Chapter 4.1: A Star is Born… And a Baby

As the title suggests… I GOT GET FAMOUS!!! I played it for 2 hours last night and so far I love it.

The first thing I did was move Alina, Dexter and Mayor Whiskers into the cheapest house in Del Sol Valley. I have to admit I was a bit bummed by the small world size and lack of houses, but oh well. Here is their house:

House? Check. What’s next on the list? Getting hitched, of course! Can’t have Alina and Dexter living in sin – what would the neighbours say? It’s not as if they’ve ever woohooed before… In a bush…As teenagers. Ahem.

I had Alina pop the question:

They then got married straight away (what venue is more romantic than a kitchen?!). The reverend Mayor Whiskers presided over the ceremony.

Having “put a ring on it” and by “it”, I of course mean Dexter, I had the both of them join careers. I knew Alina was destined for stardom, so I had her become an actress. I also swapped her aspiration to “Master Actress”. Meanwhile, Dexter joined the style influencer career and I changed his aspiration to “World Famous Celebrity”.

Venessa was the only sim to come over in the welcome wagon, but I was excited to see her! Does she remind anyone else of Yuki Behr?

Dexter interviewed Venessa about her outfit. Great icebreaker, Dexter. Not.

Then, we – I mean they – made a bubba

Alina telling Dexter that she’s pregnant:

Oh don’t look so shocked Dexter. You know how babies are made!

Alina secured an audition to be in a commercial, so I had her practice her acting. 

Then, Alina met a proper celebrity and behaved like a right belle-end (just realised nobody outside of the UK will get this joke because bellend is a very British insult).

Alina: Can I touch you?

Alina professing her love to this celebrity who appears to just be a random townie that the game decided was Famous. I don’t know why, since I turned off sims being created with fame in game options.

Alina asked for the celebrity’s autograph, while the woman behind them stood watching with a somewhat creepy smile in her face.

Alina got a selfie with the celebrity while the unknown woman behind them photobombed. Maybe she was stalking the celebrity?

Alina got the gig doing a commercial for soap. Unfortunately, she was halfway through her third trimester at the time. Oh well, I made her work anyway!

Getting her makeup done:

Erm. That doesn’t look so good. Thankfully the makeup artist fixed her eyeshadow!

They also gave her blonde hair, which I actually think suits her!

There was another style mishap when Alina got dressed in a hotdog costume by another stylist. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how even in the hotdog outfit, she still has a baby bump?

Please don’t go into labour now, Alina, you’re about to finally get your big break (and by that, I do not mean your waters are about to break – I hope).

Alina made it to the stage and at first things went really well. She did her wheel spin (wow how amazing is the scenery?)…

And promoted the product…

… But then, disaster struck:

And, there’s really no other way to say this: Alina PISSED herself. On stage. And on camera. I feel bad, this is my fault. I forgot that heavily pregnant sims’ bladder need decays more quickly.

Despite this little accident, Alina was promoted to guest star, which is level 4 of the acting career (She started on level 3, since she got an A in school).

Dexter is currently a wearable wordsmith (style influencer 3).

Almost as soon as Alina got home, she went into labour and I took her to the hospital.

A baby girl was born, which the randomiser baptised Katharine. I have to admit I’m disappointed. She will be my third female heir in a row and I so wanted a boy for a change! Never mind, so long as she grows up pretty – that’s all that matters! Not shallow at all, am I?

Think pretty thoughts, Katherine.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4.1: A Star is Born… And a Baby

  1. I’m holding out to get Get Famous for a bit, because I need to get Seasons for Christmas, so I can get my Sims to decorate a tree. And I can’t get both…..or maybe I can :-/ haha Get Famous looks like lots of fun. Hopefully now Alina and Dexter are well on their way to being famous they can spruce up that house a little 😀

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