Chapter 9: Alien Love

It was just another day in dungeon life for Kaylin: eating burnt popcorn in a dusty cobweb-infested prison with the pleasant aroma of spoilt food wafting into her nostrils from the dirty bowl suspended over her head.

The kids all worked on school projects together. There’s Ken with Breana at the back and Kellan with Efrain at the front.

Kaylin found a surrogate father in Bearcula.

Christen ate burnt popcorn.

So did Stefanie.

Honestly guys, why do you always choose the burnt popcorn?

Vlad installed a wormhole generator in his rocket so he was able to extend his search for donors to Sixam. This was the first alien he encountered: a female called Danika.

Danika was very pretty and so obviously I had Vlad flirt with her.

First kiss: achieved.

And then this male alien called Arjun popped up (I must say these aliens have suspiciously human names!)

Vlad: Helloooo handsome.

Apparently aliens still appreciate roses, despite the fact they don’t grow on Sixam.

And Vlad had his second alien kiss.

Ken became a teen.

As did his twin, Kellen.

At this point it became obvious that Ken and Kellen were our first set of identical twins!

Ken and Kellen busting some moves.

Vlad continued trying to eat popcorn. He looks so guilty here.

I actually found the mod which was causing Vlad to autonomously eat human food when he was thirsty and reported this to the creator who has now fixed the issue so yay!

Breana aged up into a teen, complete with shades.

Her twin, Efrain, also became a teen.

Then, Ken and Kellan became YAs. They are completely identical but I’ve given them different hairstyles so they are easy to tell apart.

Ken’s normal form:

Ken’s dark form:

Kellen’s normal form:

Kellen’s dark form:

Their dark forms are actually hilarious and for some reason remind me of chickens. It’s like their entire face has been squashed so that it’s half the height it should be.

Stefanie and Christen were upset. I can’t think why…

And Kaylin bemoaned the fate of the floating popcorn bowl.

Vlad invited Mimsy over to make some new babies (again, he had to hold a fan meet and greet at the house for this). Since she’s a ghost there was no option to try for a baby so I used MCCC risky woohoo. Unfortunately that didn’t work so I just used MCCC to impregnate Vlad with Mimsy’s twins directly.

Kaylin managed to get stuck on top of a bed. Perhaps she was trying to reach the popcorn bowl?

Stefanie was apparently oblivious to the bowl above her showering her in the putrid scent of rotting popcorn.

Kaylin became a child! She actually does look like Luna.

Stefanie wondered whether a saucepan was an effective murder weapon and, if so, whether she could use it to incapacitate her jailor and escape the dungeon.

Efrain got his A and became a YA.

Efrain’s normal form:

Efrain’s dark form:

Efrain’s twin, Breana, also became a YA.

Breana’s normal form:

Breana’s dark form:

You know, I can really see Candy in Breana. She might be the best looking child we’ve had yet. It’s just her chin which is odd looking.

The encyclopaedia vampirica took flight. I guess it’s not just toddler toys which are bugged, then.

How’s the popcorn, Vlad? Oh, you feel sick do you? Well now, here’s an idea: MAYBE DON’T EAT IT YOU FUCKWIT!

Kaylin, what the hell are you doing with that book?

Vlad’s kiss was savagely rejected by Thorne. At least nobody saw. Except for the crowd of fans and paparazzi…

Still, Vlad had better luck with Venessa Jeong.

And with Cassandra Goth.

Vlad: Yes Kiera, I did start dating your mother – I started dating her before you were even born. AND this is only the hundredth time you texted to congratulate me. If you are subtly trying to suggest that I should settle down with Lilith and leave my other partners you’re wasting your time.

Vlad worked on raising his fame extra fast by livestreaming and painting at the same time.

Kaylin became a teen.

#2 Reginald decided to teleport into the house uninvited so I had him help #14 Kaylin with her project. This was the first time they’d met.

Christen: Bearcula, will you be my mummy? I think daddy has forgotten about me.

Stefanie became a child.

And Christen became a child.

For the first time since child #1, Kiera, was a baby the dungeon was empty.

I set Stefanie and Christen to work immediately reading up on vampire lore.

Pro Tip: To get an A at school as a child you need one skill at level 4. Children can have the vampire lore skill and if they get level 4 in it, that counts for getting an A at school. To get an A at school as a teen, you need one skill at level 3. If your sim already has level 4 vampire lore skill they’ve already met that requirement. The child specific skills don’t carry over to teenagerhood in this way. Also, the vampire lore skill is gained much more quickly than the childhood skills (maybe because there are 15 levels, rather than 10) so it’s much easier to get level 4 in vampire lore than in, say, motor skill, even if your child already has level 2 motor skill due to having high movement skill as a toddler. For these reasons, I have my kids focus on levelling up their vampire lore skill in order to get an A at school. It makes aging them up to teens and then YAs much quicker.

Vlad went into labour. Obviously, he livestreamed the whole thing. Because that’s totally normal, right?

I wondered what labour in first person would be like. One word: weird.

Two babies were born to Vlad and Mimsy: Liliana (a girl) and Aleksey (a boy).

Kaylin conversed with the clock (she’s erratic). Kiera, who was also erratic, also use to love that clock.

Danika impregnated Vlad.

The whole family (except the new babies) worked on school projects.

Vlad got his fifth celebrity star and went to place his celebrity tile. Breana came to cheer him on which was nice. Not sure why she’d want to after all he put her through – although maybe growing up in a dungeon is character building?

Since he’s now a five star celeb, Vlad has also finished the last step of the world-famous celebrity aspiration. His fame, like him, will never die.

Liliana became a toddler.

And Aleksey became a toddler.

The dungeon claimed its new victims.

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