Chapter 11: Toddler… Care?

In the last chapter, we left off with Vlad and father Winter making a nooboo. But before he went he also gave Christen a (more conventional) present…

… And scrubbed the toilet!

Ah. Apparently the toddlers had a bad Winterfest. Who’d have thought?

The next day I did manage to keep Aleksey and Liliana from passing out or almost starving for long enough to unwrap presents. Better late than never, right?

Christen completed her vampiric transformation.

Here’s Christen’s dark form.

Since she was already a YA, I then chucked Christen out.

Aleksey finds a saucepan and contemplates ending it all…

… But instead decides to take out his frustrations on the dolls house.

He then realises that he’s destroyed one of the only sources of entertainment the dungeon has to offer. Let’s consider this a lesson in cause and effect, Aleksey.

With Christen now gone, the only kids in the house were: Aleksey and Liliana (the toddlers) and the babies: Anika and Sheena. So, I decided to actually give the toddlers some care in the hopes of raising their skills to level 3. I should probably clarify what I mean by ‘care’: I gave them some proper food and minimal human vampire contact. What about bathing them? Let’s not be too drastic now!

Aleksey: Daddy the popcorn looks weird… What’s wrong with it?

Aleksey, that’s called vegetables. It’ll keep you from getting scurvy. Or is fruit meant to do that? Well anyway, it’ll help overcome the severe malnutrition which comes from being raised on a popcorn-only diet.

Liliana was the closest to getting her skills to level 3, so I had Vlad concentrate his efforts on her.

Unfortunately, she kept passing out.

Vlad: Sleep is for losers. If you want to get out of this dungeon you’d better act like a winner and get back on that potty!

Liliana: I think I preferred it when you were ignoring us.

Sheena became a toddler.

And Anika became a toddler.

Sigh. They’re still not blue.

Liliana got all her toddler skills to level 3! She’s the first of Vlad’s kids to manage this (despite being his 17th) and to be honest she will probably be the last

This meant that Liliana was able to age up into a child a huge 2 days early – yeah, all that effort probably wasn’t worth it.

Liliana: So long, suckers.

The grind didn’t end for Liliana once she escaped the dungeon. I immediately set her to work on the vampire lore skill.

And her homework.

Vlad received two belated Winterfest presents from Father Winter: Holly (a girl) and Rudolph (a boy). These are the first two babies I haven’t just used the random name generator to name. I wanted to give them Christmas Winterfest- related names.

Stefanie stood outside the front door for several hours contemplating taking her revenge.

In the end, she decided against immediate action.

But judging by her expression, from now on Vlad should sleep with one eye open.

I think I’ve pinpointed the exact moment at which Sheena’s sanity departed her and she cracked.

Sheena: All work and no play makes Sheena a dull girl!

Anika tried to maintain her composure through meditation.

But in the end succumbed to her emotions and destroyed the dolls house. I said it never stayed in one piece for long.

The epidemic of the flying popcorn has added a new challenge to scavenging for food. It’s the survival of the tallest now. Luckily, Sheena was just tall enough to snatch this popcorn bowl out of the air:

Aleksey’s birthday arrived and he became a child. That means you’re being released Aleksey – you might look happier about it.

Vlad and Caleb tried for a baby. Their child/children will be half-sibling to Kiera (Lilith’s daughter) but also Kiera’s cousin. This family tree is going to get complicated.

Vlad helping out Aleksey with a school project.

Holly became a toddler.

And Rudolph became a toddler.

They got the Father Winter’s Baby trait – yay! So far as I remember, this trait doesn’t do much except give a sim double satisfaction points. There used to be a bug where sims with this trait would disappear from the game if you were playing a different household. I really hope that isn’t still active or Holly and Rudolph will disappear once they become YAs and are moved out.

Vlad tried to hold Holly and Rudolph at the same time. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Holly refused to let go of Vlad, even if that meant being impaled on his arm.

Holly: I know what happens to toddlers who let go – they get abandoned in a dungeon. I’m never letting go.

Rudolph also suffered (literal) separation problems. His head is in a very unfortunate place here…

But despite their best efforts they ended up where all Straud toddlers end up.

Cheer up Holly, the next seven years of suffering will just fly past and then you’ll be out!


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