Chapter 6.3: A Beautiful Place For A Beautiful Family

Just a heads up: this post is going to be quite picture-heavy because Sulani is GORGEOUS and I couldn’t help taking lots of screenshots.

I preordered Island Living so I was able to start playing it yesterday and I love it so much! Obviously the Belles just had to live on Sulani. I had been planning to move Roxana in with Christin, Caleb and Terence so that she could be our family mermaid. But, when I checked in on her it turned out that Roxana actually had a baby daughter called Bo.

I aged Bo up to a toddler and here she is (fortunately I have temperature effects switched off in my game so she isn’t in danger of freezing here).

And I had a peek at what Bo will look like as a YA in CAS:

She looks so like Roxana,except her chin is more prominent.

This is Bo’s father, Ramin Fyres:

I’m not sure how exactly Ramin is related to the original Fyres family because his family tree has too many blanks on it. But, I can see that he is the great-grandson of Cassandra Goth, which is pretty cool.

I had to make Roxana, Ramin and Bo into a happy family so I had Roxana marry Ramin. But I wasn’t about to move three new sims (one a toddler!) into my main family, so I had to abandon the idea of having Roxana move to Sulani with us and become a mermaid.

I decided that Christin and Caleb needed Sulani-style makeovers before they could move.

Here is Roxana’s new hairstyle.

Her everyday wear.

Formal wear.

Swimwear (LOVE this swimming costume!)

Athletic wear.

Party wear.

Sleep wear.

Hot outfit (but isn’t it always hot in Sulani?)

There weren’t quite so many masculine clothes from island living that I really loved and I had a hard time finding outfits which suited Caleb.

I do actually really like his new everyday wear, though.

Here’s his formal wear. The shirt doesn’t go very well with the shorts but I couldn’t find anything from island living which went any better.

His party wear.

Love these swimming trunks!

Hot weather outfit.

There were very few new items for toddlers which was a disappointment but not a surprise.

This is Terence’s everyday outfit which I kept the same since it is quite summery. None of the items are from island living.

There was a little straw skirt for toddlers which was cute so Terence has this as his formal wear (which he will never have an opportunity to wear probably).

These swimming trunks are from island living and I will probably use them a lot.

Wardrobes sorted, it was now time for the Belles to pack their bags and move to Sulani. I spent some time checking out each house in the world and decided that the best one was Reef Finery. It was already inhabited by the Ngatas so I yeeted them out (sorry guys!).

Here is the house. I love that it’s built over the water.

The ground floor.

And the first floor.

There’s a glass floor in the living area which you can see the sea through!

The sims make footprints in the sand! And awww Terence’s footprints are smaller than the adults’.

Terence walking into the sea for the first time.

Terence, did you put soap into the ocean? Not sure that’s good for the ecosystem…

I had Caleb paint the scene around him from reference.

The finished product was actually really beautiful.

Caleb is going to stay in the painting career, but Christin has joined the conservationist career because I’m keen to see what that has to offer.

I had a look around at the premades from Sulani and found Terence’s future wife. This is Leila Ngata (remember we evicted her family from their house?) and she is so beautiful. Sure she is already married but all is fair in love and war. I’ll  let her stay with her wife until Terence grows up.

Christin found Leila doing some painting outside in the middle of a thunderstorm. The way you do.

Obviously, Leila had to be turned into a vampire so that she will still be around for Terence to marry by the time he’s a YA. So I had Christin do what had to be done.

Also, this is Makoa Kealoha. He’s so handsome! So, I made Christin turn him too.

I’m pretty sure that that woman running past in the background is a mermaid since she was in a simmer’s video on YouTube.

Christin giving Terence a bath.

Caleb’s shirt collar is apparently so strongly starched that it can cut through toddler’s heads.

Caleb kissing Terence goodnight. I love this action.

New Year’s Eve arrived so we decorated the house.

Is it just me or do the decorations look extra pretty in Sulani?

Christin finally completed the Good Vampire aspiration. So, I decided she had to become a mermaid. But first I had to cure her of her vampirism. So, I sent her to Forgotten Hollow to collect some Wolfsbane (she didn’t have enough in her inventory). For some reason she decided to arrive there in her swimsuit. In the snow.

Christin made and drank the vampire cure.

I’ve actually never cured a vampire before (well, without cheats). The glowing effect was nice.

