Chapter 4: Full House

J Huntington III has great genes so I sent Vlad out to secure his affections.

They went on a date and did karaoke.

Morgan’s twins, Craig and Wilson, aged up.



Both Craig and Wilson seem to have inherited Vlad’s eyebrows and chin. Lucky guys.

I did a little remodelling of the dungeon nursery. As you can see on the right hand side below there are now popcorn machines. Every so often I have Vlad make popcorn which takes about two seconds and the toddlers will grab a helping autonomously when they are about to starve. The best part is that popcorn doesn’t spoil. I’m now free to almost completely forget about the tots.

One last shot of poor little neglected Kiera as a toddler.

Kiera aged up into a child (pictures below).

Kiera is a… Special child. But I suppose that’s what comes of spending one’s formative years locked in a dark dungeon in a constant state of near starvation.

Vlad gave birth to twins (their other father is Marcus Flex).

The firstborn, Myla Straud (a girl).

The secondborn, Jairo (a boy).

With the two new additions, there was now 8 people in the household so it was completely full. To give Kiera her best chance of getting an A at school quickly I replaced the ‘on a dark ley’ and ‘on a ley line’ lot traits with the ‘good schools’ and ‘child’s play’ lot traits.

Kiera working on a school project with Vlad – who looks mystified by a ball of clay.

At the park, Vlad tried to chat up Lily Feng but she was having none of it. I forgot that she has the unflirty trait. Not even the vampiric charm power worked on her.

Vlad was invited to a crazy party by Marcus Flex. Since he was at the park with Kiera at the time, she tagged along. I think all the bright colours may have been a bit too much for her after the darkness of the dungeon.

At the party, Vlad ignored his daughter like a good responsible father and secured a first kiss with Candy Behr…

… This random townie…

And Sofia Bjergsen (who is a YA here).

Quick montage of toddler neglect:



Regan again (this time eating burnt popcorn).

Wilson having a tantrum appropriate emotional reaction at being left in a dirty cold dark dungeon with nothing but popcorn to subsist on and forgotten about by one’s father.

Regan and Reginald’s birthday arrived.

Regan aging up above and pictures of her as a child below.

Reginald aging up above and pictures of him as a child below.

Myla and Jairo also aged up.



Jairo is actually such an adorable toddler! He is by far the most attractive child Vlad has had although things may change when he gets older…

Kiera managed to achieve that A at school so I was able to age her up super early.

Here is her normal form:

Eek! She definitely got Vlad’s nose. But other than that (and the chin), she actually looks kinda pretty to me.

Kiera’s dark form:

For some reason she seems to be lacking a chin in her dark form…

Also, this happened. I decided to take Vlad to Strangerville to hunt. He drank from some guy who didn’t seem infected but I guess he must have been so Vlad was possessed for a short while. I didn’t even know that this could happen if a vampire drank from an infected sim. Won’t be drinking in Strangerville again!


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