Chapter 6.5: Baby Turtles!

As will be clear by now, I’m obsessed with how the mermaids leap through the water like dolphins. So here is (yet another) picture of Christin doing just that.

I started having Christin work from home so that after she had completed her set work tasks for the day she could focus on clearing up Mua Pel’am. To be honest, it never took her very long to complete her work-from-home tasks since there are usually only two, one of which always involves some sort of snorkelling which (infuriatingly) she can’t do because she is a mermaid. Take this as a warning: if you have a mermaid in the conservationist career DO NOT put them into the marine biologist branch, even though on the face of it that looks like the branch best suited for a mermaid. Despite being unable to do a lot of her set tasks, Christin has still been climbing the ranks very quickly, probably because she has both the responsible trait and the entrepreneurial reward trait.

Without further ado, here are some shots of Christin clearing up the island.

Cleaning up rubbish from the beach:

Analysing a sample from the sea.

Spraying an invasive species of algae.

After the first day of her efforts, we got this popup. Yay!

Obviously, Christin did a lot more conservation work but she really only did the same things over and over which would be kind of boring to read about so just have these pictures:

Clearing some rubbish from the sea.

Analysing a sample of sulphur from the volcano.

Then clearing up that sulphur.

Surveying the sea.

I love Sardine the dolphin so much. He is absolutely adorable. Here he is with Christin:

Christin giving Sardine a belly rub.

Christin feeding Sardine (perhaps with an actual sardine?)

Sardine dancing.

Christin kissing sardine.

Christin was beachcombing when she got this moodlet. I lost it. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the Sims.

Caleb has been getting pretty famous due to all his painting and is now a four star celebrity. I also decided that he should complete the world-famous celebrity aspiration.

Caleb being papped.

Signing autographs for fans:

While Caleb was out I saw this poor unfortunate soul who has to be a descendent of Annabeth.

I had Caleb do the ‘pose for pictures’ action while standing in the water. It looks as though he is posing for Instagram on holiday or something. I actually think that ‘pose for pictures’ is from Get Famous but it works so well with Island Living.

Due to all the autograph-signing Caleb had to do for his aspiration, he ended up with a stan. I’ve never had a sim with a stan before and at first I thought it would be funny. Oh no no. Despite locking the door for all except  household members the guy still found his way inside. He also stole Mayor Whisker’s food bowl and litter tray – of all things! I had to get Caleb a potion from the rewards store to get rid of this quirk.

I was really interested to see what the elementals were like but it appears that only sims with the Child of the Islands trait can summon them. So, I got Christin the retraiting potion and swapped her Snob trait for the Child of the Islands trait. I’m a bit disappointed with the elementals. They really didn’t do anything.  I had Christin ‘ask for judgment’ but that didn’t provoke any tangible reaction. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I wanted to test out the ‘summon ocean threat’ mermaid power (I think that’s the right name for it anyway). So when Oliana Ngata made the mistake of stopping by I decided to use her as a guinea pig.

Oliana being sucked under.

I don’t think you can actually drown a sim with his power which I guess isn’t surprising but still I’d have liked that option.

Christin also tried a few of the ‘lullabies’ on Oliana. I think they put sims in different moods.

To increase his fame, Caleb has been posting videos to social media. This was one of the outfits he decided to showcase in his fashion tips video.

For the last time Caleb, hospital gowns will never be a trend so stop trying to make it happen!

It turns out you can swim through the sulphur coming out of the volcano without any harm. Hmm.

Ok this may be the funniest glitch I have seen so far. The pictures speak for themselves really:

Finally, Christin’s hard work paid off. I have yet to see the albino dolphin buuuuuttt…

We soon got this notification.

Christin went to Mua pel’am straight away and found that the turtle hatching had begun.

Go little guys go!

They swam off into the water.

Here is a close up of one of the baby turtles.

I feel the same way, Christin.

Oh, and I’ve noticed butterflies fluttering around since restoring Mua Pel’am.

My only complaint is that, despite finishing the conservation work, trash is still spawning on Mua Pel’am. I kind of thought that would stop, since the sim gurus said that once you got your island to max conservation it would stay there and not get worse.


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