Chapter 6.6: Simillionaires

Well, the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrived: Terence’s birthday. He rolled the art lover trait and jungle explorer aspiration.

Here are some CAS pictures:

Wow, so we did do it! The ugly is all bred out. Actually, he looks almost like a clone of Caleb, which of course is not a bad thing.

Terence was born a vampire but I decided that I wanted a merman so I had Christin whip up a draught of vampire cure for him. He then ate some mermadic kelp and became a mermaid – or should that be merman?

Here is his ‘merman face’:

As you can see in the picture below, Terence aged up kinda weedy-looking:

His body shape just didn’t look very balanced (I think being a teenager didn’t help either as sim-teens often look oddly gangly). So, I made him do plenty of strength workouts.

The end result was pretty good:

Here are some shots of Terence swimming as a merman:

I saw this girl out and about in Strangerville. Another obvious relative of Annabeth’s.

Mermaids can pee in water (I’m not sure if normal sims can or not since the only non-mermaid that I have is Caleb and vampires don’t pee). I thought it was weird that their pee is a luminescent blue colour, but perhaps that is just a mermaid thing?

Yep, another mermaid leaping picture.

I’ve been having the family explore this cave A LOT because I thought it might eventually lead to a secret lot, perhaps where the mermaids all live.

There is this mural outside the cave which started off much more sparse than you see here and has been gradually filling in more and more as my sims have explored. It isn’t completed yet but I thought maybe when it was we’d gain access to a secret lot. But others have said that that isn’t the case. Oh well. I’ll still try to fill it in and see what happens.

I guess this is what happens when mermaids skinny-dip.

Moving swiftly on, Caleb became a five star celebrity and in doing so completed the world-famous celebrity aspiration. I had him set up a lifestyle brand selling clothes called ‘Caleb’s Clothes’ – I know, inventive right? Sadly, it only seems to pay out (at most) a measly 91 simoleons per day.

Caleb placing his golden plumbob in Starlight Boulevard.

Terence sleeping in the water.

Once you get the island to max conservation, there’s a chance of seeing an albino dolphin in Mua Pel’am. Obviously, I had to see this for myself so I had Terence and Christin wait by the diving buoy in Mua Pel’am for an entire day. Eventually, the albino dolphin turned up! I named him Alby because I’m just so inventive. Here he is with Terence (they’re now best friends):

Somehow Alby is even more cute than the regular dolphins. Maybe that’s because pink is my favourite colour.

I couldn’t help but notice here just how similar Caleb and Terence are. I suppose it’s a good thing for the challenge that Terence took after Caleb so strongly.

I haven’t played with hamsters in TS4 for a while so I decided to get one for Terence. I named him Humphrey after the Humphrey the hamster books I loved reading when I was younger. I will say this for the TS4 hamsters: at least EA gave them cages of an appropriate size (most ‘hamster’ cages on the market nowadays are awful tiny things which it is simply animal cruelty to keep a hamster in). However, the floor of this cage is not right at all – it seems to be mesh of some sort. Such a floor could do horrible damage to a hamster’s feet and it also means there is no substrate on the floor. A hamster should have a thick layer of substrate to burrow in. I’ve owned quite a few hamsters in my time so I had to mention these points.

Here’s some pictures of Humphrey:

The TS4 hamsters are cute and all, but I will say that they look more like small guinea pigs than hamsters!

Terence with his new pet.

Mayor Whiskers has been watching Humphrey very intently which is a nice touch of realism.

Mayor Whiskers: Pretty thing, pretty thing won’t you come out and play? You smell so delectable.

Humphrey: Not a chance.

Of course irl you should lock cats out of the room where you keep a hamster’s cage but this is the sims and Humphrey is incapable of being stressed out or eaten by Mayor W.

Terence was having a random angry episode (from having the hotheaded trait) so I had hi pain t an angry picture to calm down. I cracked up when I saw that he had depicted arson. I guess his mind is darker than I’d realised. I had to keep the painting because it was so funny.

Caleb got this piece of fan mail. Not creepy at all.

I don’t usually collect things, but because my sims have been diving for treasure and exploring the cave quite a bit, I did manage to complete the Sulani buried treasure collection.

I saw flashes of light and realised there was a paparazzi in the house! What the actual fuck? Clearly he was somehow able to break in through locked doors. Hmmm.

I had to include this picture of Terence with Mayor Whiskers because it’s so cute.

Mayor Whiskers: Where is the pretty thing? I want to play with the pretty thing.

Terence: What pretty thing?

Mayor Whiskers: The squeaky fluffy little pretty thing which smells so tasty.

Terence: …

Christin became an adult.

I had Christin summon the elementals again to see if more would happen than last time. This one went straight over to Humphrey.

Mayor Whiskers: That’s my pretty thing, get your own!

This time when Christin asked the elementals to judge her they actually responded. Unfortunately their verdict wasn’t good. I was taken aback because I thought they’d be happy with her, given that she saved their island and everything. But I guess that’s not the same as engaging in their culture.

I figured that going to some festivals might help bring Christin up to scratch in Sulani culture. Unfortunately every time I’ve been in the area there has been no festival going on. But, Christin did eventually manage to stumble across one:

Nothing much happened. It seemed to just be a bonfire party.

Christin did do a wicked fire dance, though.

Also omg look how rich we are! Caleb has made several hundred thousand simoleons by selling his paintings so a lot of it is due to him. The Belles are Simillionaires now I guess.




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