Chapter 5.6: I’m Back!

Well hello again! Wow it feels like so long since I had a chance to play Sims. I’ve been so busy with uni. Things have been pretty rough. I’ve had a horrible time with anxiety and I think that’s made me fail most of my exams. If I fail the year, I will be kicked out of uni (my uni doesn’t have resits) so that is pretty scary. On the positive side, since my exams finished yesterday, I have time to play Sims again. So, I can distract myself while I wait for my results.

I found some screenshots in my screenshot folder which I had been going to turn into the next chapter but I never got around to writing that post. Now it’s been so long I don’t remember exactly what happened. But, I thought I’d post them anyway and try to fill you in on where the family is at right now.


With Roxana and Christin now children, the family needed a bigger place. So, they moved to this house in Strangerville (I think it’s called Plateau Place).

June took a selfie in the garden.

I think June is working on her Bestselling Author aspiration. In the other hand, this could be a work from home task.

June is now at level 5 of the Style Influencer career. She’s been working from home and I got to see her use the new sketching pad.

Katharine has also been working from home. I think this piece of fitness equipment came with Strangerville. It’s pretty cool.

Katharine, there’s a reason why you are still only level 4 of the Military career…

Roxana and Christin doing homework. They both have a B at school.

More homework. Christin is clearly not the brightest crayon in the box since she’s writing on the table. Sigh. She is meant to be the smart one (she has the whizz kid aspiration).

Then she decided to eat her pencil. I rest my case.

Katharine helping Christin with her homework.

June and Christin playing chess for her whizz kid aspiration (which, let’s be honest, she is never going to compete – she’s still on stage 1 out of 3).

June reading to Christin.

Roxana has also been working on her aspiration (artistic prodigy). Here she is drawing some pictures.

And playing with some toys:

Let’s not forget Mayor Whiskers!

My cute little guy!

Christin and Mayor Whiskers bonding.

Katharine and Mayor W feel the love.

Anyway the kids are 6 days from aging up, so that’s exciting. I can’t wait to see what Christin and Roxana look like as teenagers.


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