Chapter 17: Bonking Bats

This is Callie. She’s married to Vlad in my legacy family save and they actually have two quite pretty daughters. So, I decided to see if her genes would give us some attractive Straud offspring in this save.

First kiss.

Callie: I’m getting deja vu… Have we met before?

Since Callie is a vampire, I of course made them try for a baby as bats.

Ever wonder what bat woohoo in first person mode looks like? Just me? Well, now you know.

Katrina became a teen.

And Allie became a YA. Looks pretty from the front, right?

But that side on view… Ouch! Definitely some flat face and spiky chin syndrome going on here. But, I’d still say she’s one of the best looking kids Vlad has had so far.

Here’s Allie’s dark form.

With Katrina now a teen, she became a nanny to Mort and Belladonna, keeping them alive while Vlad was off doing… Whatever it was that he deemed more important than the health and happiness of his children (i.e. practically anything).

Mort was not impressed. Bud, you’re living the good life now. You just wait until you hit toddlerhood.

Connie begun the laborious climb up the dungeon steps. She’s in disguise here – maybe she hopes that will let her sneak out undetected. Not a chance, Connie, the dungeon door opens to no sim.

Turns out Katrina was born human so Vlad turned her.

Curtis fixed me with a baleful stare.

Connie raged.

I think she might be hatching an evil plan with Curtis here.

Katrina became a YA. Here she is:

Since Katrina hadn’t yet completed her transformation into a vampire, I kept her around for a bit to continue looking after the babies. Judging by Belladonna’s expression, Katrina is not the best nanny.

So the flying popcorn bowls are still happening. But maybe Connie and Curtis can pretend they are UFOs come to take them back to their home planet.

Mort became a toddler…

And then immediately decided that his legs weren’t long enough.

Belladonna also became a toddler.

She also did the creepy toddler leg glitch.

Maybe they are trying to avoid the dungeon by convincing Vlad they are already children? Too bad kiddos, there’s no maximum height restriction on the dungeon.

Mort was thrilled at the prospect of spending the next few years in captivity.

Curtis aged up into a child.

Why so glum chum, it’s time for your release.

Curtis: I think something broke inside me…

Connie after aging up ft Vlad’s ass (you’re very welcome). Judging by the look on Connie’s face, either she wants to murder me or Vlad just let one rip. Butterflies somehow managed to make it into the dungeon.

Connie prefers to wear sunglasses to bed. At night. In the dark. Makes perfect sense.

Katrina completed her transformation into a vampire.

This is Katrina’s dark form.

Before moving out, Katrina helped out her younger siblings with some school projects.

Vlad has been trying to make friends with a dolphin.

It looked like things were going well with this guy.

But alas, the dolphin decided they didn’t like Vlad. Probably has good instincts.

Finally, Vlad gave birth to Callie’s twin girls: Dianna and Jacquelyn.

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