Chapter 7: Flying Popcorn

Since this was the first time I’d played Vlad since Island Living came out, I had him hop right over to Sulani to check out the world of new potential donors. He quickly managed to charm Leila Ngata.

Unfortunately for Leila her wife, Oliana, was standing a few feet away and stormed over with a face like thunder.

Oliana proceeded to repeatedly bitch slap Leila. At this point Vlad remembered he had some place else to be.

He shared a first kiss with Kalamainu’u Iona, who I believe is a mermaid.

He didn’t have so much luck charming this dolphin.

I then spotted Nalani who had for some reason decided to stand waist deep in the water fully clothed. Mermaid thing?

I had Vlad get over there to do a bit of flirting. For some reason she never changed into her mermaid form, despite being in water.

The first kiss was quickly achieved.

I really want Vlad to have a baby with Nalani because she is gorgeous and I also wonder what happens when a vampire and a mermaid procreate. Unfortunately there is a bug where if one of a baby’s parents is a mermaid it will grow up to look like neither parent. So, I shall have to wait until that is fixed.

Vlad and Nalani did their best to give me an idea of what their child would look like though by trying to become a single sim.

Later, Vlad went out to a nightclub in Windenburg.

He got it on with Joachim LeChien.

And Eva Capricciosa.

Jairo and Myla working on their homework.

Vlad is definitely going to have a baby with Mimsy. Unfortunately, Mimsy doesn’t seem to realise that yet. Here she is savagely rejecting Vlad. I shall get you yet, Mimsy.

Siobhan proved much easier to convince.

Vlad gave birth to twin boys: Kellen Straud and Ken Straud (other father: Akira KIbo).

Jairo got is A and aged up into a teen.

As did his twin, Myla.

With Vlad no longer pregnant, the time had come to remedy that. So, we invited Candy around to make some more Straud babies.

Jairo and Myla working on their school projects.

Makoa Kealoha made the mistake of straying into Forgotten Hollow. He is super hot and a definite future baby daddy. He’s also married but whatever.

Vlad pounced.

Jairo and Myla got As as teens so it was time to age them up to YAs and kick them out.

Jairo’s normal form:

Jairo’s dark form:

I actually think Jairo might be the best looking child, yet. I especially like his dark form.

Myla’s normal form:

Myla’s dark form:

Then, Margarita aged up to a child.

As did her twin brother, Ryder.

Kellen became a toddler. He aged up looking very much like Ellen DeGeneres…

And Kellen’s twin, Ken, also became a toddler. They were of course immediately relocated to the dungeon.

Our money tree finally became fully grown. Here is Vlad harvesting it for the first time. For some reason it looks as though money fruit are basically red apples – what? Anyway, it seems to pay out 8000 simoleons a day which is pretty sweet.

Oh dear. Vladislaus Straud I would turn in his grave if he knew…

Ryder worked on improving his motor skill for school.

While Margarita improved her social skill by talking to strangers online.

Ellen Kellen ate burnt popcorn.

Ken tried to hatch an escape plan with Kellen.

Ken: So we’ll dig our way out, using the popcorn bowls as shovels.

Hmmm so maybe that’s where all the popcorn bowls are disappearing to.

Vlad gave birth to Candy’s twins: Efrain (a boy) and Breana (a girl).

Kellen wondered whether burnt popcorn might taste better if he buried his face in it.

Vlad and Luna tried for a baby.

Ryder became a teen.

Vlad had to turn Ryder into a vampire. Ryder seemed more concerned with hanging on to his slice of cake.

Ken stood by the dungeon door and cried.

Ken: Dad, can I come out?

Vlad: Are you a child yet?

Ken: No, but…

Vlad: Better luck next time!

I had Ryder jet off to space quite a few times in search of space rocks. There may have been a few close calls but he didn’t actually die so I’m calling it a success.

Efrain became a toddler

So did Breana.

Vlad tried to hold Ken and Breana at the same time. The result was… Disturbing.

Ken contemplating a burnt popcorn kernel.

Vlad asked the romance guru at the romance festival for her insights into his love life.

Well thank you but I already have eternal youth – vampire and all that.

Ryder became a vampire.

Kellen gave the new inmate, Breana, some words of comfort.

Kellen: Oh I’ve been in this place for years; you’re not getting out any time soon. Better get used to the cold and the dark and the damp and the popcorn.

A variant of the paradox of Buridan’s ass claims that if you put a donkey exactly half way between two bales of hay it will starve to death because it will be unable to choose between the two. Ken seemed to experience a similar dilemma with these two bowls of popcorn.

Efrain dealt with the conundrum by letting out an enormous fart.

Meanwhile Breana became accustomed to a life of squalor.

Yep, I think Breana and Efrain have settled in well.

The latest Straud was born: Luna’s daughter, Kaylin.

Margarita became a teen.

And Ryder became a YA.

Ryder’s normal form:

Ryder’s dark form:

Vlad got baby-making with J Huntington III.

I set Margarita to work on a school project for extra credit.

And in no time she was a YA.

Margarita’s normal form:

Dark form:

AS a result, I think, of the last patch, there has been some interesting glitches. The toddler tablet thing is constantly flying into the air:

I even saw one of the tablets hovering outside of the dungeon on the right above. Perhaps this was part of an escape plan gone wrong?

Popcorn bowls have also been liable to take flight:

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