs.

Belladonna’s normal form:

She actually looks quite pretty, doesn’t she? I mean, as far as Straud kids go. She definitely got Grim’s nose.

Belladonna’s dark form:


Mort didn’t get so lucky in that he’s basically all Vlad, poor guy. Not sure where the cheese hair came from, though.

I’ve moved Belladonna and Mort out but I’ll check on Mort in a few days to see if his transition into a vampire has completed.

Dianna and Jacquelyn had also managed to get As so I aged them up to teens.

Jacquelyn as a teen.

Dianna as a teen.

Having gotten rid of Belladonna and Mort, we had two free spaces in the household. Thanks to the last patch, which fixed mermaid genetics, I could finally make a nuboo with Nalani.

Vlad: Time to harvest your beautiful beautiful genes – ahem I mean, you look gorgeous today, dear.

Vlad and Nalani tried for a baby.

I had no idea that bubbles appeared if you tried for a baby with a mermaid! Or does this happen when any two sims try for a baby? I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen it until now but I can be pretty unobservant.

That’s all for now. Tune in next chapter to see what Nalani’s genetics have produced!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 19: Getting Nasty With Nalani

  1. Belladonna is definitely quite pretty – I’d say not even for just the Straud kids. Guess Grim can throw pretty kids *ignores Mort*.

    Anyway – I’m glad I discovered your story. It’s fun to get more 100 Baby Challenges, especially ones that have come so far. Looking forward to Nalani’s kiddo(s) :).

    Liked by 3 people

    1. She is kind of pretty! Thank you for reading 🙂 Not posted in a while as I got caught up in trying to collect all 9 of the golden relics from JA (which I’ve finally managed to do now). I’m definitely going to continue this but maybe not for a bit as I want to explore ROM fully first.

      Liked by 3 people

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