Chapter 12: 1/4 Done!


Apparently although he can now eat anything he wants, Aleksey wants to eat popcorn. I’d have thought he’d never want to see another popcorn kernel again.

Vlad snuck a first kiss with Alice Martin. I think she’s gorgeous – definitely the most attractive premade from Strangerville – so she will have to be a future donor.

Liliana became a teen.

Aleksey and Liliana studying.


Vlad helping Liliana with a school project.

Holly couldn’t decide what was worse: burnt popcorn or purely imaginary popcorn.

Anika wasted precious resources.

Rudolph, for fuck’s sake it’s not that difficult – the bowl with food in is the one to eat from.

Holly expressed her disappointment with the food.

Sheena sat on her bed, surrounded by rotting food and cobwebs, and cried. I can’t think why.

Liliana became a young adult.

Liliana’s normal form:

Liliana’s dark form:

Aleksey became a teen.

The flying popcorn bowls converged on Rudolph.

Holly further polluted the air for all of the dungeon’s inmates.

Aleksey and Vlad worked on a project.

Rudolph laboriously clawed his way up the stairs and out of the dark depths of the dungeon in a valiant escape attempt. It’s too bad there’s a locked door at the top…

Vlad gave birth to twins (Caleb’s): a girl called Diamond and a boy called Dandre.

Sheena hoped that if she glared at it hard enough the burnt popcorn would turn into something more… Edible.

Vlad was invited on a blind date and his date was actually quite cute.

The paparazzi caught their first kiss.

And they woohooed in a bush. Hopefully nobody caught that on camera – erm except me.

Aleksey became a YA.

Aleksey’s normal form:

Aleksey’s dark form:

By request of afai1261, the next donor was Ramona Belle, the founder of my (now completed) breed out the ugly challenge. Vlad looks positively handsome by comparison, doesn’t he?

Vlad’s first kiss with Ramona. Ouch that looks painful – her nose is buried quite far inside his skull.

Nope, no better from the first person pov!

Vlad and Ramona tried for a baby.

Rudolph tried to think of a way to bust open the dungeon’s door.

He recruited Sheena to help him in his attempts. Fortunately for Vlad, toddlers are not adept at picking locks.

Sheena became a child.

And Anika became a child.

Anika, why on earth do you want to eat popcorn? You hate it, remember? And what does popcorn have to do with the motor skill?

Baby Diamond forgot there was only one of her.

Diamond became a toddler.

Dandre became a toddler.

Diamond was not happy about her abandonment new independence.

Sheena and Anika learning about vampire lore.

Anika decided to do her homework on the floor. Right beside a chair. Ok then.

Aleksey came over, so I utilised him in helping Anika complete a project.

Christen also dropped by, so I made her help Sheena.

Awww Sheena looks quite cute here.

Holly wondered whether to eat her tablet or her bowl of popcorn.

Group shot of three of the tots.

Vlad gave birth to Ramona’s baby: a boy called Theodore. It was only a single birth this time since there was only one space available in the household.

Theodore is our 25th baby – which means I’m 1/4 of the way through this challenge!

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