I will say that I have run into a few problems with Christin since curing her. As a vampire, she had the withered stomach weakness and although she’s no longer a vampire she still can’t eat human food. She threw up when I tried to ma her eat a garden salad. So, I figured maybe she could still eat plasma fruit. Nope, she threw up when I made her eat a plasma fruit because apparently non-vampires find them disgusting. As a last resort, I cheated up her satisfaction points so that I could get her the ‘forever full’ reward trait. Now she doesn’t have to eat but it’s still annoying. It sounds as though this is a bug which has been around for a while. I wish they’d fix it. Along with the bug where a vampire keeps hissing uncontrollably (and therefore losing friends) even after using the draught of reconfiguration to remove the uncontrollable hissing weakness. Oh well, rant over.

Then, Christin ate some mermadic kelp which we got from the rewards store.

And voila! A mermaid. Ahhhh her tail is just so goddam pretty.

For her mermaid form I gave her purple and pink tints in her hair, the blue swirly mermaid eyes and some more colourful makeup. I like that the lipstick matches her hair so perfectly.

Some mermaid swimming pictures (I could genuinely watch Christin swim around all day, the movement is done so well):

I had Caleb build a sand sculpture.

It’s a shark! Wow, it’s better than anything I could accomplish.

Terence also played in the sand.

OMG it’s a cute little crab! Hello little guy!

Christin summoned this dolphin, who I named Sardine (don’t ask why, it seemed to suit him). Apparently they are soulmates which is cute. He wouldn’t do any tricks though. I think maybe Christin has to level up in some skill or become more powerful as a mermaid or something? Not sure. If anyone knows how to get dolphins to do tricks, please let me know!

For Christin’s new aspiration I chose the new ‘Beach Life’ one. She had to get a tan so I had her sunbathe in the water.

As you can see, she got tan lines, which is really awesome yes I am easily impressed:

More beautiful mermaid swimming. Sigh, why can’t I be a mermaid. As a side note, I will say that the TS4 mermaids are (in my opinion) 100 times better than their TS3 counterparts.

I had Caleb and Christin find this waterfall which I have heard so much about. You can shower in it, find frogs in it… But, obviously, I just wanted them to woohoo in it.

Look at Caleb’s face, you can tell that he just crossed ‘woohooing in a waterfall’ off his bucket list.

Caleb and Christin watched the countdown to midnight.

And I had Caleb setoff some fireworks:

I noticed that sims can now pose for pictures which is cool. Here’s Christin posing by the sea.

Oh and I caught Makoa turning into a vampire.

As well as Leila. Oops looks like her wife is pregnant. I’m going to be a massive homewrecker.

I had to see what happened if Christin took a bath. LOOK AT HER TAIL!!!

I love this picture of Christin on a sun lounger. It looks like the sort of picture you would take on a real holiday (well not me, I don’t really ever leave dingy England on holiday!)

Christin ran in to Nalani, the mermaid from the trailer.

She is soooooo pretty. If she weren’t a mermaid, I’d turn her into a vampire to keep her around. But, I’d have to cure her of being a mermaid to do that and I don’t want to do that. Hmm maybe I could use MCCC to freeze her age. That would be cheating I know but I feel as though she should always be around to care for Sulani, kind of like how Vlad is always around to preside over Forgotten Hollow. Oh my gosh, Vlad and Nalani should totally hook up – King of the vampires and Queen of the mermaids! I will have to make that happen in my Vlad 100 baby challenge. Back on topic now: should I freeze Nalani’s age? What do you think?

Here are Christin and Nalani talking. Christin asked Nalani if she was a mermaid and she said something like ‘Mermaid? Why would you think that?’

Because you have a… Oh, never mind.

Some more of Terence toddling on the sand. You can see our plasma trees in the top right corner. Yup, we brought an invasive species into Sulani.

Terence playing in the sea again:

How is he so cute?

Awwwwwww Terence and Caleb together are adorable.

Ok now, here are some pictures of Mayor Whiskers exploring his new home:

This picture makes me laugh. There is a clear scaling issue with the seagulls. I know seagulls are big birds but come on, they are not bigger than cats!

Finally, these are just a lot of screenshots I took of the world because it is so beautiful and I couldn’t help myself:

This shot reminds me of the lord of the rings when they threw the ring into Mount Doom.

I would not want to be in the water with this fish.

Sorry for such a long chapter this time around. I just got super excited about Island Living and how pretty the world is. I promise it won’t be like this every chapter. I think I’ve gotten through the must-take-pictures-of-everything phase.




2 thoughts on “Chapter 6.3: A Beautiful Place For A Beautiful Family

  1. Ah, my friend, I can fully agree on the Island Living being awesome and mermaids being awesome part. I was so excited I made a mermaid family right off the bat (…and like the idiot I am, I forgot to set them to husband and wife, but ah well).


    1. I know right? I’m so impressed with this expansion. And I do that all the time, forgetting to set the relationships I mean. I think you can still set them as husband and wife if you go via full CAS mode.

      Liked by 1 person

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