Chapter 10: A Special Gift From Daddy Winter

Having finally made it out of the dungeon, Stefanie and Christen were free to do whatever they wanted – so long as what they wanted to do was schoolwork.

Kaylin made it to young adulthood. Like Breana, she doesn’t look too bad except for her chin. I can see a lot of Luna in her.

Kaylin’s normal form:

Kaylin’s dark form:

At the humour and hijinks festival Stefanie learned that popcorn was not the only edible substance. Unfortunately, that realisation seems to have come as a bit of a shock.

Liliana: Dad will be back, won’t he?

Bearcula: Sure he will… In a few years.

A rare picture of the dollhouse in an intact state.

Rations became so scarce in the dungeon that Aleksey had to resort to eating the dolls. Don’t make any sudden movements Liliana, when the dolls run out you’ll be next in line.

Christen became a teen.

And Stefanie became a teen.

Christen’s first act as a teenager was to destroy an invisible snowpal. Christen, that snowpal melted days ago you’re flogging a dead horse.

Vlad and Stefanie working on yet another school project. And yes, apparently the sunglasses were absolutely necessary.

Since Christen was born human, Vlad had to turn her.

How have I never noticed before that when a sim is bitten by a vampire they get puncture marks on their neck?

Winterfest arrived so Vlad, Christen and Stefanie decorated the tree. Stefanie, that red bauble really doesn’t go with the whole blue/silver colour scheme.


Despite its being Winterfest, I still made Christen and Stefanie go to school. As with any good parent, getting them aged up and out is more important to me than their happiness. Meanwhile, Vlad opened presents by himself.

Apparently, Vlad got the ideal gift, I wonder what it was.

He got fruit. Yeah, whoever sent that must really get Vlad – it’s almost as though they know he’s a blood-sucking plasma-sucking vampire and everything.

Oh, the toddlers had a wonderful Winterfest too.

No, Aleksey isn’t crying, he’s just dancing – with – with joy!

And Liliana couldn’t be happier (well, it’s probably true that she couldn’t possibly be any happier in this situation).

Who needs a grand meal when you can have popcorn – popcorn which isn’t event burnt, mind! The toddlers really were spoiled.

Vlad gave birth to yet another set of twins (the lot trait and fertility trait really are doing their work!): Anika and Sheena (both girls). Wait a second WHY AREN’T YOU GIRLS BLUE? You’re disappointments, already. Their mother was Danika, a blue alien, so I was looking forward to nice blue babies.

Stefanie came home from school mortified. I guess she also had a great Winterfest, then.

Both Stefanie and Christen managed to raise their grades to an A (see? Studying on the holidays pays off after all) so I went ahead and aged them up.

Here’s Stefanie’s normal form:

Stefanie’s dark form:

Christen’s normal form:

Christen isn’t a vampire yet so I’ve decided to keep her around until she turns into a vampire. But, I’ve already moved out Stefanie.

And then… FATHER WINTER arrived! Vlad had given birth just in time so was newly not-pregnant and there was room enough in the household for more babies so I had to get Vlad knocked up by Father Winter.

Vlad: Well hello, Daddy Winter.

The romantic besties introduction (I think that came either from completing the friend of the world aspiration or from the incredibly friendly reward trait) coupled with a spot of beguiling got Vlad that first kiss almost immediately.

Then it was time for Vlad and Father Winter to ‘exchange presents’. Sorry, that was a shit innuendo.

Father Winter was a bit shocked to learn that he was soon to become a real father.

Father Winter: Oh no, I’m going to lose my job for this. Management always says flirting with the clients is strictly forbidden! But that might just be because those clients are usually kids…

I did remove MCCC for the conception because I’ve found in the past that if you have MCCC  installed when your sim tries for a baby with Father Winter, the resulting child won’t have the special ‘Father Winter’s Baby’ trait. So fingers crossed the baby/babies do get the trait this time.

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