Chapter 18: The Father meets The Mother

We begin this chapter with Connie and Curtis reenacting Baywatch.

It was time for more baby making and I was shocked to find that Vlad had not yet gotten around to seducing Dirk Dreamer. He soon remedied that.

And acquired the necessary donation from Dirk.

Connie: wow, I had no idea that popcorn came in cold varieties too.

No Connie, that’s ice cream. This may come as a shock, but popcorn is not the only edible substance.

Connie shared her culinary epiphany with Curtis. Judging by his expression, I don’t think he believed her.

Look up neglect in the dictionary. You will find this picture of Mort.

Vlad got the Master of the Sea trait from completing the Marine Biology branch of the conservationist career. That’s meant to make it easier for him to make friends with dolphins… But I guess no one told the dolphins that.

Jacquelin became a toddler…

… And soon found herself in a rather awkward position.

Dianna also became a toddler. Here she is in her new abode.

Curtis got an ice cream headache.

Since it was the weekend, I let Connie play outside. I have grown to hate weekends in this challenge since it delays aging up. If I could I would make the kids go to school on weekends too.

Mort tantrumming (yeah I just invented a new verb for what the toddlers do 90% of the time they are awake).

Since Vlad has fixed up Mua Pel’am and completed the conservationist career, I had him quit his job. I am actually struggling to find him things to do because his only real use is in caring for the babies. The toddlers I absolutely refuse to care for because it’s too stressful and the children and teens care for themselves. That leaves Vlad without a lot to do. He’s already completed a lot of aspirations in his spare time.

I know this is probably against the rules because it requires going off the lot quite frequently, but I decided to have Vlad solve the Strangerville mystery. Let’s be honest, I’m not a stickler for rules and I’m mainly doing this challenge out of interest for what Vlad’s genetics will throw up.

here is Vlad seducing a military guy called Esteban for the infection scanner.

Vlad: It should be amazing! I’ve had a lot of practice.

It turned out Esteban was really hot. He was an adult so I aged him down to YA but other than that I left him as he was.

Of course, I added Esteban to my (very long) list of future donors.

So apparently the game considers snorkelling, taking a mud bath or going for a jog to be too dangerous for pregnant sims but it will let sims in their third trimester of pregnancy do this:

Makes total sense EA, MAKES TOTAL SENSE.

Oh, turtle hatching season began. I don’t know why Vlad is so excited – you’d think he’d have had enough of new life.

Turns out Strangerville has a sexy librarian.

Ok why did you have to ruin it with the godawful eyeball ring?

That didn’t put Vlad off, though.

Oh no. I think they’re planning something. Send help!

Curtis became a teen.

So did Connie.

Here they are together.

Vlad gave birth to Dirk’s baby: a boy called Tre. At first I was like ‘What? Only ONE baby?!’ then I realised there wasn’t space in the household for twins. Curses.

Curtis became a YA. Here’s his alien form:

How is it that Vlad’s nose manages to look even funnier on aliens?

And here’s his diguise:

Connie also aged up to a YA. Here’s Connie’s alien form:

Connie’s alien form would have been quite pretty if she hadn’t inherited Vlad’s mouth wrinkle skin details. Here’s her alien form without those wrinkles:

Connie’s disguise:

And Connie’s dark form:

I keep hearing that Salim Benali’s kids are always attractive. So, I decided to put that to the test.

Baby making with Salim.

Vlad has been getting fanmail! Here is a selection:

He actually got two of these. Hope it’s a hint for university.

Erm beautiful? I think they must have sent this to the wrong person.

Vlad managed to put together the hazmat suit ands descended into the depths of the secret lab.

He came face to  face with The Mother.

Another dolphin rejected Vlad.

Tre became a toddler.

And deceided he would rather spend his toddlerhood glued to Vlad than in the dungeon. I managed to shake him off, though.

Belladonna’s sleep was perfumed by the putrid scent of the dirty popcorn bowl, hovering above her like some sort of anti-air freshener.

Mort became a child. Still hates me.

And Belladonna became a child.

Mort and Belladonna worked on their homework together.

And got started on the first of many school projects.

Tre joined the long and inexplicable line of toddlers wearing sunglasses in a dark dungeon.

Yet another dolphin saw Vlad and realised it had other places to be.

I managed to get Vlad to back float for about 2 seconds. he looks hilarious.

Dianna and Jacquelyn stared at the dungeon door. A watched door never opens, girls.

Vlad gave birth to Salim’s twin girls who are called Tia and Lillie (damn it, why didn’t I call Lillie Maria?)

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