Chapter 6.4: Mission Accomplished?

I had Christin test out her mermadic weather influencing powers; she was able to summon clear skies by blowing on a conch. Hmm that’s a useful trick. There are still quite a few mermaid powers I haven’t tried out yet but hopefully I will get a chance to soon.

Since apparently mermaids can’t snorkel (why??) I had Caleb give it a go. Snorkelling doesn’t seem to do much. Obviously you can’t see under the water from your sim’s pov and they don’t find treasure or anything.

Christin tested out her Conservationist Canoe. It’s pretty and all but much slower than swimming for a mermaid.

I can’t remember where Christin found these shells. It was either by free diving or beach combing. Either way, they’re pretty.

Terence talking to Mayor Whiskers.

It’s always so cute when toddlers cuddle with a pet.

I had Caleb paint Christin.

It turned out quite well, I think.

You remember the massive seagulls from last time? Well, here is Mayor Whiskers with them again. What are they feeding these birds to make them bigger than full grown cats?

The seagulls apparently didn’t notice that they had the advantage in both size and numbers so Mayor Whiskers was able to chase them off successfully.

They left behind a pile of feathers which Mayor Whiskers grabbed.

He then presented them to Christin, which was sweet.

Just to give you an idea of how huge these birds are, here is Christin standing next to them. Their wingspan is about the same as her height! These are seagulls the size of albatrosses!

I added the ‘island spirits’ lot trait to the house. The spirits seem to appear every day and by communing with them your sims can receive positive moodlets. So far the most useful one has been an energized moodlet which meant Christin could stay up late diving for treasure.

Terence may be a cute toddler but his fussy trait has made him very difficult. He loves nothing better than to throw his food on the floor.

Christin tried to jump over Caleb but in doing so she managed to impale him with her tail.

A moment later though the appropriate amount of personal space was restored and I got quite a nice shot of Christin leaping over Caleb like a dolphin.

I made them test out the kiss in water interaction.

Terence’s birthday arrived!

Christin, what are you doing with Terence?

Seriously Christin, what are you doing to your son?

Terence rolled the hot-headed trait and the whiz kid childhood aspiration. He also received the happy toddler trait for getting all toddler skills to level 3 – that’s rare for my toddlers. And now for the big reveal – here are some CAS shots:

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! I don’t want to speak too soon but I think we might actually have done it!. As we already knew, The Mouth is finally gone. But it also (fingers crossed) looks as though he may have escaped Christin’s barely-there chin and odd nose. Perhaps the beauty of Sulani has rubbed off on him.

I dressed him up in new clothes from Island Living. There were more Island Living clothes for kids than there were for toddlers, but the selection was still disappointingly sparse. The sandals and shirt are from Island Living but the shorts aren’t (if I remember correctly). I do love the new hair which Terence is sporting from Island Living, though.

Terence played chess with Caleb for his aspiration. I may actually try to have him complete his aspiration although I can’t promise I will succeed.

Christin threw a kava party for her beach life aspiration. She became dazed from all the kava, which is probably code for either hammered or stoned.

Terence couldn’t drink any kava but he did meet his future wife, Leila (who is pregnant here).

Terence: When I grow up, I’m going to marry you.

Leila: Of course you are, sweetie.

Not sure Mayor Whiskers was impressed by all the guests.

I had Christin sleep off her hangover in the water.

For his aspiration, Terence read with both of his parents:

Caleb doing some swimming. The water is so amazingly clear.

Christin explored the beach cave. I think she brought back some crystals or something, nothing terribly exciting. I am a little disappointed that it doesn’t lead to a secret lot.

Caleb fishing for fish to turn into plasma packs.

Terence building a sand sculpture. How do these sculptures always turn out so well?!

And swimming in the ocean.

Caleb had a midlife crisis and bought an aqua zip (can vampires have midlife crises if they are immortal and hence have no midpoint to their lives?)

Caleb: WOOOOOOOO! I’m KING OF THE ROAD – I mean ocean!

Just another pretty mermaid picture.

Mayor W helped Terence with his homework.

I got Terence a science table to help build his mental skill.

This was so pretty I had to take a picture.


And chickens!! I wonder if this is a hint for a farming EP?

Christin has completed the beach life aspiration. She’s also now a level 7 conservationist. She chose the marine biologist branch. Unfortunately, her daily task is to survey ocean wildlife which apparently involves snorkelling – which, as a mermaid, she cant do. Oh well.

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