Chapter 4.6: I Think I Wanna Marry You

I trusted Katherine to cook macaroni cheese. It was a mistake. Need I say more?

Alina displayed what a steller mother she is by abandoning her daughter to her doom and running from the blaze.

Alina: Every sim for herself!

Um, Alina, the fire is out now. Chill.

Everyone in the house except Katherine ran outside and stood together panicking. June and Dexter were so frightened that they stuck their hands through Alina’s body.

Guys, Katherine put the fire out like 5 minutes ago. Oh, I give up.

Katherine walked in on her parents woohooing.

Alina, Dexter, haven’t you people ever heard of closing a goddam door? (if you get what that is a quote from then I love you)

I managed to get Katherine and June romantically involved, which wasn’t difficult since June seemed to be really into Katherine. Just as they were having their first kiss, Dexter struts over in only his underwear and stands behind them staring.

He then cheers them. Still, in his underwear.

Most. Embarrassing. Dad. Ever.

Katherine: Go away, Dad! Gosh, we were having a moment.


Dexter, you’re pretending to look in the other direction but I SEE YOU! Keeping tabs on your teenage daughter’s love life is not cool at the best of times, and it’s even less cool when you are almost naked!

Katherine asked June to be her girlfriend and she accepted. Yay!

Ah, thank the lord, Dexter has finally put some clothes on.

Dexter had an acting gig doing some camping show.

And he also acted in a detective show. Here he is putting an alien behind bars.

Dexter is a level 8 actor now. I’m actually quite surprised he is already so high in the career, given he joined some time after Alina did and, unlike Alina, had to start from level 1 since he didn’t have an A at school from his teenage years.

Meanwhile, Alina did a show which, by the looks of things was probably set some time in the 1800s (correct me if I’m wrong). I love her dress here and the set is beautiful.

Her romantic interest was a guy with a penchant for wearing ladies’ bonnets – which is totally fine, but I’m guessing not historically accurate for the time period!

Close up of this fashion disaster.

I don’t know why, but this picture is so funny. Maybe it’s because the guy is wearing a ladies’ hat?

I can’t remember what this show was about, but it afforded Alina the opportunity to do some pretty cringey dance moves in the rain.

Alina has now reached level 10 of the acting career, woop woop!

Alina hosted a meet and greet for her fans and this girl turned up! She is such a big Alina fan that she copied her outfit! Not creepy at all… I lowkey loved this, though.

June called up to invite Katherine on a dinner date.

Bit of flirting…

The date went so well, that I had Katherine pop the question. Yes, I know they are still minors, but I won’t have them actually marry until they’re all grown up.

June admiring her shiny new ring. Katherine, where did you find the money to buy that? I’m sure your parents don’t give you enough pocket money…

The happy couple sans the ends of June’s feet.

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