Chapter 15: Flirting With Death

Ugh alien babies are absolutely adorable so here are some pictures of our newest additions:

Vlad was trying to analyse a sample of ocean water right over one of the babies and it exploded, sending broken glass right into the crib. Oops.

Emilie came back from school absolutely filthy – flashback to her toddler days.

Since moving to Sulani, it seems as though Vlad is always in his speedos. That’s not a good look, Vlad!

Madalyn: Dad, I could concentrate on my homework better if your scrotum wasn’t at eye level.


Emilie became a teen. Apparently all the Sulani kids these days are wearing huge sunglasses with waterproof jackets and eyeball rings. Who am I to judge when it comes to fashion?

Madalyn also became a teen.

Madalyn aged up with some… interesting eye makeup.

Katrina expressed her disgust with the menu. Keep screaming Katrina, nobody cares.

Emilie worked on a science project for school.

Curtis became a toddler. This is his alien form.

Here is Curtis’ disguise.

Connie became a toddler. This is her alien form.

And Connie’s disguise.

As it turns out, Connie is a vampire-alien hybrid. I can tell because her needs icon has the bat wing symbol and in her alien form she has hair and normal eyes (rather than alien eyes). Curtis is just a pure alien, though.

Connie did not look impressed as she entered her new abode.

Aww Curtis is kind of precious.

Goddamn this sticky hands glitch. Just put them down, Katrina!

Connie ate popcorn for the first of many times. She likes it now, but I have a feeling that will change.

Allie became a child.

And Katrina became a child.

Both Emilie and Madalyn got As at school so I had Madalyn bake a cake. Madalyn, that cake looks like crap. Literally.

Here is Emilie’s normal form as a YA:

And Emilie’s dark form:

Madalyn’s normal form as a YA:

Madalyn’s dark form:

Katrina looked way too happy about doing homework. I suppose anyone would be happy after being released from a dungeon for  the first time since they were old enough to toddle.

Vlad helped Allie with her school project and Madalyn looked unimpressed. Oh come on Madalyn, you should be used to independence by now – do it by yourself.

After a few days in the dungeon, Curtis took on the perpetual prisoner’s uniform of grime and harrowed expression.

And Connie begun to suspect that Daddy wasn’t coming back.

Oh fucking hell not again. Vlad was abducted for a second time. I didn’t want him to come back pregnant so I used MCCC to make the chance of getting pregnant from an abduction 0%.

I had a very particular sim in mind for Vlad’s next donor. The night that Vlad was abducted for the first time I had been trying to drown a townie in a walled pool for this very purpose, but then of course I had to put my plans on hold since Vlad was impregnated by aliens with a bad sense of timing. Anyway, I realised that you can kill a vampire very quickly by leaving them out in the sun. So, that’s what I did with this random vampire who meant so little to me that I can’t even remember her name

After Grim had done his job, Vlad set to work chatting up Grim. Is flirting on someone’s grave as bad as dancing on it? Because that’s what Vlad did here.

Apparently Grim likes roses.

Vlad flexed his nonexistent muscles. Grim seemed impressed, but then since Death is meant to be a skelaton I guess he doesn’t have any muscles either.

Ew ew ew I would not want to kiss hands which looked like that. But it’s all for a good cause.

You can’t actually try for a baby with Grim (or kiss him or woohoo with him) unless you add him to your household and remove the grim reaper trait from him – which I didn’t want to do, since then he loses his job. So, I just used MCCC to impregnate Vlad with Grim’s twins manually.

These kids are going to have some interesting genetics! They will be both children of death and children of Vlad.

After my little ‘artificial insemination’, Vlad offered Grim a key so that he can come by and see his kids when he wants. I have a feeling he’ll be popping up every day and I’m going to regret this.

Apparently Grim wasn’t keen to leave. He spent a few hours watching TV while Vlad left to go and do some conservation work.

I have found a big advantage to living on Mua Pel’am: there are always lots of unwitting victims sims around for Vlad to sink his fangs into.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Flirting With Death

  1. This is so interesting – I really wanted to try the Grim Reaper baby but had problems doing it even with MCCC. This gives me hope that I can still be successful with that. Looking forward to more – These children are very “unique.” 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They are definitely unique! I seem to remember being unable to use MCCc to have a baby with Grim in the past but something must have changed because recently I’ve been able to use MCCC to make Vlad have Grim’s twins and I’ve also used MCCC to make my sim in another save have Grim’s baby.

      Liked by 1 person

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