Chapter 5.8: Move Over Bella Swan

With Christin now a teen I decided it was time for her to meet her future husband. He’s only several hundred years older than her – not weird at all, right?

Christin: He is SO HOT!

Play it cool Christin!!

They actually got on really well.

Christin, don’t be weird, you’re blowing it!

Ok I guess Caleb is in to the chicken dance…

Within only a few minutes they went from chatting to flirting.

I was actually kind of surprised that Caleb didn’t reject her advances since they’d literally only just met.

They had their first kiss…

Went a little further…

And ended up woohooing.

I am probably a terrible sim parent. She literally only just became a teen and now I’m having her woohooing with strange men vampires.

After that, she asked him to be her boyfriend and he agreed. Then, she asked him to turn her…

So, there we have it: future husband acquired and Christin’s aspiration started all in one go. I haven’t played with vampires for a while so this should be fun!


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