Chapter 5.10: An Engagement and a Birthday

For her Good Vampire aspiration, Christin had to get permission to drink from two different sims. I was expecting to have real difficulty achieving this since in the past I’ve had sims’ BFFs and spouses decline to offer up their wrist. But, Katharine agreed straight away! What an amazing parent.

Christin drinking Katharine’s plasma.

June, however, was not so keen to have her blood drained. How unreasonable…

Roxana (who is now Christin’s BFF) was quite willing to donate her blood (multiple times actually – see, a spare is useful for something after all!)

Christin drinking Roxana’s plasma.

I found Roxana cleaning this desk which I guess must be her neat trait manifesting itself. I haven’t really played any neat sims so this was a surprise to me.

Caleb appeared inside the house out of the blue so Christin took advantage of the situation and invited him to woohoo in her coffin.

They then got engaged!

Caleb invited Christin to attend the Flea Market in San Myshuno with him.

Here is Christin trying the bubble machine…

… And blowing some bubbles.

Christin made this snowman. Caleb was meant to be helping but he disappeared off.

Then the twins’ birthday arrived!

Here are the girls blowing out their candles.

Christin rolled the art lover trait. That’s appropriate seeing as I’ve been having her paint at night to make the family extra $$$ yep I routinely exploit my vampires for their money-making potential

Here she is:

And in her dark form:

Roxana rolled the dog lover trait (thank plum Christin didn’t get that trait – Mayor Whiskers would have been highly offended and he always lives with the heir).

Roxana as a YA:

Well then, next chapter we shall be starting generation 6 and making ourselves a 7th gen heir.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 5.10: An Engagement and a Birthday

    1. Roxana did turn out well! She should be in the gallery (at least I believe she is) but you might have to scroll a bit to find her. My gallery id is thisisarealpainx. I can’t get onto the gallery to check as I currently have no internet on my laptop. My broadband provider is having problems in my area so my broadband is down right now and has been for the past day (I’m replying on my phone using data). They’re meant to be fixing it but the estimated fix time keeps getting pushed back – so annoying.


  1. I could have sworn that I did upload her but maybe I didn’t. Sorry, that’s not helpful. When I get internet back I can upload her. This isn’t the first time our broadband has been down like this – last time it was down for 4 days 😦


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