Chapter 6.7: Challenge Completed!

Although it was obvious when Terence became a teen in the last chapter that I had succeeded in breeding out the ugly, in my eyes the challenge actually ended when he became a YA. So, here is one final chapter documenting that fact (along with the events which occurred before his birthday).

Christin reached level 10 of the conservationist career despite the discrimination against mermaids in the marine biology branch.

Those dirty seagulls were back at it again on Ohan’ali Beach!

Humphrey bit Terence. This is one aspect of hamsters in TS4 which I really hate – they are constantly biting and it’s just not realistic. I have had plenty of hamsters and most of them have never ever bitten. I’ve only been bitten by a hamster twice and that was with young hamsters when my fingers smelled of food (so it was my fault). Hamsters are very gentle and friendly creatures if cared for correctly and Sims is supporting an unfortunately quite widespread misconception of them as bad tempered and aggressive. This picture is funny, though.

Here are some more close up pictures of Humphrey anyway because he is very cute:

Hamsters in TS4 are also meant to get up to secret little escapades while your sims aren’t watching. When my sims have kept hamsters in the past I have seen notifications telling me that it’s had some sort of adventure but I’d never actually seen the hamster doing anything out of the ordinary so I figured perhaps there was no animation for it. This time, I watched Humphrey’s cage whenever my sims were at home and I did catch him doing some interesting activities.

Firstly, Humphrey went into this box and I heard the whirring of a saw and saw smoke. I guess he was making something in there?

On a later occasion, disco lights were shining out of the box and there was also music playing.

According to this message, he was having a rave.

I also got this notification although I don’t recall seeing an ear on Humphrey’s back, so I guess that one had no animation.

Mayor Whiskers tried to gain access to Humphrey’s cage by walking through it.

I’m including this picture because I thought it was kind of pretty.

I managed to catch another festival. Again though, there wasn’t much going on so it was a bit dull.

I did see an alien doing a fire dance, though. I guess Sulani is the vacation destination of choice for aliens this year.

Caleb found inspiration in a… Unexpected place.


Christin walked in on Terence peeing and acted all shocked even though I TOLD HER NOT TO GO IN THERE!

Mayor Whiskers decided that the shower was Public Enemy Number 1.

It was neighbourhood brawl day.

And Caleb came out of that fight looking like a wife beater. Bit unfortunate.

Apparently for Terence and Caleb being (almost) qualitatively identical wasn’t enough because they did their best to become quantitatively identical too.

Terence doing those dolphin noises that mermaids make.

Terence made friends with an azure dolphin who I imaginatively named Azzy. It was then that I discovered the deeply disturbing glitch of the disembodied dolphin head which occurs when you play with dolphins in water which is too shallow.

Cannot unsee.

Lots of pictures of Terence with Alby because I love love love this pink dolphin:

Even Alby isn’t immune to the disembodied dolphin head glitch, though.


Terence’s birthday finally came. he rolled the art-lover trait.

Although he’s almost identical to how he was as a teen, here are some final CAS shots.

Normal form:

Mer form:

So yeah, I guess this is the end of the challenge. The ugly is all bred out.

Christin: Wooooooooo!

My thoughts exactly, Christin.




3 thoughts on “Chapter 6.7: Challenge Completed!

  1. I’m sad it’s over 😦

    But, ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh, a Vacanti mouse reference! I remember all the controversy over that experiment; there’s no way it would work in a domestic hamster with a functioning immune system. Hamsters are used more for pancreatic cancer and some chemotherapies. Cisplatin maybe? Still! Best reference ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow you’ve educated me. I had no idea that was a reference to something real. I looked up Vacanti mouse though and it does seem like that’s what they were getting at. It looks so sad 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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